Angry Red Truck

I apologize to the man in the red truck that slammed on his horn because I stopped a little longer to let a pedestrian cross the road. I am sorry I got you so mad that you drove beside me (in a Yaris) to make crazy gestures and show your upset.

I understand this can be a difficult and very stressful time of year so please do come by my office for a free Traditional Chinese Acupuncture treatment for stress. 1708 Lasalle, 705-560-4090. Please share and help this message get to him, he is angry and it’s Christmas and everybody deserves to feel happier.



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  1. Tony Martin says:

    Wow, lots of people here needing help. I have a bucket of nails, and only a few are rusty, so y’all are welcome to drop by my place for some not-so-accu-puncturing 😉 😀 😀

  2. I get dibs.. I at least own a red truck.. lol

  3. I own a red truck… Do I qualify? Maybe I was dressed as a man that day… My neck and shoulders are stressed…
    On a serious note though, if this is legit, and not sarcasm, kudos on you for trying to make a negative situation into a good one..
    If this is sarcasm, good on you for pointing out that crosswalks do at times have pedestrians, and hopefully this will make others aware to never assume before paying proper attention themselves… Either way.. something good could come from this..

  4. So nice to spread the love instead of hate. Merry Christmas OP.

  5. Roger Blake says:

    5 dolla happy ending?

  6. Kelsie Dawn says:

    What a good way to promote your business! LOL

  7. What a good advertising gig… Shouted is gettig commercials even..

  8. Lmao only u nat haha. Ur the shit

  9. Ashley Gour says:

    This made me giggle

  10. Wow! It doesn’t matter how kind people try to be… there’s always a few pessimists that can’t see the good that some try to do! And we wonder why this is a negative time of year for many, shame on those who added negative comments!!

  11. Misty Smith says:

    If you cant find him I am down to take his place!

  12. You want a man that drives a yaris to publicly admit it? Good luck

  13. Hmm, he’ll be really pissed when he doesn’t wait for the pedestrian to completely cross the road and gets fined.

    • Straight from the mto:

      For drivers

      Pay special attention to pedestrians as you drive. Here are some tips to follow:

      Always look for pedestrians, especially when turning.


      Drivers will be fined $150 to $500 and 3 demerit points for offences at pedestrian crossings, school crossings and at crosswalks where there are traffic signals. The maximum fine for running a red light – a practice that puts pedestrians at risk – is $200 to $1000

    • Gin Roy says:

      Samuel J. Cayen yes you have to be careful but you only have to wait till they cross fully at crossover and school crossing etc.

    • Gin Roy says:

      Samuel J. Cayen yes you have to be careful but you only have to wait till they cross fully at crossover and school crossing etc.

  14. Judy Watling says:

    Wow! Most people assume this is a scam or this driver did something wrong! My first thought was, what a nice gesture and positive way to handle a nasty situation. Sad so many people are so negative!

  15. Jesse Landry says:

    Plot Twist. There was no red truck and this guy just wanted to promote his snake oil Acupuncture buisness. Clever..

  16. Paul Pilon says:

    I get a feeling that driver isn’t brave enough to go to that dojo.

  17. I bet you could have caused an accident! Morons like you allowing people to cross not at a crosswalk causes accidents!