Amber Alert Anger

“The other day I was sleeping when my neighbor started screaming and rudely woke me up. That’s right, this guy had THE NERVE to be murdered while I’M trying to sleep. Doesn’t he understand people have to work? My children need to go to school in the morning.”

That’s how ridiculous you sound when you complain about an Amber Alert waking you up. You are lucky the only thing keeping you awake is an annoying sound and not the paralyzing fear that a loved one, specially a helpless and defenseless one, is in danger. Think about how you would feel if your loved one had been abducted? Do you think you would care if you burdened some people with a minor inconvenience? No, you would break the doors down yourself. Next time that Amber alert goes off imagine instead that it is what it is: a call for help from both desperate parents and a scared child. Imagine that the child’s life is worth something and don’t devalue their cry for help further by complaining about the fact that it’s keeping you from sleep. Even if the location is 10 hours away, you clearly have forgotten how far cars can travel.

Actually, next time imagine that the call for help is coming from you and then picture someone getting up and angrily posting about how your life isn’t worth their sleep.



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  1. Tab Leger Tab Leger says:

    Way to FKN go buddy.. Perfectly fkn said and all you had to do was explain it in regard mode n BAMMM..they understood..lmfao.
    Koodo’s BUD!!!!

  2. Brea Dlj Brea Dlj says:

    Congratulations..well said …

  3. This is like beating a dead horse. Complainers regarding amber alerts will never shut up or stop
    Complaining. They are entitled ppl living in their own small world & have never been near or suffered tragedy of an abducted or murdered child.

  4. It’s really sad this even has to be said. If you complain about an Amber Alert you are garbage.

  5. Put phone on DO NOT DISTURB. Add exceptions…contacts. Easy peasy

  6. Rob Stacknik Rob Stacknik says:

    It’s still so simple.
    If people want to opt out of the Amber Alert system, they should be able to.
    It’s not complicated.

  7. You know, parents could all get together and help to ensure nobody’s sleep is disturbed by not reporting missing loved ones until after 9 a.m.

  8. Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

    Ah yes, “the government can shove itself down someone else’s throat”.
    No means no. What is hard to understand about that? You do NOT have consent unless given. These people that do not want it do NOT consent to it. It is NONE of your business why they don’t want the alerts, but want their phones left on. Goddamn fascist scum.

    P.S. The AMBER alert system worked just fine before ramming it down everyone’s throat. I know, I was involved in a search a long time ago – and yes, it was 3AM.

  9. Matt Frawley Matt Frawley says:

    Welcome to the communist state Canada

  10. Thank you and well said…

  11. I absolutely agree 100% people are so selfish and immature.

  12. High five to the OP for this one!

  13. So a child goes missing in Windsor, and everybody in Thunderbay gets woken up at 3 AM. What exactly are they supposed to do? Should they go and sit out on the front steps and watch vehicles drive by? Really? They’re 18 or 20 hours away. It’s 3:00 in the morning. What EXACTLY are they expected to do? For the record I think the amber alerts are a good idea within reason. They’re too far reaching.

  14. Congratulations well said

  15. Don Guay Don Guay says:

    I’ve only heard it twice since the alerts started.

  16. Grace Fox Grace Fox says:

    The fact they leave their phone on at nite is..they want to hear an Alert !

  17. Gale Stewart Gale Stewart says:


  18. Arthur Blain Arthur Blain says:

    You can’t fix stupid in some people

  19. The sense of community is being eroded and the speed of that erosion is picking up pace.

  20. I know my neighbor’s cat was getting attack by a fox was making all types of noise… Was going to shoot a rock at the fox but then i realized he wasn’t making the noise!!

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