Here’s a friendly reminder, folks:

Being against establishment doesn’t make you cool, open minded, or a rebel with a cause. If you’re suddenly anti-vax, anti-mask, or suddenly find yourself worrying about your rights and the sheeple…

… I hate to be the one to tell you that you’re playing into the hands of the communists who want to see our capitalist society burn. As Canadians, we’re getting the moronic American blow back and for the love of all that is holy when a loved one thinks you’re nuts, odds are you’ve gone off the path.

You’re puppets. Simple as that. Puppets. And it’s so sad. My family is completely torn because for some reason my brother and horribly sick mother don’t want to “put poison in [their] bodies”. I’m so sad. Never in the history of life has ANY government or country or whatever be able to do any mass subterfuge en masse. You know how many countries need to be in on this?! Nuts! But sow the seeds of poison and hoooooo boy that memo has just run off.

Yes, media does NOT help. For goodness sake the vaccine basically turns you into an asymptomatic carrier OR really tones down the infection. So you don’t want to get vaccinated? So you WANT to get full bore sick? How stupid is that? You’re concerned about “what’s in the shot” or “it’s not tested enough”? Do you know what you put into your body 100% of the time? Did you know that taking the birth control pill is more dangerous than this shot? And when women first started taking it, it was even worse but women took it because do you know what’s better than dying in childbirth or having an unwanted child? ANYTHING.

Live. Or don’t. I hope to hell if you get sick you don’t clog up the hospital system, say that you’re sorry to all your family who cried over your stupidity, and you lie in the bed you made.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    We are no longer citizens with control over our government. We are subjects to be used for their gain. Trudeau and his liberal party are the nail in our collective coffin.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good god you are a lunatic

  3. Anonymous says:

    The “what you put in your body daily”thing is null and void. I choose what I put in my body that is the difference. If you chose to be vaccinated then you have done everything in your power to be as “safe” as possible why are you worried about what I do, now that you have achieved the highest form of safety for yourself and your family you guys don’t need to worry about me right? The comments about “you better not use the hospital then” listen Karen I’m very certain I have paid much more taxes in my lifetime then many out there which means I have contributed much more to health care meaning I have more rights to this “free” healthcare.

    2019 liberals: “ my body my choice”
    2021 liberals “your body my choice”

    Quit being woke and wake up.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Amazing how many people out there are all I don’t want to put poison in my body while at the same time ordering fast food, junk food, refined sugar, frozen foods, lunch meat. Even what they call fresh packaged meats are full of antibiotics and growth hormones…compare the size of a chicken breast today to 10 years ago…like how big is that chicken today if the breast is that huge? Look at some fruits like grapes that are all of a sudden the size of bowling balls. Unless you are eating a totally clean home grown fresh garden and wild diet you are poisoning yourself!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Pulling one of the vaccines off the market after giving it to many thousands of Canadians was a real confidence booster.

    But seriously guys, this one is safe pinky swear.

    • Anonymous says:

      Most countries that stopped using Astra zenith temporarily have resumed use either fully or with restrictions after health regulators said the benefits of the shot outweigh any risks

      • Anonymous says:

        Tell that to jordan stonehouse.

        Tell her that the $85,000 she got from her go fund me (because vaccines are exempt from liability) was worth her mothers life.

        ” Well sorry your mom was a mitigated risk”

      • Anonymous says:

        Any death is tragic, but that is 1 person vs the population of the entire globe. Do you have any idea how many toxins are in your body just from everyday life and living? Pesticides, antibiotics, GMO…the list goes on and on. Locally we have VALE poisoning the air we breathe. 1 person’s death is no reason to not get a vaccine

      • Voice_of_reason says:

        Its not one person though.

        Having the government tell you vaccines are “safe” as a blanket statement is a bit disingenuous.

        I have ITP the odds as published by Pubmed of me having a severe reaction (based on the small sample size) is 12%.
        a serve reaction for me means a loss of 96% of my platelets. Which the last time it happened required a month in hospital and 3 blood transfusions

        I was all for the vaccine right up untill cases of VITT started occuring.

        Now if anyone wants to get the vaccine, go ahead i’m sure it’s safe for most.

        The odds of my coming into contact with Covid (based on the number of infections by % of population) is slim (not just for me but anyone)

        My mother has fibromyalgia (and its quite possible that i inherited my reaction and ITP as passed genetically as these are system issues) and in talking with my GP they made no mention of any risks involved until i brought it up (my concerns)

        These “Blanket” statements by the government that the vaccine is “safe” comes without a disclaimer to consult your physician.

        Now i don’t just have to worry about the Virus….i have to worry about the vaccinated who believe erroneously they are immune as they run around maskless thinking the pandemic is over.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well self proclaimed ‘voice of reason’, absolutely nothing you are saying has anything to do with anything discussed above. You have a medical condition, which means you are a subset of the general population. You’re no unicorn though, I also have health conditions affecting me more than many. But instead of blaming the government for being misleading I know from my history with autoimmune conditions that I am my best (and only) advocate and that means I have to put on my big boy pants and make decisions in my own best interest and yes, it also sometimes means educating others, occasionally even doctors. All the more reason for me to encourage others to get the vaccine, because it means I am better protected. I am fully valued, but definitely need a booster as soon as they’re available because of being immunocompromised & I know all this because I have advocated for myself. That’s just life. Fact remains the vaccine is safe for the majority of people. And don’t expect the provincial government to have your back, especially this one. Your bacon you buy also doesn’t come with a disclaimer

      • Voice_of_reason says:

        You have or should have no say.

        You’re vaccinated , the reason you got vaccinated I assume judging by your commentary was to protect yourself. Not to “protect those who are not”

        I am not.

        Thus I have more of an invested interest in the outcome of whether or not people get vaccinated.

        That’s good for you. You’re safe what exactly are you complaining about?

        Sounds like you just for entirety selfish reasons want things to “go back to normal” and anyone who isn’t vaccinated is a hindrance to your self serving agenda.

        So explain? I don’t understand, if you’re vaccinated what do you care?

      • Anonymous says:

        Listen, buddy, you barged into the comments section with your own personal woe is me story. I’m just pointing out the stupidity of your doing so as it was completely out of context. Your circuitous mathematics reasoning makes absolutely no sense, and your ill informed assumptions are probably what gets you into these jams in the first place. I am not ‘safe’ and your assumption that I am is why I care.

      • Voice_of_reason says:

        No woe as me story, simple facts.
        You’re the one with the woe is me compromised immune system.

        The odds of my coming into contact with covid are slim, the odds of me having an adverse reaction to the vaccine is astronomical in comparison.

        What was the point of you getting vaccinated? You certainty weren’t doing it to protect anyone but yourself. Now your at a lower risk

        What is exactly the problem?

        I mean your now allowed to travel outside the country (or will be soon with passports) this means travel in between countries with far far lower vaccination rates.

        Where are all these “variants of concern” coming from? Hmmm? Delta didn’t originate here, it was first spotted in India, did it come here on the back of a bird? Maybe a mosquito flew across the ocean ? Alpha came from the U.K, Beta from south Africa Gamma from Brazil /Japan.

        Did a strong breeze blow them across the ocean? If so guess there is no stopping it.

        So how did this happen with the country on lockdown and international travel halted? Did it piggy back on some bananas?

        Thank goodness Americans can come here, and doubly thank goodness that we’re taking in 20,000 refugees. And thank goodness domestic flights can resume…no if only we can force everyone here to get vaccinated…. All those variants from all over the world will have no effect right?

      • Anonymous says:

        Dude, just shut up already. Your reading comprehension is abhorrent. I am done with your stupid ass

      • Voice_of_reason says:

        Gosh….hopefully that Allah variant (did you see all those unmasked Afghanis fleeing) isn’t too too severe.

        I mean what’s the vaccination rate in Afghanistan?

        I mean it shouldn’t be too bad only unvaccinated Canadians can infect fully vaccinated Canadians though.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Shut up.