Ambulances should use more siren

Just the other day noticed at the last second an ambulance with emergency lights but no siren. I mean it used its siren like they do in the movies where they are going through New York know dweep….dweep dweep. Short blasts going through intersections. Anyway…I use my mirrors all the time. Somehow I missed this one in my mirrors until the last second. Found it unusual that the siren goes off just as it’s ready to go through a red light!! Might be a new person?



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  1. They have a couple of different rules, depending on what the situation is they will or will not use sirens

  2. Keep your window a tad open. You’ll be able to hear the sirens from further away. I find it always helps me.

  3. Should be loud or louder than fire trucks .

  4. James Nash James Nash says:

    Noise bylaw after 11. No sirens, Sorry lol.

  5. I agree. They put it on last minute you have no where to go

  6. Joe Wilson Joe Wilson says:

    Not a paramedic, but i heard they wont use sirens for heart attack patients…

    • Joe Wilson they definitely do and will ALWAYS with heart attacks

    • Joe Wilson Joe Wilson says:

      Adam Lund and this ends a life time of belief… the disillusionment sets in 😉

      Thank you for the correction 🙂

    • Joe Wilson Joe Wilson says:

      Haleena Boudreau to be specific, i believed the lights were used but not the siren… was told as a child it was due to the sound it could cause another heart attack… lol

    • Adam Lund Adam Lund says:

      Joe Wilson as a general brief over view, when an ambulance is responding with its lights on they are considered to be responding priority 4 which is the highest level we respond to calls. During a priority 4 call the lights will be activated but not always the siren. We will pick and choose when to use the siren based on what’s in front of us (ie traffic, red light, midnight and no cars etc) sometimes dispatch (based on call details) or another paramedic on scene of the 911 call will downgrade the priority and that’s when you’ll see us turn off the emergency warning systems and casually carry on. Hope this helped lol

    • Joe Wilson Joe Wilson says:

      Adam Lund it was very educational. Btw, thank you for all that you do. Its appreciated 🙂

  7. They are actually only supposed to use them when going through an intersection.

  8. Jill Rogers Jill Rogers says:

    You used the word, “Mirriors”….yep…keep checking for lights behind ya.
    Its not you or your loved one that time

  9. Jennifer Legacy-Hamilton Lol.

  10. Dean Fortin Dean Fortin says:

    Be more alert to your surroundings always look behind yourself

  11. Horey Colder Horey Colder says:

    You’re supposed to do a quick scan of each intersection before you proceed, maybe you should learn to look and drive

  12. They put sirens on the ambulances for a reason but in areas where there is little traffic there usually is no need for them, some ambulances do respect the sleeping in the houses/apartments in the areas they drive in ffs. But i do get the OP point tho you cannot drive here in Sudbury without paying attention to what is in front of you as our roads are shit, so your focus is in front of ya not 24/7 in your rearview or side mirrors.

  13. Some have a ground vibrations. You definitely know it’s coming

  14. Myles Towns Myles Towns says:

    It needs more cowbell!

  15. Tina Marie Tina Marie says:

    Obviously not checking your mirrors enough

  16. Dalyn Puro give some insight?

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