Am I in the wrong?

I’m always getting shit on by my ex husband for not taking our child on trips. I bring her on many spur of the moment trips all summer long. We go camping, to Wonderland, random trips to Toronto to do sight seeing and visit Ripley’s, CN Tower and to Jay’s games.

I have an overnighter trip planned for my new husband, our children and myself and I feel like my ex is shitting on me for not taking our child. I feel like I’m obligated to bring her on every single trip I go on. This year I have at least 6 trips planned for down south.

5 of which our child is coming with me. Am I in the wrong for wanting this one trip to be just me, my husband and our children? I feel like a shitty mother for leaving her behind that 1 time. He has drilled it into our child’s head that they need to come with me and it’s not fair for leaving our child behind.

She gets to go on a lot of trips without siblings with grandparents and her dad and his wife. Why can’t I have just this 1 trip to be with my husband and our children together?



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  1. Sylvain Roy Sylvain Roy says:

    Take one kid but not the other how fucked can u be

  2. Sylvain Roy Sylvain Roy says:

    Like for real right fucked up

  3. Whats good for one child should be good for all of your children. Theres no just us and our children. Your daughter is your child!! All or none!

  4. My heart actually breaks for this child. My husband and I have a split family and NEVER would you catch any of us excluding any of our children. They are brother and sister and are to be treated and loved and included all the same. Not sure what goes on behind closed doors but your children no matter which man they are from should ALWAYS come first. ALWAYS!!!!! Never should you chose one over the other. I don’t want to make any assumptions but sounds like there is some sort of resentment towards this child for not being your current husbands child and this child is getting the real shit end of the stick. Sad really. Really really sad.

  5. The real question here is… Why would you not want to include your child? (Difficult to deal with? To old? Cost? What is it?) Do you consider her as separate from your other family with your new husband? How would you feel about taking a trip with her and not include your other children? I think it’s important to figure out why you don’t want her around. She is your daughter and you don’t get to choose to include her only when you want.

  6. You’re a shithead for not taking your “old kid” with your “new family” (my words). Why would you plan a fun trip without a kid, even if they’re safe with the “other parent”? Why not just plan your trip on a weekend that all your kids are available, instead of leaving a child out? Now that kid has to hear all about that trip and feel left out? Why??? It’s mean and hurtful. That kid is part of the family, so INCLUDE ALL OF THE IMMEDIATE FAMILY (all little kids and parents). FFS. Don’t separate kids and families.

  7. That kid is Your new husband and your daughter. He signed up to that part when he married you. He doesn’t like it I’m sure he knows where the door is. Your poor kid didn’t choose to have a different father and I sure hope to god your other kids u had with this husband don’t have to experience that either. I’d shit on you as well. It’s her brothers /sisters she’s missing quality time with. I have half brothers , they were always 100% treated as full blood biologically mine. Same goes for my own family.. No one gets left behind !! That kid will grow up and realize how much she missed out on and have many questions . Wondering if it was her fault witch it totally isn’t ! When u don’t have her the odd outings with the other kids sure. As long as they don’t start bragging about it because how sad would that be ?? “We all went somewhere while u went to ur dad’s man it was fun ! “Heartbreaking no ? Treat her no different. She’s ur first kid. Love her because u never know, she might just leave her sorry ass of a mom and go live with her dad. Seems like she would have a better life with him.

  8. Eric Bourdon Eric Bourdon says:

    I wish i can have a weekend away with my son and now his new sister but the ex wont let that happen ,,,i wont say her name cause aint gona play the game haha she knows who she is ,,,

  9. It sounds like your a great parent. Your child will only remember the great times that they had on the trips that you were able to include him/her. It sounds like your trying your best and that’s all that matters.

  10. Im sorry but why is it that you dont want YOUR child on your family trip…. literally the most fucking awful thing i read today. That poor child is not less than because her siblings have a different dad. Might as well just tell your kid you found a new husband, started a new family and dont want her anymore because thats how shes going to feel. Smh

  11. its not the childs fautlt u broke up with ur ex, u shouldn’t exclude her just because she isn’t ur new husbands child, that’s not fair to her at all u want kids u need to take care of all of them not just the new hubbys kids

  12. I have children from different fathers and they are ALL always included. Doesn’t matter where we are going-new partners family accepts me and all my kids, their blood or not or they do not accept any of us. Taking your new husband and the kids you have together somewhere and excluding your ex’s child is disgusting in my opinion. I don’t blame the ex for being mad. Maybe he should have custody.

  13. Don’t bow to pressure you sound like a great mom.

  14. Jamie Lebel Jamie Lebel says:

    You are in the wrong and if you can’t understand that, you are a horrible parent

  15. I think dad has a very good point. Just saying. Listen to yourself. Really? Way to make the kid that doesnt belong to your new husband feel special.

  16. The worst thing you can do for your child from a different marriage is make them feel like they aren’t truly apart of the family.

    Include that child in everything. Your new husband married you and you brought this child into your marriage.

    This is so incredibly hateful. Dads right 100% here

  17. If you are excluding her because you want to spend time with your husband and the children that you share, then yes there is something wrong with that.

    What you are doing is actively showing her that you are leaving her behind because your new family is more important.

    If you are excluding her because you want to spend some time alone with your husband, then leave the other kids behind too.

  18. The way you wrote this just makes me feel sorry for your “other” child. Almost as if she’s some kind of outsider to your little clan. Get ready to pay for her therapy in 15 years.

  19. At first, I thought you were good for bringing her on these above mentioned trips. Then you say you’re going on a family trip but aren’t inviting your own daughter? Of course you’re in the wrong. That’s YOUR child. If that’s the case, leave one child behind on each trip to make it fair.

  20. Eric Ace Eric Ace says:

    why would tell him everything u do

  21. Nika Labelle Nika Labelle says:

    If you’re bringing your other kids why the fuck would you leave the other one out? Because she’s half blood? That sounds rude!

  22. Spend time with your fucking child you shithead.

  23. She should at the very least have a choice to go. Not sure about your ex,or grandparents here and where they fit in with your new family. The thing of it is you are all a blended family.

  24. Your husband’s child is still yours. Shake your fucking head. You should be absolutely ashamed of yourself. Your ex husband isn’t shitting on you, hes looking out for YOUR daughter. What the fuck is wrong with you?

  25. Sarah Moffat Sarah Moffat says:

    The wording is definitely not painting a pretty picture. But as a parent I do plan trips with my 3 children individually. Tomorrow my son and I are going on a little day trip together. Some times I take one of the other children. Usually who ever is staying home, gets time with dad or gets a sleep over at friends, cousins, grandparents.
    Yes it is nice to spend time with your children individually and as a whole.
    Maybe a trip just you and your daughter would be more meaningful than bringing her along with everyone. Then she gets your undivided attention and knows that even though you have a new husband and children, she is still very special and loved.

  26. It’s either an all adult vacation or it’s an EVERY child vacation end of story. Once you’re a blended family that’s what you are family! Those kids are now yours /his/hers there is no room for division in a Childs heart because that scar will last forever.

  27. Amy Welch Amy Welch says:

    Personally i don’t care what others say and think….Yes you should take a trip with your family….your ex does it so why can’t you….Don’t let him make you feel like shit as this is probably something he has done the whole time you were married and that is why you are not together…..Take a trip with just your family and if your ex doesn’t like it to bad….As for your daughter i am sure you will find a way to explain to her that she goes on trips with her family and not the other sister and brothers she has….As far as a Good mom….YOU ARE….you have taken and added your daughter to your new family and that is what makes you a good mom…not by taking and buying things or trips but because of the LOVE you have to give her even when you have a new family you love her enough to add her to your family as a member and you love her which is what makes you a GREAT MOM!!!!

  28. James Nash James Nash says:

    …….you are the only thing your kid has in this world because you brought them into it. Your chosing to abandon your child for when it suits you best and your the mother figure. Disgusting.

  29. Nat Viau Nat Viau says:

    Sam Budge and Calpstone Cole, I’ve heard enough from you kids today. Go to your rooms until you remember how to speak Human or else your father and I are taking your half-sister to Disney World without you!

  30. Vic Gomirato Vic Gomirato says:

    Are you wrong? You are dead wrong the first child from your ex came from the same woman that produced the second child, LOVE should be equal for BOTH!Take the advise of an 87 great-granddad, or some day you may regret it

  31. The child that is left out will never forget……….

  32. Mariela Giro Mariela Giro says:

    This happened to me as a kid actually. My mom got remarried and went to Italy for the honeymoon. He brought his 2 daughters with them and I was left behind. So speaking on behalf of your daughter something like this blows. I’m now a mother myself and this still lingers in my mind.

  33. Don’t bow to pressure you sound like a great mom.

  34. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    Holy shit. Your not a mother. Your a bitch hunny. You don’t exclude your 1 child and bring the others. Ugh

  35. Heartbreaking! Poor kid:(

  36. I hate when parents favour children over others makes me sick doesnt matter who u had the child with still your child you dont just cut her out cause you had her with a different guy in the past doesn’t mean she should be excluded just because you and the ex dont see eye to eye that’s messed up

  37. Has anyone else noticed the first part of this post? (I didn’t read all the comments, too many, so I might not be the only one)?
    Sh says ‘I’m ALWAYS getting shit on by my ex husband for not taking our child on trips’!!
    So, first of all, it’s not just the ONE trip….obviously!!!!!
    Also, I feel like, if the fathers mad about it, then it’s probably a trip the mother SHOULD be including the daughter! If it was just visiting the new husbands family or something, then the father (or daughter for that matter) might not care care (different circumstances for everyone).
    You don’t exclude ONE child! How would your ‘new’ husband feel if you left behind one of ‘your’ children!! They are ALL your children!!! You don’t exclude!!
    There might be exceptions sometimes, (maybe) like i said, if they’re visiting new husbands family (and only if the daughter doesn’t want to be included). But I feel like if that were the case, then she would’ve clearly stated that!!!
    And obviously if it was somewhere the daughter didn’t want to go, and again that would’ve clearly been stated!!!!
    But the fact that the dad is mad, clearly shows it’s something ALL her children should be included in!!!!!
    Maybe we don’t have all the facts, but the way this post was worded…..doesn’t make you sound like a good mom!
    All your kids should be treated equally!!!! If the other kids are never separated for trips, your daughter shouldn’t be either!
    I wonder if you take the daughter on any trips, just her, and leave the other kids behind!? Doesn’t sound like it. Only the other way around!!

    • Amy Welch Amy Welch says:

      excuse me but you are way over line…how dare you say…doesn’t make you sound like a good mom….a good mom has nothing to do with having to bring your child on ever trip she plans also i didn’t see any where in the statement where the ex helps pay for anything either…did you….maybe the ex has always treated her like shit and this is why he is an ex…or you didn’t figure that out….he is making her feel bad about taking 1 trip for her family and husband but when he takes trips with his wife and daughter and new family that seems to be ok with you…..what about when he goes on trips with their daughter and she tells the others where she went….This is a complicated family but to tell someone the SHOULD include the daughter in every trip is just wrong….and Obviously if it was somewhere the daughter didnt want to go…So she needs to cancel all her plans with her husband and their children drop everything so her other daughter will enjoy the trip…seriously…wow….We DON’T have all the facts but it seems to me like you can sit there and JUDGE this woman and tell her that it sounds like it doesnt make you a good mom…..WOW….So if i said to you i spend 2000 on my daughters Christmas and because you dont sound to me like you are not a good mom….pretty much the same thing…or that I have bought a house for my daughter and you haven’t seems to me like you are not a very good mom… how does that make you feel…….wake up she is not at the childs beck and call or has to do what her ex husband wants her to do….she has a life with a New Husband and as any Good Mother would do has included her Daughter in their lives as I have seen some people Not do this……..Have a great Day…..

  38. Joey Leblanc Joey Leblanc says:

    I feel bad for the daughter you’re talking about. This kind of attitude is going to make her feel left out and unwanted. Your ex is in the right in my opinion, if you plan a family trip, include all of the kids or don’t go, what you’re proposing isn’t fair at all.

  39. Lauren Woods Lauren Woods says:

    My husband’s 11 year old daughter is my daughter. She comes on all family trips. The only one’s she doesnt go on are when we do “mommy and daddy only” trips. It’s either all the kids, or none, no leaving any behind.

  40. Brian Emery Brian Emery says:

    Where’s the puke emoji face? I desperately need it. That’s a great way to make your child feel like shit. Even the way you wrote this. I couldn’t even imagine him this would feel…whether it’s your tome with the child or not when you’re planning this trip you should ask the father if they could go…if he said no that would be the only excuse in my opinion. That’s your child and they should feel as much of a part of both families! Because she is!!!

  41. She is still your child and she should be included. It was not her fault your relationship failed with her father.
    I dont understand why you would even have to get opinions from other when the common sense answer would be included your daughter.

    I really didnt like reading this post and all the “our” children statement. And for your husband now he should be accepting her as his own, she should be considered part of “our” children.

    I feel bad for your child.

  42. Seb Ker Seb Ker says:

    wow i re read this and im glad i did, congrats on being a selective asshole for which kid to bring on a trip, it came out of you. you should have not reproduced. just like every other brain dead sudbury girl

  43. I think it’s fair you’re able to have multiple trips!
    I get no trips. Just the justification that I pay rent and bills.
    Take the time for yourself please

  44. Kyle Joly Kyle Joly says:

    All I keep wondering is how old is this child……I hope she is one tough cookie and does not figure out this post…..Cause if she does it’s going to be a rough one to swallow….I hope she realizes what a piece of shit of a mother you really are…..why would you even consider not taking a child with you on a trip when “you other family”is all going, shame on you!!!!!

  45. Natalie Roy Natalie Roy says:

    I can’t believe i just read this wow

  46. After all the comments I’ve read here I’m curious as to what your decision will be ??? And also my question is how does your current husband feel about all this ???

  47. Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

    For all of you out there who are saying there’s nothing wrong with her wanting this trip alone with her new husband, especially if it’s a logistical situation. Here’s what a real man does? Hey bio Dad I am going to take the kids to Wonderland on a weekend that’s yours because I can get the time off work. I want to include my step kids, aka your kids, mind swapping weekends. Bio Dad yes of course the kids would love that. It’s called putting the kids first and apparently a bunch of you parents out there should try it.

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Scott Seguin you are assuming that this mother didn’t do that and are ignoring the info that was provided…
      ONE trip out of six she would like it to be her current husband and kids without the older child and everyone is accusing her of being a horrible mother because of it…really???

    • Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

      Jen Stone yes really. Because it doesn’t matter if your family evolves you don’t leave out your previous children. They are a part of your family. To think otherwise is a disgusting attitude. Completely selfish of both parents and if the children have a problem with it it’s probably because they’re learning it from the parents. The father should clearly have sole custody. since he’s the only one who understands that the child needs come before anybody else has. If you don’t get that then you really shouldn’t have kids.

    • Nat Viau Nat Viau says:

      there’s almost certainly another solution here which doesn’t involve having her heart broken by her very own mother.

  48. Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

    Seems like the father knows more what it means to be a parent and put children first then you do. Just give him sole custody and move on with your new husband and kids. You already want to abandon her so why not just do it completely, instead of half assing it. I really hope this is a troll and the mother isn’t really this stupid.

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  50. Honestly yes, you are in the wrong. ‘I only want to go with my husband and our children’, She is one of your children? If you don’t see how its wrong to outcast her, and dont see how its wrong to say something along the lines of ‘i only want to go with my husband and our children’, then theres a problem within yourself you need to address.

  51. Karl Puiras Karl Puiras says:

    Lawl, so much bleeding heart rage. News flash, life isn’t fair, and she said he does it with his new family too. Rather hypocritical. Try living poor, where there were almost no trips lol like fuck off all of yas 😉

    Likely a shitpile of missing information but all you bitches read the first two lines and went into full on inflammed mammary mode. Calm the tatas bahahahaha

  52. Reading this made me feel so sad for that little girl…..horrible.
    “Sorry baby girl you can’t come on this trip it’s for mommy and her new family only”
    ^^^that’s heartbreaking

  53. Yes you never leave your child be hide .. bring the other ones that’s not fare at all so I think your ex got good reason be upset with u

  54. Shawn Topple Shawn Topple says:

    “Our” children is a horrible thing to say. Your child with your ex should be also considered part of “our children” have you talk to your child to see their thoughts maybe hey are the ones bring up the concern to their dad. If you’re saying “our children” to your current husband and your other child hears this they may feel like they are not part of your new family.

  55. Shawna Leah Shawna Leah says:

    Ok ,but ur kids with ur new husband , are not ur ex’s responsibility. Why would he wake ur kids with him on trips? That’s weird. However u are her mother and she is ur child. My oldest daughter goes with my boyfriend to trips if I have to work, he includes her as his own as does his family. If my child did live with her dad and not me, she would be coming wit me on all trips. I want her to have the same in life that I give her sister( since they both live with me I can do that) but it is upsetting that u want to exclude her from a family trip. She is ur family. Ur new husband’s kids are not ur ex’s responsibility. Only ur daughter . Yes she will go on trips with his wife or his family. But I’m sure if ye brought ur new husbands kids , that new husband would be mad. He chose to have kids with a woman who already had one. U decided to bare children knowing u had one already. So yes as her mom u should take her on all trips. She is ur daughter. When my ex did things with his new gf and her kids , his daughter who is his flesh and blood was excluded. That is a humiliation to know that other kids were more favored to go on this trip than she was. That’s shameful.

  56. Maybe it would be in this child’s best interest not to go? I’d worry about how she may be treated opposed to the others especially knowing she wasn’t welcome in the first place.? Just flip side of the coin?

  57. Kevin Pascoe Kevin Pascoe says:

    I can grasp where you’re comming from.. however, I believe your instincts have already answered your question, you’re just looking for someone to convince you they’re wrong.. If it were my childrens sister, I’d be bringing her too. It may just be 1 trip for you, but for her it could mean so much more down the line

  58. Wtf she’s your child you like the new family better or what? I’d never leave my daughter behind she’s everything to me

  59. If youre taking his kids then you take yours too. Dont make her feel isolated ..If no kids are going then have a good time away

  60. Wtffffff?!!!! You keep saying “our kids” like a new relationship and new family means you are wanting to erase YOUR DAUGHTER from your life?!!!!!
    You shouldn’t feel obligated, you should feel a motherly instinct to integrate your child from a previous relationship with the new family…… to become that family! Some women shock the shit out of me with their lack of maternal instinct and love. I’m glad she seems to have a father that gives a shit about her well being!!!

  61. I believe you should not at any time separate your child from the others……..I do not think the trips should be counted in numbers…..they are experiences to be shared… all the children…….

  62. She still your child .include her dont deserve her

  63. Sometimes life hands you disappointments. Learning how to deal with this is a great life lesson. Try talking with your child about it, and listen to them.

  64. Ummmm …. Wow !!! Are you for real? If your bringing your other children why would you not bring her too? She is your daughter isn’t she? She is part of your family isn’t she? What kind of mother would leave her child out of a family trip because she has a different father than her other children? Your ex has every right to shit on you and make you feel like the fall down mother you are. I could understand if just you and your husband were going but you’re other children are included in this why the flying fuck would you not take ALL of your children??? Wtf is wrong with you to make your child feel like she is not part of your new family???

  65. This makes me sick! Wow! Give this mother ,,,mother of the year award! Who singles out a child,,,this man she’s with is bad news,,,something sour in this relationship!

  66. Brenda Lynn Brenda Lynn says:

    Yes your ex is right !
    Your one child you had with your ex has his/her own grandparents, and your kids after the ex has theirs. But you are now a blended family. All children are equal. Until your first child is at that age where she can say, no thanks mom, I have plans, I’m not up to going, what ever, you should include her.

  67. Cory Holmes Cory Holmes says:

    Yes, you’re definitely in the wrong here…

  68. Lynn Feher Lynn Feher says:

    Mommy dearest… all your children are your family.. one family. You don’t have two.. your child has two. One with mom and one with dad.

  69. YES YOU HAVE TO BEING YOUR CHILD!!!!!!!! What kind of mother would even say such a horrific thing!?!??! what is wrong with you!!!??!?!?!?!

  70. Gary Julie Gary Julie says:

    I mean, no kids he’ll yeah enjoy the quietness.

    But to leave one child behind is ridiculous.

  71. Wow! You deserve to be shit on! You’re asking on fb if it’s wrong for you to choose your new family over your “old” family? How do you think that will make her feel? She’s still your kid. That’s a real douche bag move there mama. Would you be ok if your ex and his new family went on a trip and excluded your child? You’d probably flip shit! Grow up “woman”.

  72. Not cool, they are all your children, my heart breaks for her she should be included

  73. Cat Drouin Cat Drouin says:

    Yes you are in the wrong. Thankfully she has her daddy. Good God lady

  74. Ally Huard Ally Huard says:

    She’s still your child and your new husband should consider her as his own also.. this should of been done before you married him in my opinion. Going on a trip with “our children”?? Really like she’s not one of them because she doesn’t have the same biological father? Remember. She did not ask to be the odd one out. Your job is to make sure your new husband and yourself make her feel like just as much of part of the family as the others!!. I’m sorry this just hits home with me and I do feel for her. It’s not always easy having a split family but blood is not thicker than water. I consider my step families just as much of family as the blood relatives.

  75. Wow. You have a blended family. They are all your children. No child should be left out away from their siblings, you are fostering distance between them. As though some are better or more loved. Horrible.

  76. You’re the mother to all of your kids no matter their father. Taking your new family away and not including your other daughter is heartbreaking. Shows what you really think of shes an inconvenient reminder of the past that you don’t really want around you. Like you tolerate her but don’t love or enjoy her company enough to make her apart of your life all the time. Heartbreaking. I hope her step mom is nicer to her than you are and makes her feel wanted and loved..

    • Mary Smith Mary Smith says:

      Josée Addison I’m not sure missing one trip proves that at all.

    • Mary Smith the way shes talking about wanting to go with her husband and her kids clearly does

    • Mary Smith Mary Smith says:

      Josée Addison she has two families. It’s not wrong if she wants to take a trip separately. If she was taking her oldest child on a trip with her new husband, just the three of them leaving the others with family, people would be praising them. But since she wants one trip with her second family, she’s this horrible mother who doesn’t deserve to have kids.

    • She doesn’t have two families. She has one. She is the mother of all the children. Where are you getting two families from?? It’s wrong. Period. You don’t leave a child out of something because they don’t have the same father as your other children. It’s wrong. How a mother could even do that to her child is beyond me. Even if my husband and I divorced and I met another man, had children and we wanted to go on a family trip ALL of my children would be going. I would never leave one of them out. That’s bullshit.

    • Mary Smith Mary Smith says:

      Shannon McClaskin funny how you totally disregarded the other scenario I mentioned.
      If this mother wants to take a trip with each child individually she’s entitled to, if she wants to mix it up a bit that’s ok too. It’s even ok if she wants one trip without her oldest. She’s not a horrible mom for wanting that especially when she has other trips planned that include the oldest.

    • Mary I didn’t disregard anything. I simply stated that the mother doesn’t have two families. She has one.

    • As a mother you don’t take your ‘new family’ on a trip on leave out your other child from a previous relationship. How is that right? You’re right in saying if she wants to have a trip with each child individually she should. 100%. But if she just wants to take her new husbands children on a trip and leave her one child out it’s unfair and it’s wrong. There is literally no other way of looking at it. She is the mother to all those children. Why would any parent treat them otherwise ?

    • Mary Smith Mary Smith says:

      Shannon McClaskin in the end as the mom, she really doesn’t need to justify her actions to anyone including the ex.
      It’s not unfair. There are other trips planned that she will be included in, just not that one. It doesn’t mean she loves the child less, or is choosing her new family either.
      It would not be wrong if she planned a trip for her and her oldest child and not the other two would there be an issue with everyone?

    • Mary Smith at the end of the day she is the mother of ALL those children regardless of who the father is. If she doesnt want one child to go then all the children should sit out. As a mother of 4, I would never leave any of my children out. This mother isnt kind for even thinking of leaving one child behind.

  77. Blow me away!!!! That child is part of ur family.
    I grew up with divorced parents n my real father the spurm DONOR. He had children with another chick fucking spun bitch crazy lady!! Anyways…….
    They did this to my sister n i all the time left us out of everything his old family became a thing of the past n his new FAMILY became his world. They went on family trips n holiday n dinners n movies n lived life as if we where a total thing of the past!!! Christmas, birthdays, Easter, thanks giving my sister n i where left out or treated like we where last n where less we even ate diffrent meals then the rest of his family did my sister n i got cheap shit n cheap food n his new family got top of the line every thing and it was made clear to us our hole life we where gonna be SECOND n never his first. When really we where his first n should of been th same everything maybe even loved a little bit more then the other 3…. but no we where left to grow up beinh forgotten n left outta every thing!!!!!!!! It has been 20 years since i last showed my real dad any respect maybe even longer. My mom was left to work long hours n 4 jobs my step dad NOW HE WAS A MAN n stept in n rasied us as we where his own n he never looked bck we where his first n last n thats all that mattered to my step dad was that we had every thing n never went with out. I never go to spend time with my real mom cause she worked so hard so long n was gone all the time that to today my relationship with her is shit cause she was gone for so long i grew apart from her as well. My step dad worked hard n long hours to to make sure my mom n her girls had the world n we did.
    Blah blah blah what i am trying to say threw all this is……….
    If u want ur child to grew up to FUCKING HATE YOU N REBEL BAD keep doing what u r about to do n have been doing by the sounds of it. Remember she was first that girl tought u how to love n learn she was at one point of time ur first ur only when no one loved u she did n at the end of it all she will love u long after ur gone. Done leave her behind she would never leave you behind not EVEN that once!!! And ur new family should love her just the same!! She is not second n never should she be!! Leaving her behind i just dont get she is family she is ur blood ur baby i dont get how parents can do this.
    I no just how bad she is going to hurt if she finds out about this trip n not being part of it. N trust me she will find out about all the missed times she had n ur gonna look bad trying to explain why she was not there. Its as if u telling her she was not worth the time witch really by leaving her behind so u can enjoy ur new family sucks. I dont get how parents can do this????? N maybe i will never no. N if the step father is behind all this u need to dust his ass cause no father would leave a child out.

  78. Wow you’re a bitch for excluding your child it doesnt matter if shes not your husbands kid you still bring them, you have some big balls to post this

  79. Uhhh what??? I have a step son and he had issues (got him help and he’s older now) he still went with us on most of our trips when his mom let him! Yes sometimes I wish he would not go because of what has happened ( now I’m ok with it) but he’s always invited no matter what he’s my hubby’s son and now that his mom is out of the picture (she upped and moved to Hawaii with her other kids and that’s when he needed her the most she destroyed him and one day it’s going to come back to bite her in the ass) this is my opinion that but you should always invite all your children with you not just some but all unless it’s just you and your hubby! Just doesn’t seem right to me at all I be pissed off with you and this is how you create siblings rivalry and grudges against you later on who knows maybe all your children will turn against you for playing favorites.

  80. Kelsie Dawn Kelsie Dawn says:

    Honestly it’s your whole family or just you and your husband. The way I look at it is you are all family. A blended family. Family no less. It’s all or none in my opinion. Again that’s just how I personally feel about it.

  81. IF you don’t feel guilty for not bringing your child with you , you should and shame on you !!! ; If your child doesn’t want to go then you’re in the clear I guess. Either way I would feel horrible leaving behind my own flesh n blood.

  82. You talk like your daughter is not part of your “family”, you say our children and exclude your own flesh and blood, shame on you can’t wait till your daughter is old enough to realize how much you failed her

  83. Nothing wrong with going on a trip without children as long as it’s without any children, if you’re taking 1 child then all should be invited.

  84. You’re actually fucked. The child you have with your husband is STILL your child. You are basically showing her she isn’t part of the family you created with your current husband. You should have asked her to go. And if she declined the offer then that’s fine. But straight telling her and your husband she can’t go cause you are going with your “NEW” family is straight up fucked. You should seriously re-evaluate your parenting. You should be ashamed of yourself. Women like me, who can’t have children hate women like you who do shit like this. Fuck you. You don’t deserve that little girl. She deserves better than this and you know it!

  85. Wow, the child is still yours. This child will definitely resent you and your NEW family if you keep up with that. You might not think its an issue, but in your other child’s eyes she will feel unwanted and not worthy. Please include her because this will be one of those things that you will regret. Never ever should a parent exclude just include them all.

  86. For one how can you chose what child your going to leave behind? I have been a step mother and could never leave the child that wasn’t biologically mine behind. I think your ex should mind his business, but my opinion is far worse then what he complains about and I don’t even know you.

  87. Shannon Dawn Shannon Dawn says:

    That poor little girl 🙁 what does the stepfather say… that your daughter doesn’t deserve as much love and attention and “his” kids do? Nothing like singling a child out and making her feel like she is not worthy of your love and attention. No one is mother of the year, we all have our faults, but this is borderline neglect and mental abuse. How is that child treated daily is my question. Yucky “adults” I pray the father and his new wife are reading these comments and will take this little girl on the most fantastic trip of her own so she doesnt even know what she would be missing.

  88. He’s jealous!
    Go enjoy. I’m sure she’ll understand the difference between family trips.

  89. My question is why do you need a special relationship with your husband and your children? Why cant you have a special relationship with all your children and your husband? Do you take your child from a previous relationship on a special trip without her step-father and their half siblings? I have a half sister but she was always included as much as the courts and her mother allowed her to be. We never even called her our half sister as far as we were concerned she was simply our sister. Why create a divide in the family? Im not in your situation but I would really hope the you could reevaluate your situation and look at it from your child’s point of view. Also, have you spoken to your child? See what she thinks, without accusing her of being brainwashed by her father? You might see she might not want to go, or would be completely devastated. Make an informed decision not a selfish one. You’re a Mom the total definition of selfless. Unless this is a grown up trip to reconnect with your hubby or a friends weekend to re energize yourself for your family. Make this a family trip and include everyone.

  90. It 100% makes you a shitty mother. Your poor daughter probably feel like she’s not wanted and is being replaced by your “New family”. Put yourself in her shoes. How the hell would that make you feel?

  91. Jenna Lee Jenna Lee says:

    I say take her with you. She will def feel left out and it’s just not fair to her. She is part of your children even though you had her with your ex husband.

  92. Carly Verch Carly Verch says:

    This depends on the age for me if her daughter is too young to take care of herself and the others are old enough thats reasonable but if u don’t want your kid around that’s pretty brutal lol

  93. She didnt ask to be born …and will end up resenting u if u take your new family and not her.. you are her mother own it

    I was one of those kids. Forgotten.
    How dare u have a new husband and kids and make her feel as not a part of it. Everyone deserves hapoiness and glad u have found it I shouldve added that
    U have no idea how damaging it is I am 30 and still get mad at my mom for not being close with me ,and not in my own child’s life as much as I like. And I resent her for the years of begging for her to love me more. And my step dad just only now saying he loves me.
    U are gonna see one day. She’ll be out of the picture because she removed herself. From your negative outlook. I can’t believe u say. My husband and our children THOSE are her brothers or sisters.
    I’m actually sad for ur kids. All of them.
    Fuck u assbag

  95. Wow mother of the year award goes to you, as if you leave your child out of a trip just so you can enjoy it with your new family. If I was your daughter I would be telling a judge that I want to live with my Dad all the time.

  96. The fact that you even wrote it like that in the first place …

    “I want to go on a trip with just my husband and our children “

    Like wtf is the other one … the alien ? The random ? The unwanted ?

  97. Just give your kid to your old husband and stay out of her life you cunt!!!!!
    This poor kid!!!!

  98. Yup. If you even need to ask this question you do not love your daughter as you do your other two

  99. Gabby Davis Gabby Davis says:

    Yall are so mad about 1 freaking trip? If this child gets to go on as many trips a year as the OP is saying, then I dont see an issue with her not bringing the child the one time!! Maybe the OP doesnt have enough room in the vehicle? Yall need to get ya panties out of the bunch they are in! Saying you’ll take her to court and make sure you have full custody, just because of one trip… like wtf… clearly some people here need to grow tf up….. it’s literally 1 freaking trip….

  100. What the fuck. Yes you are a fucking idiot not to bring your other child.
    Just because she isn’t your new husbands daughter you are leaving her at home while bringing the other kids?
    Yes you are a fucking bitch. How do you think your daughter feels knowing you are bringing your other children but not her because she’s not technically your new husbands blood? Of course you are leaving her out.
    Now if you leave all the kids at home and just you and your husband leave then that’s a different story.
    But yeah, in your daughters eyes you are a cunt.

  101. Shes your fucking daughter!!!! Some people dont deserve to have kids when I would kill to just have 1.

  102. Mary Smith Mary Smith says:

    Lots of important information missing here to actually make a decision.
    With what you did say, I would suggest go on the trip and go guilt free.
    There are other trips and now is a good time for your kids to realize there will be times they can and can’t go.
    I just hope this doesn’t continue to become the norm.
    Build a separate relationship between all your kids, and you’ll be fine.

  103. Adam Secondi Adam Secondi says:

    Hes just pissed cus he doesnt want to watch her so hes guilt tripping u into thinking u dont spend enough time with her

  104. I’ve had that happen to my daughter! My ex (her dad), his gf and her kids went on a trip without her. I was NOT happy about it because yes even though the other 2 are older than my daughter it doesn’t mean you leave her behind. Those are memories that she will never have. I know my daughter knows about it (even though I waited a long time before mentioning it but she already knew at that point) and she tried to make it look like it don’t bother her…I can tell it does. I mean how would you feel if you were a kid again and your mom and her “new family” went on vacation without you? In the end it’s your choice but I’m just letting you know what our experience was having this done to us.

    • Joanne Labelle yeah. It’s bullshit. Just because she’s not her new husbands. That poor kid is all I can think about

    • Jodi Galick Jodi Galick says:

      Spot on Joanne Labelle!

    • Jodi Galick check out the reply on my comment! Like really?? Big difference? Being left out is left out. Even if its just ONCE.

    • Jeff Monette Jeff Monette says:

      Joanne Labelle before you start throwing your kids dad under the bus, maybe you should give people all of the facts. I didn’t bring her on our tropical vacations because she is a very fussy eater and I know there’s no way she would eat the food there. I’m sorry, but I will not starve my daughter for a week. Maybe talk about the trips we did take her on with our family, like Canada’s Wonderland or Niagara Falls. Once again, make sure you’re giving people the WHOLE story, not just the parts you want them to know about.

    • Mary Smith Mary Smith says:

      Jeff Monette women like her always fail to give all the information.
      Glad you defended yourself!

    • Jeff Monette Jeff Monette says:

      Mary Smith thanks, but I don’t think the “women like her” is necessary. She is a good mother. I know she (and my daughter’s step-dad) only want the best for her, and we have all managed to co-parent together. I don’t believe her post was meant in a malicious way, she just left out a few details that are relevant to the topic of discussion.

    • Mary Smith Mary Smith says:

      Jeff Monette if that were true then why was your first sentence “before you start throwing your kids dad under the bus”? That’s a very defensive comment to something that you don’t think was meant in a malicious way?

    • Jeff Monette ya it really wasn’t meant in a malicious way. And you’re right you have brought her on other trips.

    • Mary Smith it’s really none of your business how he and his ex talk to each other . You don’t know these people . Go read a book

    • Jeff Monette Jeff Monette says:

      Mary Smith it’s an expression that is widely used today. You’re right, perhaps I could have worded it differently. I was just trying to bring light to the fact that leaving out certain details can have a negative effect. In this case, it made it seem as though we didn’t want to bring her with us, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

  105. Whatever happened to blended family cause that’s what this is…she shouldn’t be made out to be the child that noone wanted her around…sorry but u asked

  106. WOW… “our children?”.. your husband would be the step dad, so she is also part of being YOUR CHILDREN. Nothing like singling her out, or making her feel like an outsider to your new family. Shameful..

    • Shawna Larose some people!

    • Vanessa Lewis yup.. at first didn’t seem like a big deal.. but emphasizing “only her husband and their children” just seems to make her daughter seem like a burden, and not included the the new family, just an addon they wish they didn’t have.. I mean, could have totally come out wrong, but maybe she should have reread before posting, and really reflected on how it sounds. If I was that daughter and saw this, I’d be so incredibly hurt..

    • Shawna Larose agreed… one thing to be going by themselves (husband & wife) which is understandable for not bringing her daughter (as the other kids would not be joining) but this is mind blowing

  107. They are your child. A part of you, why would you leave her behind

  108. Susan Boese Susan Boese says:

    Do the right thing! There are many childless women who would love to have the “burden” of taking their child on a family trip, but will never know what that’s like!!

  109. I see it wrong that you want to take a trip without her and it just be your new children with your new husband.

    It would be a different story if one of the trips you planned let’s say to go to concert ( a date that you couldn’t control) that landed on her dads weekend and she couldn’t go. Then that not that wrong in my opinion.

    But it’s the way you say that you want to go on this trip without her and that it wasn’t a conflict of dates and access/custody.

  110. Tanya Werden Tanya Werden says:

    You don’t have to bring her on every trip. You’re entitled to vacation with just your husband. Parents are allowed to have lives separate from their children.

    • Tanya Werden she’s not talking about a trip with just her and her husband… she’s talking about a trip with her and her husband and their kids and not wanting to feel obligated to take her kid with them.

    • Tanya Werden Tanya Werden says:

      Carrie Sullivan Black hmm. I wonder how old the kids are. If that’s the case it doesn’t seem fair. Is it hers or her ex’s weekend with the child? If it’s her weekend then by all means she should include the child if not I dont know. We never took trips without our kids.

    • Tanya Werden I dont think the OP really mentions it in her post… I think what is rubbing people the wrong way is talking about how she doesn’t want to feel obligated to take her daughter with them. I think as soon as she said that, she turned a lot of people against her and I dont think it would have mattered if she’d specified whose time it was.

    • Tanya Werden Tanya Werden says:

      Carrie Sullivan Black lol. Probably. Can’t please everyone

  111. Shona White Shona White says:

    “Our children vs. Her.”
    Have you always been a stupid bitch?

  112. Oh gee well trust me your a awesome mom I try ed but we were so poor my boys didn’t go no where but it didn’t kill them lol there grown and strong and happy so why worry about what other people think

  113. Tim Babin Tim Babin says:

    agreed judy he is being chidish!

  114. Sam Budge Sam Budge says:

    If it’s not your weekend with her and she’s at her dads then I really don’t see anything wrong with this at all?? It’s not like you’re leaving her out every single time. So if me and my new boyfriend have a baby together and the daughter I have right now is at her dads for the weekend and we go somewhere without her, that makes me a bad mom? Am I missing something here ?

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Sam Budge According to the responses on here…they would say yes but I don’t think you would be…
      You brought up a good point about the trip happening during the time when it’s not her time to have her…

    • Al Manion Al Manion says:

      If the exclusion is indeed because of a logistical issue, specifically the daughter is with her dad rather than with her mom during said trip, I agree completely with you that it’s a non-issue. But the way that the post is written suggests that this daughter is being excluded from a family trip and that’s why the ex-husband is raising a stink about it. If they’re planning a trip and excluding the daughter, and mom is telling the ex husband saying we’re going on a trip can you watch her for the weekend, then there’s a big problem. And as far as I can tell from the way the post is written the latter is the case. Otherwise the ex-husband has no right to be getting involved getting upset because it’s his time with the daughter.

    • Al Manion Al Manion says:

      The way the post is written reeks of the mother basically saying I want time with my new family and my old family is not invited.

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Al Manion heaven forbid if her other kids deserve to have a relationship with their mother without the half sibling…
      That’s a great way to cause issues between all the kids…

    • Al Manion Al Manion says:

      Jen Stone my argument is simple. Why not have that time with her other kids when the daughter from the first relationship or marriage isn’t there and with her dad. Why can’t you trip be planned under those logistical circumstances rather than making the daughter feel left out and the ex having to take a stance where he has to defend his daughter’s feelings.

    • Sam Budge look who’s talking?
      Your boyfriend is a loser skid. How many different guys is this for the year?
      Three or 4?
      Your poor daughter is so confused.
      Close your legs and settle down for your daughters sake.
      That poor kid is going to be so messed up.

    • Sam Budge and the point is she is not bringing her because it is not her current husbands daughter.
      It is not because it is his weekend. Learn how to read and close your legs.

    • Al Manion there we go. It is really to bad this chick is to dumb to get it.
      Probably pounded dumb by to many different cocks.

    • Jen Stone do you not understand she is planning a trip only to leave her child out?
      You and this Sam broad are the only one who disagrees with everyone.
      Hmmmmm!!! Are you both just as fucked?

    • Sam Budge Sam Budge says:

      Cole Calpstone don’t recall saying I disagree. Whoa you’re bored silly eh you poor thing.

    • Sam Budge Sam Budge says:

      Cole Calpstone behind your fake account. Bet you’re hung like a hamster too

    • Al Manion Al Manion says:

      It’s a difference of opinions. I see it a certain way and others see it another way. From my experience of having joint custody, I have certain feelings about it. Doesn’t make them lesser people even though I disagree with them. There are many things Jen and I have agreed about, and many we haven’t. This is one I feel particularly strong about because of my own situation.

    • Al Manion Al Manion says:

      It’s a difference of opinions. I see it a certain way and others see it another way. From my experience of having joint custody, I have certain feelings about it. Doesn’t make them lesser people even though I disagree with them. There are many things Jen and I have agreed about, and many we haven’t. This is one I feel particularly strong about because of my own situation.

    • Sam Budge Sam Budge says:

      Al Manion. Very mature, manly response and choice of words. Everyone is going to have an opinion on this. And not everyone is going to agree. I really couldn’t care less if she takes her daughter with her or not. But just by reading the post i wasn’t understanding why everyone was saying that the father should have full custody etc.

    • Sam Budge hey bitch!!!! You are in the same boat.
      New boy toy after new boy toy over and over again.
      Your poor daughter is going to need therapy with all the “roll models” in and out of her life.
      I feel for her you bitch.
      You are like 40. Let’s go clubbing and bring home a new dude monthly. You make me and many others sick and your family is very disappointed in you I bet.

    • Sam Budge Sam Budge says:

      Roll models or role models? Just checking.

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Al Manion exactly we can disagree without it turning into insults and immaturity…
      I do see your point…but I’ve seen others make observations that I didn’t consider…
      Much like you…I am going by what was said and I honestly don’t see anything wrong with one trip being planned without her…
      It wouldn’t be any different if a parent planned a trip with one child…and another trip with the other…
      As long as mom is doing things with the oldest child as well…then it’s not the end of the world…

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Cole Calpstone actually I’m sure there are more…but won’t admit it because they have seen the petty attacks from those who believe otherwise…

    • You two couldn’t find a compelling argument so you just kinda settled for personal attacks here? I know none of you and as a total outsider looking in you both come across as more fucked than the girl on her self reported 5th man.

    • Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

      Jen Stone the award for the most fucked-up comment I’ve ever read goes to

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Al Manion Not that I think it should matter…but maybe it couldn’t be planned that way??? Or maybe it was and the dad’s being a dick about it???
      Maybe the trip isn’t appropriate for the other daughter??? Maybe it’s a family get together on the current husband’s family side that really doesn’t have anything to do with the older child???
      Who even says the daughter feels left out??? Again it could be the dad being a dick…

      This speculation could go on forever because a lot of key info isn’t given…but do I think this mom should be told the things she has??? I don’t believe so…

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Scott Seguin why because it’s true but no one has the nerve to say it???
      I wouldn’t want my half sister around on all my family trips…
      Hell even anamosity happens between siblings that live together so why should this be any different…

    • Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

      Jen Stone something is not quite right with you

    • Jen Stone what the fuck? It is he full blown daughter. Not a half child to her. You two are fucked up. Do you not realize you are the only two out of 300 comments….. both of you get help.

    • Sam Budge Sam Budge says:

      Cole Calpstone coward

    • Sam Budge Sam Budge says:

      Cole Calpstone coward

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Scott Seguin WOW that’s real mature…but it explains a lot…
      Keep telling yourself that Scott…you might actually believe it one day…

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Sam Budge he’s probably related to Scott…

  115. She’s your kid… if you’re bringing the others you should bring her aswell

  116. Oh jesus christ people. I missed out on many family trips as a kid because the trip sometimes landed on weekends that my dad was home so I went to stay with him. I missed out on Marineland, trips to Toronto, and mt mental health was not damaged. I’m perfectly fine. And while we were talking about their trip ans how much fun they had, I was talking about what me and my dad.

    • Shannah Williams that’s totally different

    • Cole Calpstone I didn’t get that feeling. Sounds to me like the kid is already going on several other trips this summer. Missing one isn’t going to hurt. My mom used to bring my siblings on trips without me because I went to my dads every other weekend. They used to go to Marineland and Jay’s games and whatever else. Didn’t kill me. I’m still alive and well. Didn’t affect me mentally

    • Cole Calpstone how does that song go? You can’t always get what you want. I’ve taken trips without my daughter and she’s gone to her dads. But in all fairness she would have been miserable in Elliot Lake at my mother in laws house lol. I was miserable there. However, I do try to include her in all of my overnight trips.

    • Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

      Tara Major that’s exactly what I was thinking. You can clearly see it effected her in many ways. She’s just in denial. Therapy isn’t cheap Shannah Williams but I recommend it.

  117. Adam Laporte Adam Laporte says:

    Wow that’s sad poor Lil one all she’s gonna wonder is why they can go but not her not cool

  118. But she is also your child… Ugh.

  119. Wow…your child. Flesh and blood with an ex husband and you don’t include her? How can you do that to your own flesh and blood. A child, that I’m interpreting as you gave birth to this child, and you don’t want her to come?

    **Edit to add: by the way even if she didn’t give birth to her, it’s still her child. Step children matter just as much as bio children**

    Way to tell your child she isn’t loved is to exclude her from a *family* trip.

    You really don’t know the meaning of family do you. As a mother of 5, one who lives on his own and all grown up I still include him or invite him to all family gatherings, I even got him an Easter basket for this weekend. He’s all grown up but he is still from my womb, that’s my blood, my son.

    I can’t even imagine doing that to my grown child, I can’t even begin to imagine how your baby girl feels about what you just did to her. Forget the ex husband, he isn’t the problem – you are.

  120. She was your child before and she still your child now whats the matter with you ,its not suppose to be out with the old and in with the new. Your not talking about your ex its your daughter. Think of her feelings stop being selfish.

  121. Marcy Lynn Marcy Lynn says:

    She IS one of your children and should be included in ANY family activities.

  122. I am in disbelief of this post. You could have 5 kids with 5 different men, but they are ALL your kids and to exclude one, is low bawling it. Im not in your shoes but if I were, NONE of my kids would be left out. That child will rebel and you will be to blame if you exclude her. Anyways, at the end of the day, you will be the one to decide.

  123. Brea Dlj Brea Dlj says:

    Seriously I would not feel quilty at all ..he needs to quit drilling things in her head ..nothing wrong her staying with her dad while you go away ..if he can do it so can you ..hes being an idoit..

  124. Mandy Roy Mandy Roy says:

    Don’t let her feel like the black sheep when she isn’t. I spent most of my life feeling like I didn’t fit in with family. It’s a horrible feeling. Don’t exclude her. She will never forget it

  125. Kiara Hagen Kiara Hagen says:

    She is your child and your new husbands child.. if you don’t consider her part of your new husband and yours family then maybe her dad should have full custody.. think of how your child feels when you say “no you can’t come I’m going on a trip with your step dad and step siblings but not you because you aren’t his child” that’s so fucked up.

  126. Ashley Smith Ashley Smith says:

    Don’t bring her! She deserves better than you. You’re right for feeling like a shit mom.

  127. All or none, cancel the trip

  128. I feel bad for you for all the negativity people on this page are throwing at ya. You have every right right now to feel bad and ashamed the way you do. I think it’s completely a normal feeling that all good moms n dads would have. It sucks that everyone says think about the girl.. but if it’s really not a possibility for her to come.. then maybe her bio dad can set something up to do something fun the weekend your away. Not just that… if she’s old enough and yous 2 are clearly moved on into separate lives then explain to her that the trip your going on she’s not able to attend. It sucks and it’s hard to say that to your baby but it is what it is. This won’t be the only altercation in your lives so best start preparing for it now. She needs to learn and so does everyone else. Your now in 2 separate families and with that their will be some sacrifices.. hope I’m explaining myself wright.. Sorry to anyone this offends but it’s just my point of view. Either way kids on both sides will suffer but make up for it and include her the most you can.

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      DiCarlantonio Angie you made some really good points and I agree with you…

    • Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

      DiCarlantonio Angie I think you missed a whole paragraph of that original post. It’s not that the child can not go, it’s that she is purposely excluding the child to go on a trip with her husband and “their kids” which is another way of excluding my child in the way she writes.

  129. Leo Bigras Leo Bigras says:

    If you’re bringing your other kids then yes, you’re a POS.

  130. Mary Smith Mary Smith says:

    Look at all the insecure double standard hens on here getting their feathers ruffled.

  131. You, your new husband, and ‘your’ kids?…..WTF is wrong with you……your ex is right….shame on you!!!! Why would you exclude the child you had with your ex…….you are a terrible mother for even considering that.

  132. Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

    I’m shocked at all of you calling her a bad mom…

    It sounds like the daughter with the ex gets to go places alone without bio mom and step siblings…but they aren’t allowed the same???
    How is that fair???

    It’s ONE trip…she’s not doing EVERY trip like this…

    If my ex wanted to do this with our daughter…I wouldn’t make an issue out of it because his other family would have every right to plan trips without our daughter…
    It wouldn’t mean he loves her less…

    • Jen Stone I feel so sorry for your daughter.

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Cat St Martin although you’d be wasting your time…that’s ok because I feel sorry for your animals…

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Cat St Martin although you’d be wasting your time…that’s ok because I feel sorry for your animals…

    • I’m not sure if Dad has other kids… If he doesn’t, the difference is bio mom has other kids and is excluding her own child..

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Lynda Presse Martin her other kids deserve to have a trip with their family without the step sibling as I’m sure she does without them…
      It’s ONE trip…it’s not the end of the world…

    • And if the daughter lives full time with the mom and step dad and step siblings? Is it ok to you for this woman to send her child away for a week so they can all go away without her? Cause as a child of divorce, I can 100% tell you that either way, that girl will grow up with acceptance issues.

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Eliza Beth May I don’t think one trip out of 6 is going to make that much of an impact…
      Now if mom excluded her first child ALL the time then I would say she’s in the wrong….

    • Jen Stone she is still part of the family and shouldn’t be treated any differently, what is this step sibling, no where in the post does it say step, the mom calls them our children….. My two boys have different dads and never have I called them half brothers, they are just brothers..

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Lynda Presse Martin omfg…yes it’s a half sibling…I’ve gone back and changed it…
      Again…it’s one little trip…no biggie…

    • Shawna Leah Shawna Leah says:

      Jen Stone her ex has no responsibility to her children with her new husband. It would be awkward if her ex said “by the way can I take all ur kids with me on a trip too” . I wouldn’t let my ex take my daughter with him. He has no responsibility for her as she isn’t his child. None of her kids are her ex’s problem. The kid that they share however is the mom’s responsibility . Why would u exclude her from any trips. She is ur. I’d take her yes. But why would I let me ex take my kids with him and his wife. He has no ties. My ex’s daughter goes places with her mom and her siblings her mom has with another man. But I wouldnt expect her to take my daughter with them. It’s not her responsibility. But I include his daughter and invite her to things all the time. I accept her as family obviously because she is my bfs daughter . Obviously because I want her to feel included. Bottom kid decides if the parents split and if the parent can, they should always include all their children

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Shawna Leah you read my post wrong..if my ex was married and started another family and wanted to spend one trip with his other kids and not take ours…I would not have an issue with that because I’m not that petty or selfish…

    • Tara Major Tara Major says:

      Jen Stone this is so different lol….the way this MOTHER describes the situation. It’s clear she’s sick of this child and wants her new family. It’s disgusting

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Tara Major if that were true…then why has the mother planned 5 other trips that her daughter is included in???
      That doesn’t sound like a mother sick of her oldest child to me…

  133. So when all is said and done to answer your question yes you are in the wrong your child is your child and if you were bringing no child it would be different

  134. U take one u take them all. U should be ashamed that poor child of urs will suffer the rest of her life with the attitude u have she came first and should always come first

  135. Dennis Lopez Dennis Lopez says:

    He can suck your lady weinerschnitzel! Period

  136. Lisa Grande Lisa Grande says:

    Well you put it out there and got some harsh comments… Here’s how to look at it, you are sitting around your supper table with everyone and you and the others start talking about the great time you had on this trip. The one that was left out just sits there and listens to the stuff she was not included in and will probably feel like an outsider because she was treated as such. Children don’t count the trips they went on but they will remember the ones they were excluded from and left behind . I am sure you will figure it out and do the right thing for all your loved ones .

    • Amy Welch Amy Welch says:

      i see your point but also remember when she goes with her father and the others have not they also have to sit there and listen to where she went with her other family and they may feel like outsiders as well,,,,shoe fits both ways

    • Lisa Grande Lisa Grande says:

      Amy Welch it does but we have to remember we are only getting one side of the story also… I try not to judge and hope everyone involved looks at the bigger picture for all the kids sakes… It is just my little opinion in a world full of too much unnecessary drama… With alot of blended families now a days it is harder to know what the right decision is…I only know what I would do.

    • personally as a mom, I couldn’t bring myself to leave one of my children behind. Package deal.

  137. This was understandable up until you said you were bringing your other children….. now you’re just an asshole.

  138. This post would be less repulsive although still disgusting if you were to be the step parent. You’re ex has a handle, you, are off of it

  139. Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

    Nope you’re not a shitty mom…
    You are entitled to this trip especially if she gets to go on trips without her step siblings why can’t they have one without her???

    Now if you were constantly leaving her behind or out of the trips with you/new hubby/step siblings then I would agree but you stated it’s not…

    Hopefully you have trips alone with her without the step siblings too though…

    Take the trip and enjoy…don’t let the ex guilt you…

    • Al Manion Al Manion says:

      Jen Stone I think you touched on an important point… She has trips without her siblings “with her grandparents and the ex and his new wife”. By the sounds of it she doesn’t take her on trips just the two of them, and that’s what everyone is keying on on… That she’s not being included as part of the “new” family when the opportunity arises

    • Exactly Al Manion .

      Does the mom take her daughter on trips alone without her other children from with new husband ? If not then, its wrong.

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Al Manion but she’s not stating that though…
      She stating that there’s one trip that she wants with just her “new family”…that truly isn’t that horrible…

      As I stated in my comment if she’s not doing things alone with their daughter alone then yes that’s not fair but that’s not what I’m getting from the post…

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Fanning Jessica that I agree with you on Fanning…but that’s not what I’m getting from this post…

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Fanning Jessica that I agree with you on Fanning…but that’s not what I’m getting from this post…

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Fanning Jessica that I agree with you on Fanning…but that’s not what I’m getting from this post…

    • Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

      Jen Stone the way your wording that’s the way it’s worded that is one drip she wants to do with her “new family.” I’m sorry but if that’s the case it’s wrong. There are many different situations that I can include the child being excluded that would be suitable, forgivable and acceptable. But to actually use the words you’re not welcome because you’re not part of our new family is wrong on every single level. it doesn’t take a psychology degree to figure that out. And if you think that’s okay then you’re a shity person and I pray to God you don’t have kids.

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Scott Seguin NO WHERE my words included does it say or have I used the words “you’re not welcome because you’re not part of our new family”…
      By the OP STATING she has 5 other planned trips where the older sibling is involved proves that she IS a part of the current family but that’s being ignored…
      It’s not a “new family” it’s a new husband which could mean several things…

      To be honest…if the roles were reversed and this was my ex planning one overnight trip with his new wife and their kids…I would be supportive because it’s not all about “our” child…
      They deserve to have their family time too and I wouldn’t be a shitty person by making him feel guilty for it either…

  140. Judy Lee Judy Lee says:

    All I have to say is wow!!!! I take my kids and my step kids on trips , it has happen where my older step kids couldn’t go as they choose to stay home and study as they were in university, but I would never do that to my children or step children ! My ex has taken just his new wife and her daughter with out inviting our children cause he said they are going on a family vacation and they already went with me so he didn’t have to take them and that really hurt them!!! Rightfully so
    you don’t want to take your child from your first marriage and only your new children and husband that is fine and up to you!!! But you shouldn’t have that child at all cause you are not treating her like family remember it’s not their fault your marriage did not work out so stop punishing them

  141. I hope this thread is a reality check for OP.

  142. Dave says:

    The child will feel like the odd kid out if she is not included. Read your last question “Why can’t I have just this 1 trip to be with my husband and our children together?” and think how you would feel if your daughter read it???

  143. Al Manion Al Manion says:

    You’re making me miss my son even more right now. Holy fuck. In two and a half years I’ve only gotten a sitter twice, and I feel horrible for it. Every moment I have with him is an important memory, and every time I leave him behind I feel like a shitty dad.

  144. This is fucked up on so many levels, she is still your child, maybe you dont deserve her

  145. Wade Ramsay Wade Ramsay says:

    Can’t believe you posted that

  146. If you feel shitty about doing it , then you probably shouldnt be doing it ?
    Just because she’s a child from a previous relationship doesnt mean she should be excluded from family trips or anything to do with family .
    She doesnt stop being your daughter just because you had more children with a man who isnt her father . That’s not how it works . Not now . Not ever .
    When a person marries a person who already has children those children become theirs as well . It’s not our children vs this other mans child .
    What you’re doing is selfish and ridiculous. If you keep this up it’s going to seriously mess with your daughter.
    You had a family before you met this other man & you dont get to forget your children because you have more by a different man .

  147. Yes totally wrong. It’s like doing a family Christmas card and leaving the child out. Shameful

  148. Andrew McNeillie exactly what I was thinking

  149. Carie Adams Carie Adams says:

    Wow if I was your ex I’d be taking you to court so I could have my daughter with me and you could have all the trips you want with just your new family! Your absolutely wrong and your daughter will remember this!

    • Wade Ramsay Wade Ramsay says:

      Carie Adams Good call

    • Carie Adams Carie Adams says:

      it’s insane! I don’t even understand it! My husband and I are separated and even the thought of not treating my children the same as any new children with someone else makes me so sad! My kids are my world, and their dads world! I hope she reads all these comments and shapes up to be the mother her child deserves and if her new husband doesn’t want her child to come along then she should be reconsidering her choices in men as well!

    • Carie Adams Carie Adams says:

      it’s insane! I don’t even understand it! My husband and I are separated and even the thought of not treating my children the same as any new children with someone else makes me so sad! My kids are my world, and their dads world! I hope she reads all these comments and shapes up to be the mother her child deserves and if her new husband doesn’t want her child to come along then she should be reconsidering her choices in men as well!

  150. Eric RB Eric RB says:

    Obligated ? It is still YOUR child… don’t leave the kid behind….

  151. So… theres your answer… yes you ARE IN THE WRONG

  152. Tracy Riddle Tracy Riddle says:

    I’m a step mom and would never leave anyone behind. Everyone is part of the discussion for trips and have a say. I’m not saying it’s wrong but I don’t think this is building a family bond if any one child is excluded.

  153. umm yes you are a shitty mom our and new husband umm news flash she is apart of the “our children” club. and ger father has every right to call you out on it bc im guess he is noticing alot of “our children” time. aweful! i can inly imagine how your daughter must feel. indont know how old she is but if not yet a teen dont be surprised if she becomes a rebelious one and the only person to blame is you and your new husband as he is an adult and should also know better.

    • Yea let’s get rebellious cause her mother didn’t take her on a trip.. shame on everyone for making her feel like shit! She’s obviously struggling with the situation and is asking a brauder audience for help. To disagree is one thing but to list and point things out and claiming she’s a shitty mother.. u know nothing about this girl! Keep your rude ass comments to yourself!

    • DiCarlantonio Angie she asked and we spoke and no its not a good reason to be rebellious but if this is how she is made to feel not among the our children clan it does lots to a childs mind. I have a feeling no proof that the father isnt upset over this one trip by what she said as he wouldnt know what their summer plans are i feel its more then one time the little girl has been excluded. if you ask for an opinion yoi should be able to hear it. i cant say im rigt or wrong im just a human being and i feel like that isnt a proper decision for the mom to be making. but thank you for your intrest in my response. have yourself a great day

    • DiCarlantonio Angie she asked and we spoke and no its not a good reason to be rebellious but if this is how she is made to feel not among the our children clan it does lots to a childs mind. I have a feeling no proof that the father isnt upset over this one trip by what she said as he wouldnt know what their summer plans are i feel its more then one time the little girl has been excluded. if you ask for an opinion yoi should be able to hear it. i cant say im rigt or wrong im just a human being and i feel like that isnt a proper decision for the mom to be making. but thank you for your intrest in my response. have yourself a great day

    • Mikey Jameus Mikey Jameus says:

      DiCarlantonio Angie kids get rebellious at lesser things than a trip with everyone but the kid…. cmon now… you live under a rock??

    • Mikey Jameus Mikey Jameus says:

      DiCarlantonio Angie kids get rebellious at lesser things than a trip with everyone but the kid…. cmon now… you live under a rock??

    • DiCarlantonio Angie uhmmm She called herself shitty. If she feels shitty, then she just answered her own damn question. Until you have a child that has gone through that, you don’t know the pain they hold. Starts with one trip, then more…Family pictures they are left out…I can go on! Like I said, saw my kid being devastated by this due her father and “step-mom”. She asked, we replied. Plain and simple!

    • Josee Khairallah i also throw the new husband under the bus with this because he is equally guilty in my opinion

    • Bonnie Michelle yep just like the step mom on my end. She even used my child to wake up my ex…then threw my child under the bus. Guess who stop talking to my child going on 2 years this coming July? Yup, her dad. Instead of asking, and talk it over, he chose to believe his ex!!! That’s exactly what’s going to happen here!

    • Josee Khairallah what so many people forget is that children grow up to be adults. they are born a blank slate and the adults in their lives write on it.

    • Bonnie Michelle I couldn’t agree more Bonnie! This whole “our children “ vs “ my daughter. She absolutely should feel like a piece of shit. Regardless of which marriage the child cane from they’re all HER children. And the new husband should be on board with this 100%. They should all be treated equally, and given equal opportunity.

    • Nat Viau Nat Viau says:

      DiCarlantonio Angie the rebellion happens as a last-ditch effort for attention. She’s been taught that whatever she’s been doing up until that point wasn’t good enough for mom and new family. Drastic times call for drastic measures….

  154. Sheri Wilcox Sheri Wilcox says:

    I don’t even know what to say. Maybe your ex should take you to court for full custody. How selfish can you be?? I hope your ex’s new partner is 3x the woman you are. You lady are a piece of work.

  155. This is heartbreaking. All you’re doing is making her question your love. She’s your child too, she deserves to be involved. She deserves to feel like she’s apart of your new family as well. This is just plain mean.

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Cat St Martin from what I understand…the ex husband goes on trips without their child so why can’t mom???
      It’s not like she doesn’t take the child at all…she even states 5/6 trips include the child…
      The other child with the new hubby deserves a trip without the step sibling as well…

    • @jen stone if the dad goes on a trip with just him and his wife, that’s fine. If the mom goes on a trip with just her and her husband, that is also fine.

      Going on a trip with your children, but excluding the one that doesnt belong to your new husband.

      Most certainly not okay . Theres a big difference here lady.

    • Jen Stone not sure how you think it’s the same thing?

    • Fanning Jessica I couldn’t have said it better myself!
      Jen Stone Excluding the step siblings is never okay! They’re apart of the family too. They’re kids not dogs. They see this and internalize it. They feel like they aren’t good enough and not welcome to the family. Even if it’s just one trip that girl is going to think “why don’t they want me there?” That’s sad as hell

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Cat St Martin OMFG it’s ONE trip!!!

      Why should the step siblings always have to have this daughter with them on trips when it sounds like she gets trips without them???

      I’d be pissed if my step sibling went on every trip with me…

    • Jen Stone girl. Why are you so heated about it? The little girl is apart of two families. Not the other kids. Step siblings should be seen as siblings anyway. End of story. Children shouldn’t be excluded just because they don’t belong to the new husband.

    • Is she getting trips alone with the mom though Jen Stone ?

      What happens with her dad isnt even a factor here.

    • “Step sibling always have to have this daughter with them ? ” Like read that out loud. You dont see anything wrong with what you just said.

      They are siblings period. They all have the same mom. And the mom should treat them as equals.

      The daughter isnt just a part time family member

    • Give your head a shake . Unbelievable.

    • Cat St Martin I think jen stone is the OP. Which is why her feathers are in a bunch . She didnt get the response she wanted .

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:


    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Cat St Martin I’m heated because this poor mom is being told she’s an awful mom because she is asking for ONE trip with her other kids when it really isn’t the end of the world…

      Are all the children being treated equally??? No they aren’t…
      The daughter from the ex gets to do things without her half siblings so why are they entitled to the same???
      When do the current children get to be a family without the other one tagging along all the time???

      And NO…I’m not the OP..

    • Jen Stone there is no other family for these children. All the children are one family. If the ex husband does something with his daughter that is separate. If the current husband does something with his children that is different. But the mother is the mother of all the children EQUALLY. And they should be treated as such. There is no ‘tagging’ along. If she is doing something with the current husbands children her other child should 100% be involved. If she wanted to do single dates with each child separately to spend time one on one that is different. But taking a ‘family’ trip but excluding one of your children is wrong. There is no trying to justify it. Period.

    • Jen Stone the very first line of the OP is “I’m ALWAYS getting shit on for not taking our daughter on trips”… doesn’t sound like this is the first time. You may shut up now.

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Shannon McClaskin sorry but if the roles were reversed…I wouldn’t have an issue with my ex taking a trip or two without our daughter because they need time alone as a family as well…

    • Shawn Topple Shawn Topple says:

      Jen Stone nameless? You LITERALLY used her name in a sentence lmao. The post says and I quote “I’m always getting shit on for not taking our child on trips” plural “trips” so that leads one to believe this has happened more than one time. It’s her kid she should take her on every trip if the ex is willing to let the child go. If the new husband doesn’t like it, fuck him he’s not worth it. A child should always be your priority. I say a child because that means his kids are also your priority as much as your own and vice versa!!

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Marie Emilienne lmao sort of like you did???

  156. I felt bad all the time when my brothers would say we are going to wonderland with dad . Without me . They once went to wonderland without me on my birthday . My dad has 5 kids and my whole childhood I felt like he really only had 4 . Now I know it’s not my brothers and my sister fault . But it doesn’t change the way your child will feel . My dad has 4 kids with someone he married after being with my mom . So I’m the oldest out of 5 but I still feel like shit

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Stephanie Marie thing is…she is asking for ONE trip out of 6…
      Is that really so horrible???

    • That’s still one trip that the other kids will remember for ever . And have things to talk about and will make the other kid feel left out , it’s different if she was going with just her and the husband . I never went on any of the trips with my dad and my siblings and I still feel it to this day . It doesn’t matter one of none it’s not far if you can’t afford to bring all your kids don’t talks any of them

  157. Lori Bodick Lori Bodick says:

    And your a mother!!!!! Give your head a fu#%ing shake.

  158. Probably best if you leave your daughter with your ex indefinitely you seem like a selfish person and your daughter would most likely be better off without your negativity and selfishness.

  159. Wow, don’t have kids if you want to separate them like that. They are all YOUR kids.

  160. She is your child too.
    Way to make her feel left out. Mom of the year goes to OP. Not.

  161. You are absolutely 1000000% wrong for wanting to leave her behind like she isn’t 100000% your fucking kid too you deranged woman.

  162. Sylvain Viau Sylvain Viau says:

    Wtf…. that child should be part of everything new husband new kids…new husband should accept this child as his own too even if the real father is in the picture…just wrong

  163. Kinda funny…if you and your ex never broke up and were still a family together would you leave your child at home alone to go on a trip!! Shes still youre child no matter what! You need to get yourself checked out cause this is not ok

  164. I cant even wrap my head around how the hell a mother would want to exclude one of her children because it’s from a past relationship if your that low of a person give the dad full custody because you are some kinda piece of shit !!!!!

  165. Pat Hallett Pat Hallett says:

    The other child should not be excluded I’m with the ex husband on this one and if the new husband can’t except this then he is a piece of shit like you are

  166. She came from your vagina! She’s gonna feel like you love your new family more than her. Take her to every trip, it doesn’t matter. Neglecting one child from a past relationship is wrong and shame on you for making a fuss. SHE IS YOUR CHILD. SHE STILL WANTS TO BE APART OF YOUR LIFE. Smh.

  167. Ok things child goes on 5/6 trips but your other children are involve in all 6….
    What if you and yer new hubby took this child on just 1 trip and left the others out on just one trip…partially fair.
    If not, then yeah I’d say you’re in the wrong…
    But I think you’ll do the right thing 🙂

  168. Yes you are wrong
    Regardless who the dads are The kids are ALL YOURS STILL!!! Your daughter is a package deal with your new husband and I can’t believe this is comming out of the mother’s mouth. Just wow

  169. I don’t get why you need to have a trip with your husband and your kids together. She’s still your kid ? If you birth 6 you have 6.
    I just don’t get it.

  170. Nat Viau Nat Viau says:

    She should never be made to feel like she has less of your love. She’s as much your kid as the others. Imagine how left out you’d feel! This would be traumatising for a lot of kids. Please take her along if you value your relationship with her!

    • Nat Viau i completely agree with you on that one!

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Her other kids deserve to have a trip with their mom without the step sibling…

    • Kris Parnell Kris Parnell says:

      Jen that’s not a step sibling though, the mom had that child, then additional children with new husband. That’s a half sibling, who is getting cut out of family activities for the sole fact they don’t share the same father.

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Kris Parnell you’re right it is half sibling but she is NOT be excluded from EVERY single family activity…
      It’s ONE trip…what if that trip was going to a family get together on her hubby’s side of the family…would the half sister be included when it’s really not her family???

    • Amanda Yaw Amanda Yaw says:

      Jen Stone family doesnt mean blood. If her new husbands family doesnt accept her as their own, they are assholes!!
      My boyfriends family accepted my daughter before we even had kids together. They not once never called her their granddaughter.

    • Amanda Yaw Amanda Yaw says:

      If the husband expects his wife to exclude her CHILD for a trip, she needs to find a new husband. Point blank.

    • Mat Caron Mat Caron says:

      Jen Stone when i met my wife her son became part of my family it’s the choice you make when you decide to enter a relationship with someone with kids so your reasoning is retarded

    • Jen Stone what???? Are you fucked?

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Amanda Yaw oh give me a break…
      It’s one trip…it’s not the end of the world…

    • Jen Stone it’s still her fucking daughter you stunned cunt.
      You must not have kids or have been spoon fed you full life

    • Jen Stone are you the fucking op trying to justify your mental behavior? You are fucked!!!!!!!

    • Amanda Yaw Amanda Yaw says:

      Jen Stone I’m sorry but I will not. As a mother i would NEVER exclude a child from a FAMILY trip. Whether they were mine or my boyfriends. If the trip is planned on dads week, then whatever, go on your trip, but if she is making her go to her dads so they can go on the trip, then please do the daughter a favour and sign your rights over to the dad!

    • Kris Parnell Kris Parnell says:

      uh considering its a blended family, if the husbands family has issues with his step daughter, find a new fucking husband!

    • Jen Stone how’s this. I’m a step child. My step father’s parents had me over for Christmas dinner every year. Every year they bought me gifts for my bday Christmas and even made efforts to be involved in my education graduation and support system as i grew.. why you may ask.. because their son.. My step dad… asked to be apart of my life. To do so you must act accordingly as a fucking parent. If he would of been just as spitfull and neglectful to my needs as a child as this woman and her new husband is to her first born he would of been shown the danm door.

    • If you choose to have a blended family you blend that family despite her new husband feelings of jealousy that she clearly produced a child with another man. He doesn’t want that memory that his wife slept with and has a child with another man. Is ashamed of it and now the mom is ashamed of her own kid. Filly disgusted with both of them and neither deserve to be parents. Wht if this was a step mother telling thr father to lose his child that belongs to another woman so that she can care for him and their kids only.

    • Mary Smith Mary Smith says:

      Stephanie Lamarche you are another one reading too much into this. Are you a mind reader?
      I didn’t read anything about a jealous husband anywhere.
      I did see a mom saying she has planned one trip with her family minus her oldest child. Just one.
      I don’t remember reading anywhere that she loves her first child any less than her other ones or that she doesn’t include her in anything at all. Sounds the opposite to me.
      Maybe to make this blended family work she needs this one trip to spend time with her other family?
      Obviously there is more than what was given in the post, but no where in there did it say she didn’t love her daughter.

    • Mary Smith what plant do you live on.. there is no other family there is one family thats it thats all an if you start making it a point to say there is two familys now in that one house old why not just tell the child she wasnt good enough so you had to start a new one … blended familys will never work as one unless you act as one … you dont center one out an tell her she cant do something or be apart of something bc you only want the new family .. witch for the record she did say .. she said how she wanted their children their family to go on the trip witch is telling this young girl that she is not apart of it

    • Mary Smith Mary Smith says:

      Jennifer Haywood I don’t live on a plant.
      Are there Coles notes for your comment because it hard to understand.
      I don’t remember seeing anything about witches?

    • I was that ‘step’ child in the past, who got left behind. It made me feel like I was worth less than my step dad’s family because I wasn’t related by blood. To this day, they still get treated better… They always will and they always get put first. There were times, I got included in things, but sometimes I was left out… And it made me feel less important to my mother than his kids were. I feel differently now and don’t really care. I cared then. I can only imagine how it feels if you’re related, but not included.

    • Nat Viau Nat Viau says:

      Jen Stone one trip left behind is one trip too many! Enter the shattered self-esteem.

    • Nat Viau Nat Viau says:

      Celina Marsolais I’m so sorry that happened to you!! I’m so hoping it doesn’t happen to this little girl too! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Nat Viau yes because bubble wrapping them against life’s disappointments is so very helpful in today’s society…

      OBVIOUSLY what happened to Celina is NOT happening to the child in this post…if it were then she wouldn’t be going anywhere at all…

    • Nat Viau Nat Viau says:

      Jen Stone I agree that bubble wrapping and helicopter parenting have proven to be huge failures. But if I can help save one child (not just mine, but anyone’s) from developing self esteem issues, an abandonment complex, and/or feelings of “never being good enough”, then please pass the roll of bubble wrap.

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Nat Viau you can’t protect kids from everything and it sounds like this child is definitely not going without…
      Kids are going to experience disappointment in life…shit happens and the sooner they experience that…the better…
      That way they can develop the coping skills…kids aren’t being helped when they are being coddled…

    • Nat Viau Nat Viau says:

      *see my previous reply.

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Nat Viau I’ve read it thanks…

  171. Yeah your in the wrong, your a waste, the child is yours doesn’t matter you found some new dummy, you are literally asking if you should include your first child, meanwhile your bringing other kids, maybe you shouldn’t of had kids if you need to ask Facebook about it…

  172. Maggie Bite Maggie Bite says:

    how could you…is this real…how do you differentiate your children

  173. Missy Woito Missy Woito says:

    Wow do you have resentment towards the child you have with the ex? This has my head spinning. You don’t deserve to be mothering that poor kid. If you exclude one, then exclude them all. Wtf is wrong with you. I don’t care how many trips you take her on, yoy take all the kids or none. I can’t believe this is even a question

  174. I feel like, part of you knows the answer to this question. Which is why you asked if you were wrong. I think excluding her, even once, is still excluding her.

  175. If you really want to make a child feel left out, you sure did it!

  176. Your a piece of shit if you think “your” daughter that you share with your ex husband isn’t a part of your new family… BRING HER .. my heart breaks for your daughter.. your ex husband is right!

  177. Yea if it’s your child than it’s your child. You do things as a family. That’s why they call it a family. You don’t get to choose between your kids. No you choose them all and you spread your legs no offence. So I’d say you include her in your trip. If not she will grow up thinking she did something wrong and that you think your new family is better than just her alone. So give your head a shake and think about it?

  178. JC Watson JC Watson says:

    Unless your child is now an adult, they should always be included in EVERY FAMILY event and let your child and ex decline if time lines don’t work when your child is with the ex. This is definitely a shitty way to raise a child. Kids are feel rejected easy enough during separation. They don’t need to ever feel intentionally alienated.

  179. Kyle St Jean Kyle St Jean says:

    Sort your shit with the ex or husband not shout out sudbury.

  180. Mat Caron Mat Caron says:

    Your ex is right …p.s quit being a selfish bitch and include ALL your kids

  181. I’d just let him have full custody at this point.. I can’t even wrap my head around the fact that this is definitely going to affect her mentally in the future.. she deserves so much better :(.

    • JC Watson JC Watson says:

      This poor child guaranteed feels her mother replaced her with a new family

    • I know, like I literally want to go and kidnap her lmao it’s just wrong in every single way it’s making me pretty sick to the stomach.

    • Jesus Christ!!! I come from a split home and my mom often went on trips with my little sister while I stayed home with my dad. My mental health is perfectly fine. Sometimes kids can’t always go on every single trip their parents go on when they come from split homes. That’s life. Better get used to it now.

    • Trina McColman you made it sound like kids suffer mental health issues when they get left behind. It’s 1 trip. It won’t kill the kid

    • Shannah Williams this is different you dumb fuck. She is bringing her other two children and dropping her other daughter behind. She is a complete cunt

    • ok so you’d be cool if your mom took your siblings on this cool ass vaca you’d just LOVE to go – but aren’t allowed because well, you didn’t come out of her new bfs sack? I think not.

    • Brian Emery Brian Emery says:

      Shannah Williams there’s tonnes of evidence that shows that children from ‘broken home’s’ affects them mentally…theres always exceptions and some people don’t even realize how it affected them. Just because it’s becoming more socially acceptable to some adults these days, it affect children the same as it always has.

    • Cole Calpstone my mom brought my sister, my brother, my brothers gf and my stepbrother to Marineland one year and I stayed behind with my dad. How is this any different?

    • My siblings went on trips with my mom and stepdad all the time without me, I’m fine. I didn’t care because my dad did enough with me to make my weekends awesome. This is no different.

    • Shannah Williams did you stay behind with your father by choice or because your mother told you she did not want you to go with her new family?

    • Natalie Belanger sometimes it was by choice, sometimes it was not. Sometimes the trips were planned before my dad knew his work schedule and because they would end up on weekends he was home, I had to go there because that was the deal my mom and him worked out. And if I didn’t go on that weekend, I would have gone 4 weeks without seeing him. I think it was around 50/50 where I got to go and couldn’t go. But, my dad always made my weekends fun when I couldn’t go. Like when they went to Marineland, I got to go to the Elliot Lake Drag Races. Or other little road trips. I enjoyed my trips with my mom, but my sister and I didn’t get along so sometimes I would just stay home with my dad so I didn’t have to be around her lol

    • Shannah Williams I think your situation is very different and I’m glad it worked out for you. I’m honestly bothered by her comment that she does NOT want to feel obligated to include her daughter. What parent feels that let alone expresses that? She also clearly stated that she does not want her daughter on the trip because she wants it to only be her husband and their kids,that right there teaches the kids they are NOT equal when it comes to the mothers affection. You on the other hand missed out because it sometimes fell on a weekend you were with your father,I’m sure it was not because she wanted to just be with her new family and not be obligated to include you.

    • Mary Smith Mary Smith says:

      Trina McColman where in the post did the OP ever say that? You and too many others are adding all this other information into it that isn’t there.

    • Mary Smith Mary Smith says:

      Natalie Belanger so are parents bad for saying they need time away from the only child?

    • Natalie Belanger that part I will agree was a little harsh. She could have said something different.

    • Mary Smith all parents need a brake,that’s a given. But to say you don’t want to feel “obligated” to include one child because you only want to be with your husband and theirs kids in my opinion is harsh.
      If I was a kid and my mother told me she only wanted a trip with her family that did not include me for no other reason then not wanting to be obligated to,it would sting in a very personal level. Kids should not be treated differently in a blended family.

    • Mary Smith Mary Smith says:

      Natalie Belanger break

    • Mary Smith Mary Smith you both have no common fucking sense and I’m not going to waste my time trying to fucking explain it.
      Everything about this post is just absolutely wrong and she should be ashamed of herself.
      What I highlighted in the picture below is what pissed me off.
      You leave 1 child behind, you fucking leave them all behind for christ sake. Give your heads a shake! Goodnight!

  182. No comment jack ass lol who even post non sence like this my god

  183. Krystle Dawn Krystle Dawn says:

    I’d say if you are taking your other children you should take her. That’s a really sad situation that you want to exclude her.

  184. Holy shit. You are very wrong. You are treating your other child like she doesn’t belong with you and your other children and your new husband. How dare you treat your daughter like she is a nuisance to you and your new husbands life. I’m honestly disgusted for you daughter and hope she knows she’s better than a mom who thinks she’s not good enough to be with her mom’s new family. When btw your first child before your new ones and new husband should of been accepted by him fully as his own or else he shouldn’t be in your life as your child’s step father. You are incredibly selfish and disgusting as a mom to think your child is someone to pick and choose at your own will to accept into your new family functions.

  185. Your ex husband is right on this one. Just because she isnt your new husbands child, she doesnt get to go ? You want to be alone with your “new” family? And shes not a part of that? And you see nothing wrong with that ?

  186. If u we’re going just u n yer husband, that’d be fine. But if u bring yer other children n exclude her….that’s wrong.

  187. Its your choice at the end of the day but just saying it is kinda mean to leave one child behind while you bring the other.. that’s not fair in my eyes.. but again it’s your choice just make sure that the child doesn’t feel left out you have children just cause you have child with another man doesn’t mean you should exclude that child.. I would want my children with me at all times.. but your choice..

  188. She is your kid too. That will leave her with big emotional issues as a teenager and adult.

  189. I dont even have kids and just reading this is wrong. So you want to bring your “new family” but because she doesn’t belong to your new husband you want to leave her out???

    You are fucking horrible

  190. yikes. Bring your kid on the trip. Shes a part of your family.

  191. Erin Baker Erin Baker says:

    Um…they are all your children. Yes you are wrong. Time to reevaluate…

  192. how about stop being a fucking loser of a parent and start including all your children?

  193. Sorry it is wrong. Just cause you had children with someone else doesn’t mean you should leave out you other child. As for her going on trips with his parents, I wouldn’t expect them to bring your
    Bring another man’s children. Also he doesn’t have any other children so she would be the only one to go with him.

  194. Tina Fay Tina Fay says:

    You’re the parent. Parent. Let her know she’s not going this trip and reinforce the idea that there are 5 other trips. And tell Dad to quit running his mouth.

  195. Your don’t get to be a selective mother at your convenience your children are all yours and deserve to be treated equally

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