Animal Abuser

The man abusing his dog is a therapist my wife had once… White Pines Counselling.



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  1. Dave Adams Dave Adams says:

    He got arrested today I read.

  2. maryjane schryer says:

    I still would like to know where this beautiful shepherd is??

  3. Alex Mcphee Alex Mcphee says:

    Anyone have the video

  4. He needs some of his own medicine

  5. Ricardo says:

    Sounds like he has a lot of underlying aggression.

  6. Tina Fay Tina Fay says:

    OK and? You couldn’t intervene and you expect what from everyone else?

  7. Lisa Dunbar Lisa Dunbar says:

    Stop bashing the guy who took the video….
    1. He needed evidence to get this ass charged.
    2. Who says these 2 dogs won’t attack him?
    3. Assault charge…criminal record?
    He did the right thing….over 25000 ppl saw that video within an hour….he will no longer have his dogs or practise therapy because of this video….
    So cut him some slack! I say wtg for getting this ass nailed to the wall!

  8. I wish he owned a cat. Now there’s an animal that deserves to be swung around! I hate cats and I know that pisses a lot of you fucktards off.

  9. Bill Taylor Bill Taylor says:

    Don’t charge him do the same shit to him

  10. Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

    This video and his name have been forwarded to the police…they are investigating it…

  11. Lily Jewel Lily Jewel says:

    Well this is disappointing. I didn’t originally watch the video because it would have broken my heart to see a dog treated badly. But, this guy is my therapist. So if it’s true, I need to see this video for myself. If anyone has it, I would really appreciate the opportunity to view it. Thank you 🙁

  12. After seeing this, he should be banned from owning an animal.

  13. What happened to the video?

  14. Honestly…very easy to find here on facebook. I went to the counselling website; looked at the “meet our therapists page”; saw his photo and name; typed it in on facebook and what would you know….his profile picture is a german shepard puppy.

  15. I hope whomever took this video stopped him !!!!

  16. Nancy Hache Nancy Hache says:

    i see the original video , and he actually hanging that poor dog over his shoulder, hanging him with the leach ,and the abuse continues in the video, its horrible!!!

  17. Nancy Hache Nancy Hache says:

    i hope this monster get his dogs taken away!!!! and band from owning any animals again !!!! the horror those dog must go threw behind closed doors,???? if this is what he does to them in public!

  18. How was this confirmed?

  19. I hope he’s been charged ? Animal abuse is disgusting & abuser needs to have the same thing done to them

  20. If you need to report a case of animal abuse or cruelty, call the province-wide number at 1-833-9-ANIMAL (264625). In doing so, an Animal Welfare Inspector in our region will be dispatched.

  21. Jo Zee Jo Zee says:

    Seems he needs a therapist.

  22. Blake Tost Blake Tost says:

    Time for a good ole fashioned ass whooping!!

  23. I woulda caught an assaukt if I seen this

  24. Individual who took this video is a pussy…

  25. Liane Blouin Liane Blouin says:

    To the original poster , maybe you could let the investigators at the SPCA know that are working on the case .

  26. Jodi Cormier Adam Jordan

  27. Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

    I hate to play The Devil’s advocate here but if you look closer it looks like that dog is wearing a harness around his shoulders and it looks like that man is taking him for a piggyback ride. Not sure where the abused fits in. I mean for all we know this dog is paralyzed and this is how he brings him for walks.

  28. Deb Shalla Deb Shalla says:

    I recognize the street – Magnolia

    • Anonymous says:

      Scott Séguin are you serious??? The video clearly shows the worst case of abuse I’ve ever seen in my life! Hanging the dog and kicking him…. it’s so very sad . People like this should not have any animals!

  29. So intervine rather then stand there and take an picture or photo of it

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