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How do parents justify not vaccinating their children? How is this legal? I’m not talking about the few exceptions where certain people shouldn’t be vaccinated because of health reasons such as; a compromised immune systems, allergies to ingredients or generally ill…as a parent I can’t fathom not protecting my child.

In my experience, I haven’t been able to have a mature, logical conversation with someone who has decided not to vaccinate their children…I get the same reaction when I try. I dont mean to generalize, but the people I’ve encountered in this category, in my experience, share certain attention seeking traits. They are also into some kind of other idea that sets them apart from general beliefs. Jumping on any band wagon that makes them feel different or special. Very religious, very liberal, other conspiracy theories or anything else in the category.

When asked for legitimate reasoning, they all started with the same argument “I did my research!”. Or they accused me of “not educating myself!” Yet, none of them have any kind of medical education , (besides one person who’s medical training has nothing to do with this subject) and the rest, very little education all together….Once I asked them how they went about their research, that’s when things seem to get confusing…links thrown my way…they get defensive and insulting. Google seems to be the extent of their research. But if you Google the safety of vaccines you’ll see that the majority of experts spell it out pretty clearly and that the links that they send have obvious problems with them.

As a parent I have done some research. I asked my doctor who I happen to have grown up with. Then I asked several other doctors, nurses, professors etc…all the same answers. I just dont get how a parent could base the safety of their child off Google sources from less than credible sources with less than credible credentials…like theres millions of people with phd’s…or even worse, lots of these neigh sayers have ‘a medicle degree’ that all of a sudden makes them experts. Of course none of what they say could possibly be confirmed by a parent in Sudbury reading it! The law should step for the safety of these children.! Vaccines have saved billions of lives!



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  1. Dropping Nawledge says:

    The problem is the OVER vaccination of children…and remember, these concoctions are overloaded with various toxic heavy metals that have no business being in vaccines to begin with. Add To that the mother, who is already poisoned with various heavy metal toxins herself throughout her life (but no doc will say this cuz they just wanna write scripts and keep the money flowing in) and you got babies being poisoned during gestation with heavy metal toxins as they grow! What we have in society is systematic generational heavy metal toxic poisoning, with each generation that much more poisoned with heavy metal toxins than the previous. Go check numerous credible sources, CDC, etc and you will see the ingredients in these things too! It will blow your mind….baby boys getting heavy metal laced vaccines with aborted female fetus DNA….baby girls getting heavy metal laced vaccines with aborted male fetus DNA! Things that make you go “Hmmm?!”….no?

    Awaken. We are in a society that is being poisoned left right and centre. The number of vaccinations have incrementally risen, just as the number of cases of autism in babies and Alzheimer’s in the elderly has rapidly increased as well. I can tell you both are due to toxic heavy metal poisoning on the brain….in babies, it is from the RAPID ingestion of toxic heavy metals in a VERY SHORT period of elderly, it is from the SLOW ingestion of toxic heavy metals over a VERY LONG period of time. Two dis-eases that supposedly have no “cures” and two dis-eases that have been on an exponential increase in the past 30-40 years….O PURPOSE! Check the CDC for stats…credible source…no bs.

    Now…onto our continued weakening immune systems….

    We are ingesting foodlike substances and other stuff…like dead flesh, riddled with antibiotics, diseases, etc…parents need to comprehend their babies are ALREADY at a disadvantage when born! This is due to the poor habits of the mother, and that mother was affected by the poor habits of her mother…and so on. Again, it is systematic generational heavy metal toxic poisoning…but this rings true for our immune systems due to the decrease in nutritional value being taken in, thus, resulting in a weakened immune system which then makes the human susceptible to diseases and sicknesses.

    Vaccines are NOT the answer. Yes, you have been lied to for profits.

    The answer is escaping the brainwashing and realizing YOUR health and YOUR strong immune system starts and ends with how you nourish yourself. End of story.

    Whole foods,plant based…organic and non GMO when possible. That is the answer. Dr.Max Gerson, Dr Robert Morse, Dr Sebi, Norman Walker, Johanna Brandt, Arnold Ehret, Dr Esselstyn…to name a few.

    Escape the culture being pushed onto you. Vaccinations are merely ONE of MANY different avenues of ingestion for heavy metal toxic poison. There will always be correlation but never ONE single causation…and that is how these sick sadistic satanic elites in power get us. A little here, a little there …slowly destroying humanity a generation at a time.

    Escape the indoctrination….we are on pace for 1 in 2 babies with autism by 2025! Gee, I wonder why…..systematic generational heavy metal toxic poisoning. Disease If affluence, meaning, usually the more money and ignorancE people have, the more frequent these things are because they’re the ones loading up on expensive meats, dairy, chemicals in cleaners, deodorants, soaps etc, the affluent are bombarding their own systems with toxic poisons daily…and you wonder why babies are born in a weakened state with every generation that passes.

    It is criminal TO pump your baby full of poison…then again, you probably eat dead flesh, ingest acidic dairy and milk, eat processed foods, fast foods, junk foods, listen to doctors who know NOTHING about actual nutrition, slather toxic chemicals on your skin daily, and so on and so forth….so why would you believe pumping babies with two to three dozen if not more vaccines us criminal….right? Again…awaken.

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