An ENTIRE McDonalds out of work for a week

It’s come to my attention that a McDonalds my friend works for in in town will be closing for renos next week and the staff had little/no notice.
The vast majority of the staff are not being displaced to other McDonalds in town so I’m sure most will be struggling to make ends meet this month.

If you or anyone you know have some odd jobs that you need done during that week, I’m sure they will be down in the comments ready to receive!



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  1. Julie Marissa…you are a jerk!!!

  2. Amanda says:

    They are closing for 4 days to redo the whole kitchen – not to change a sink lol. Wish people before they posted stuff would actually know what they are talking about

  3. Good maybe they will finally install an ice cream machine that works. I haven’t figured out why ice cream is still on their menu. Every single time I go, “it is currently not working!!!”

  4. Assuming that this wasn’t a sudden, last minute decision, I imagine that most of the employees are using accrued vacation time to cover this week off if they can’t afford an unpaid week.

  5. Neil Daggett Neil Daggett says:

    The Onus is on the employer to cover that cost in lost wages.

  6. This is sad. Especially right after Christmas when pretty much everyone is broke and not shopping. I know McDonald’s Canada would of given some warning, but it’s not always relayed to the employees till last minute. My heart goes out to these people cause it’s a shit minimum wage job, with very little hours spread out among the over staffed restaurant with only managers and shift supervisors with full time. I sincerely hope they find work somewhere else and let McDonald’s Canada know they found employment someplace else when they get the “call” to come back to work, show them what it’s like to have “last minute notice”…. I hated the McPolicies…

  7. They can get unemployment until the location opens up again. And they don’t send them to other locations to work, Starbucks employees didn’t get sent to another location. Tim Hortons employees don’t work at another location during renos.

  8. Make sure they put a working McFlurry machine in there

  9. Mike Reid Mike Reid says:

    This Reno must have been planned. You don’t just go a day tomorrow we are Reno the store.

  10. Reily Burns Reily Burns says:

    It’s fucking minimum wage at McDonald’s like fuck off

  11. By the time the employees are relocated and settled in, the renovations will be done and it will be time to go back to their home location anyway. They’d be better off looking for another and better job instead of using the time doing odd jobs while waiting to go back there.

  12. Tessa Tibo Tessa Tibo says:

    They should all be closed permanently forever… one should ingest such crap in their bodies …..poison…poison….poison

  13. Gail Decaire Gail Decaire says:

    It’s called employment insurance, they get their separation slips, from the employer! then they go to the taxation Center and apply formE.I , they will get back pay. Nobody ever gets notice. As disgruntled employees could really do some damage before they leave. There is a “portion on the separation papers that indicated “returning to work “ on set date.

  14. If you can’t afford missing one week of pay then you need to learn how to manage your money better.
    And pretty sure I wouldn’t want to hire any Mcdons employees to do odd jobs. They can’t even get the pickle on my big mac right

  15. Rob Stacknik Rob Stacknik says:

    Quit voting for a Conservative Government!
    Yes, this is directly related.

  16. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    All employees should look for other work. I wouldn’t stay for a company that does this.

  17. Big corps font care about little guy .start stealing those double cheese burgers now .! Stock up

  18. Shawn Hollis Shawn Hollis says:

    Most of them are here because are useless Prime Minister so they get a big chunk of money as it it

  19. Kim Parker Kim Parker says:

    So you want someone to hire people and train them for one week? So once they are trained, they’ll be able to leave and go back to mcdicks??

  20. The owner owns at least 25 of the McDonald’s in Ontarios North, he should place these workers. We get lousy service as of being understaffed. Long line ups in inadequate equipment to get an ice cream or shake. Cold fries that taste freezer burnt.

  21. You work at McDonald’s, do ends ever meet?

  22. Newgate is changing a sink. A lot of the employees were told to figure it out

  23. what McDonald’s is closed! I got to get my big Mac on

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