Allstate Staff Incompetent

Allstate insurance is the worst!

First they don’t inform me they are raising my home insurance and take out more then authorized. I had funds for my home insurance in my account for the known amount. I specifically have all my bills come out on different dates so that only one bill comes out on a set date. Allstate chose to take out my home insurance at the increased amount on the same day as my vehicle insurance. The banks pay the lowest withdrawn amount causing my vehicle insurance to bounce, giving me a $50 NSF fee. And my vehicle insurance bouncing.

Next I have text proof with my agent apologizing for the increased payments that I should have received a letter to inform me of the increase payments. I have to come in to make payment before my next insurance date, that it doesn’t come out of my account again. Shocking they took it out of my account again a few days later causing a new $50 NSF fee… after she said they won’t take it out.

So I go in to pay my bill and show the receptionist what was said to me. The receptionist says don’t pay it yet, I’m going to the manager to fix things. As they wanted to charge me a fee in addition to my one late payment, she said she had to fix it first on her end. Tells me as long as I pay the balance out of $191 before my policy renewal date of August 31st I am good and will face no consequences with them.

So I get a phone call today, they canceled my insurance policy and now will not insure me as I became high risk due to THEIR STAFF giving out wrong information and me not paying on time.

I have an audio recording from their manager apologizing that it is ALL their FAULT for giving out wrong information, yet I’m the one who is going to have increased insurance and currently can’t drive my own vehicle because of their incompetence.

I strongly recommend you don’t ever use ALLSTATE

*** I use two bank accounts, I had funds available had I known what was coming out, I just had to etransfer it ***



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