Another increase

How does everyone here afford kids?

My wife and I work, and our wages aren’t going up, between property taxes, increases on every utility, carbon tax, and now groceries, I ask sudburians: How do you afford to have children?



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  1. Lucifuge says:

    Would you look at how many dickless illiterate cowards came out of the woodwork.
    And that folks is why it’ll never change.

    Enjoy what you got fuckos it’s all downhill from here.

    Simple-minded plebs worshiping their masters.

    And if any of you reading have more than 3 brain cells functioning these are your fellow sudburians , they vote. Vote for the status quo

  2. Anonymous says:

    Personally I’d like to see all thieves and scammers cut off, I’d rather our taxes go to the military and veterans, than support some twat that wants to open a gym with our tax dollars, or other people who want to stay home and pop kids out for a living (what kind of example can you be setting, living like that?) Who cares about scammers right, not like they are single handedly bankrupting our country, from foreign scammers all the way to the local homegrown ones that seem to replicate faster than the well ajusted, working folks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    And as for those “independant hard working” businesses, lol! Look at how much corporate welfare we gave out to fly by night companies that would have failed or not even existed if it weren’t for covid. Most places here in sudbury took the corporate welfare and look at how the businesses are ran, I’m glad that places like gyms, automotive dealers, nail salons etc all got free money, too bad they are services too expensive for me to support though. The list is right on for you to search, see if your favorite business took the bail out so they can price gouge you too and double dip. See if any of your friends vanity project-business took any money.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If your on the system you don’t know what it’s like working for what you have so fuck off with your woe is me bullshit.

  5. Nobody says:

    You know i keep hearing this argument about “scamming the system” and yadda yadda.

    I mean i don’t know what you are on, sure maybe there are scammers, maybe they are all scammers EVERY SINGLE ONE.


    Seriously who gives a fuck.

    If you cut everyone of them off the system, EVERY SINGLE ONE.

    You pay $0.05 of every tax dollar to social transfers. For every $1000 in taxes you’d save $50.

    What exactly are you buying with that $50 raimen noodles for a month of eats?

    Social transfers are the third lowest tax expense, you pay more paying down the debt.

    This is a nonsense argument. If i’m $500 behind in bills its not my fucking $1 can of pepsi thats going to pull me out of the hole.

    You have corporations who get tax breaks, you’ve got the extraordinary wealthy hiding money in off shore accounts (panama papers) and in crypto you have government bailouts for automakers whose debt is written off the books (while those same CEOs gave themselves raises with bailout money) you have a prime minister with 3 fucking ethics violations…you have small business drowning during lockdown and you have multibillion multinational corporations allowed to remain open and in business to funnel even more money away from hard working independent business.

    So go ahead and blame those on the lowest rung of the fucking ladder for scamming the nothing they get anyway. Like the harris cutbacks its not doing fuck all to eliminate these problems.

    It’s simple cowardice to point at the weakest among us and say “yup, that’s the fucking problem”

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yep it’s pretty crazy right now, seems like all our income goes to taxes and other expenses. Deductions off your paycheque, property taxes, and retail tax. Then high gas prices, cost of food, insurance, and utilities.I’m just glad my vehicle is paid off at the moment or I would literally be financially drowning.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Liberals/conservatives/ndp have had years to do something about this but all they can do is regurgitate the same stuff. There was ONE party that had it in their mandate to put canadians first and they got labelled alt right and racist, yes I’m talking about the peoples party of canada.

    To this day not a single liberal/conservative/ndp voter can explain to me what is racist about wanting to help canada and canadians first?

    You get what you vote for people, too bad the rest of us are stuck along for the ride. It’s the biggest curse having enough intelligence to foresee the way things go, yet not be able to convince the rest of the people because they are too infatuated with looks, or free money, that do nothing to fix canada.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Look at the telethon they just had, $270000 goal to help over 12000 families, that is only $22.5 per family. If those families could not afford $22.5 at christmas this year, imagine how bad it will be next year.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Some people I know that have kids scam the system, others live in housing so do not need to pay half those things you listed. The rest seem to be low income enough that they qualify for baby bonus and what not. Meanwhile us home owners are making sacrifices already, down to one vehicle, no eating meat like we used to, no regular dental checkups or eye exams because no benefits, this society is ass backwards. It’s expensive to be middle class, don’t qualify for help, but get treated like a top earner by the plebs.