Another tax increase???????

Can we as tax payers refuse to pay the massive tax increase? Is there is a way for the Sudbury community to stand up together and not pay it? Sudbury is spending 100 million on an arena and yet has a 14 million deficit. What can we do about it? Why should WE have to pay for something we don’t need, Especially during a pandemic!!!

We had a HUGE tax increase in 2020 already and didn’t even have city services due to COVID 19. Where exactly is the money going? We actually lost most services because they are closed or limited so how can the city justify another huge tax increase. We must have some say as to WHERE OUR money goes?!?! Or refuse another huge increase?!?!

No one has seen the mayor and only a select few city employees even worked this summer. Why didn’t we see a cost savings for that? By the way, where has our beloved mayor been….. during a pandemic, states of emergency, schools closing… need I go on? And he’s been MIA.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Regionalization fucked the City of Sudbury. Looking after profitless shitholes as far as Westree is responsible for our taxes. End Regional Government now.

    • anonymous says:

      I couldn’t agree more.With the expansion our population per square kilometre dropped to 49. Less than 50 persons per square km! Toronto has over 4000.No wonder they keep raising our taxes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Problem is …do you trust provincial politicians any more than local politicians? I don’t.” Many people said that about sudbury politicians back when each community had it’s own council. We were forced to adapt, it would be litteraly no different for sudbury to adapt to the new form of governance. Now all the satelite communities are relegated to the role of “suburb” of sudbury, forcing our taxes to pay for the economic drain that is the downtown core. Funny how no community wanted the casino besides rayside-balfour, now it is a success sudbury wants in. Fire trucks that Hanmer residents bought and paid for with tax dollars over the years were commandered and sent to other communities leaving the valley with old equipment, despite having their taxes raised to pay for the new firetrucks already. Snow clearing used to be handled by the smaller communities and you know what; the snow got cleared reasonably quick by local crews who cared, now they hire the crackiest people to do the whole city and you can tell their is no pride, snow banks will be hazardous and 10 feet high in no time, not to mention poorly cleared narrow streets that would normally be in better condition in winter. Not since sudbury took over. I would love if sudburians proper realized how much the smaller towns lost, and I think the only way for that to happen is for sudbury to lose it’s poorly ran, precious city hall too. Imagine having to go to toronto to deal with housing, or to apply for a building permit. That is how it is for people that used to have everything within walking distance and now have to drive an hour for the same service they used to get locally.

    • #freethenorth says:

      That is not a practical solution and you know it.While I agree that snow clearing has deteriorated how is centralizing in T.O going to help anyone. The south already steals all our mining taxes from us and gives nothing back. Now you want to give them more of our tax dollars to spend in the south?If anything Northern On. should split from the south and become our own province.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m actually debating selling my house, even at a loss to get out of this hell hole of a town. Living in a log house in the bush paying 20 times the amount of taxes and shitting in an outhouse year round sounds better. This town is losing everything that made it sudbury.

    • anonymous says:

      I’m not being facetious here ,but what has sudbury lost that made it sudbury? I’m not sure what you’re referencing.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t know about anyone else but it never used to take 2 hours to get in the dump and 1 hour to leave. Wages used to be good around here, jobs used to be permanent, now our workforce is growing faster than the amount of work and the jobs are mostly all paying minimum wage. Meanwhile you can’t have anything in your yard out in any part of town because if it’s not locked up its gone and you are more likely to find sympathy for the criminals if you do talk about it. What really turned me off of sudbury was almost stepping on a heroin needle downtown, that really makes you want to call this city home. Amalgamation was the worst thing to happen to our community, yet sudburians love it, so hey why not amalgamate with the rest of the province and see how it feels when your beloved town loses it’s local politics too.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sudbury hasn’t lost anything, all the other communities did. Amalgamation was the worst thing that happened to this town despite what some may say. Now it costs us through the roof for services that used to be reasonably priced or free.

      • Anonymous says:

        The needle problem is everywhere .This is a societal issue way beyond the power of our city council. The theft is a direct offshoot of this problem.You can find used needles in almost any playground in sudbury. Relatives tell me it is the same in newmarket and belleville.My brother even found one a park in minden!The opiate crisis is killing a generation.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I wish. Time to get rid of corrupt municipal politics altogether. Everyone else got sent home, but city staffers during covid. All rest stops were closed but you can bet the grass was still being cut regularly. The dump is ran like the gustapo cause of “covid” yet last time i checked garbage wasn’t exactly clean and germ free before covid.

    • anonymous says:

      And replace with what? Provincial politicians, federal politicians, anarchy? How about offering realistic suggestions along with your complaint. I’m not happy with the job they’re doing either but someone has to run the city.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why not replace with provinical politics? All we get around here for what our taxes pay for is mini dictators and over paid whales at city hall. The world won’t devolve into anarchy just because tom davies and all other such bloated entities get centralized somewhere.

      • anonymous says:

        Problem is …do you trust provincial politicians any more than local politicians? I don’t.

    • anonymous says:

      Actually the city stopped cutting grass at many locations, among them playgrounds. Apparently they were debating even before covid about doing this.That’s how terrible our council is they are actually thinking of leaving playgrounds uncut!

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