Anvil Contracting/Lapointe contracting, Sudbury’s new take your money and run crew!

We have this amazing Dr,. (PhD) a lady who has made her life fighting for those who can’t defend for themselves in Africa, director of a non profit organization, decide to try and make a home and rental income for her retirement here in Sudbury, because of the beauty of the North, and her mother’s home town! And her first experience, getting screwed over and ripped off by these two individual’s.

Let’s start from the beginning. Anvil contracting took, and bid on contract with admitting to not reading blueprints afterwards when it became apparent they didn’t know what they were doing. They basically messed up everything. If he knew blueprints, we wouldn’t be in a mess… Framing before fire rated drywall. Installed drywall before HVAC done. Had plumber come with no permit. Threatened her with ESA shutting down her hydro, and going after her insurance because she removed a plug (He was spoken to by ESA for his false claims and scare tactics) Demanded second payment before half of work completed, or they would walk. Well she ran, got them their money, and they walked right after payment. This is nothing but theft. Taking money for work to be done, and walking on job is again, theft.

She has asked all week what’s happening with work and no response, until she found out he removed his permit with ESA and left her house with barely any power and no notice they quit and left with roughly $30-$40000 of her money! And took second payment knowing full well they weren’t returning. That is theft anyway you look at it. Seems we have another Eco home scammer here.
Now she has no idea I’m writing this. I’m doing it because she deserves better. This lady, I’ve known a long time, and does nothing but defend others, gets treated like this? And only reason we can assume such disgusting behavior is Anvil didn’t appreciate her being knowledgeable and stood up to his sneaky ways. People of Sudbury deserve better representation. It’s disgusting and shameful the way these two individuals behaved and acted. No matter the he said/she said aspect of this whole senerio, taking that much money knowing your leaving is just wrong and stealing.
Social media is great for teaching lessons and calling out wrong doers. Let’s let Anivil Contracting and Lapointe contracting know this type of theft is unacceptable and return her money, its rightfully hers!!

Police are being called (and hopefully if eco life got charged, so will you!,) , lawyers have been hired already for lawsuit. You ripped off a hard working lndividual who didn’t deserve anything you two pulled off. SHAME ON YOU!!! .



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  1. Just another victim says:

    This guy from Dreamscapes has been making his rounds through the valley taking deposits and not showing up to do the work. We also called the cops and filed a complaints after he gave us an estimate and took an e-transfer for a deposit. He’s a smooth talker and looks professional when he comes to do the estimate. He then gives all types of excuses as to why he isn’t showing up. Long story short, he is definitely just out to scam people. I tried putting a report about him in here a month ago and they didn’t publish it. Now even more people are being robbed. BEWARE!!!

  2. Doesn’t matter says:

    BEWARE OF CHRIS GOODMAN who says he owns DREAMSCAPES (he does not) and his FIANCÉ SAHRA JESSICA have taken thousands from people in Sudbury for interlocking stone work and personal training. Pure scam artists.

  3. None says:

    Be careful what you believe. The scammer here is the one who posted this story!! This is made up by a jealous contractor. Slandering a business who has a good reputation is just wrong. There’s a lot of people out there that have nothing better to do than to shit on others. That’s what’s wrong with this site, any jerk can post BS and then there’s a lot of idiots who believe this!! Karma will get him back!!

  4. None says:

    Be careful what you believe. This story is made up by a jealous contractor. Slandering a business who has a good reputation is just wrong. There’s a lot of people out there that have nothing better to do than to shit on others. Karma will get him back!!

  5. BEF says:

    Good Luck with getting any police action or paying lawyers to try to get your money back. My daughter had the same thing happen to her and the courts did nothing to the jerk that nearly bankrupted her.By the time she got someone to fix all his mistakes and with the money he insisted upon receiving upfront and draws the job was 3 times as much as he quoted. I really do hope you get some financial gain from the crooks but by the time you get to court, they will have declared bancrupcy or won’t have any assets that you could attach.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Fucking douche bags.

  7. Neil P. says:

    There are too many scammers like this operating in Sudbury. A landscape company called DreamScapes spent the summer collecting thousands of dollars to do interlock work for customers in Sudbury only to take the money and never show up. There is actually a Facebook group for people defrauded by this guy and the police are investigating him.

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