An unlikely friendship

They were quite the pair — she, a beautiful young girl with a bright, white smile; he, a retired veteran with a scraggly beard and weathered face. Their friendship started out slow. The girl — who remains unidentified — began saying “hi” to him as she passed him in her travels to from her daily errands. Soon enough they were having small conversations and then regular talks and periodic lunches. He tells her about his war stories, loved ones, and who should win the Super Bowl. She tells him about her problems, loved ones, and how she don’t really care who should win the Super Bowl.

From an outsider’s point of view, it seemed the young girl was offering the old, lonely man an ear. But the friendship was reciprocal. Recently, the girl went through a difficult period emotionally, and he reportedly helped her navigate those tough personal choices.

One day she was walking around feeling sorry for herself when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned to find him giving her a concerned look. He had something for her, he said. From his army jacket, he pulls out a watch head. He takes her hand and gently places the broken antique in her palm. He went on to say: “I don’t have much but I wanted you to know that you have done what many others would not simply by being my friend.”

When you extend yourself to those in need, you get back not only what you gave, but infinitely more.



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  1. Karen Marie Karen Marie says:

    Definitely we get by giving in Life…Thank you for sharing this heart felt story…we need more of this…Be Kind Always!

  2. Awesome. Friendship is the best !

  3. Awesome post, thanks for sharing.

  4. Finally something positive. Thank you.

  5. All good until his meds disappear. Lol.

  6. About time we see something positive on here. Great read to make people smile

  7. This was a beautiful post to a beautiful day thank you for sharing this story

  8. Such a lovely warm friendship, beautifully written.

  9. Marty Trudel Marty Trudel says:

    More like this, please.

  10. What the heck? I come here to see the usual hatred and perpetual drama and uneducated drivel from Sudbury’s know it alls, and I’m smacked in the face with this? A post that wreaks so much of niceness and decency that it shocks the entire Shoutout community? Says a lot about the uselessness and ignorance of this site when only one little post does this. Shoutout needs to change its name. Rarely are there any real shoutouts. It should be called Whiny Sudbury. Or Bitchy Sudbury. Maybe The Complaint Department. LOL

  11. Mazra Lepack Mazra Lepack says:

    Finally a post that has no drama and a lesson in it. Thank you

  12. Brent Smith Brent Smith says:

    Finally! A wholesome post 🙂

  13. Aw…that is beautiful ❤

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