All false info !!

Ok all you anti vax people. You are only about 10 percent of population of Sudbury. So if you loose your job there will be more to replace you .

I also notice all the anti vax or most smoke and do drugs of the back off a toilet ,,, but won’t get a vax .

Be real you are just lazy and it’s your way of not working and blaming everyone else ! If you actually lead a healthy lifestyle might understand .



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  1. Lucifuge says:

    Well i don’t know about this “change” the other person is referring to, but here is what i know.
    if the vaccines were safe and effective like they claimed why did Canada purchase 400 million doses for a population less than 40 million, remember those doses where purchased before Omicron, Canada pledged to give 100 million to poor countries. that leaves 300 million doses.

    300/38 is 7.85 if you are accounting for deaths that’s 8 doses of “vaccine” per person.

    you can’t tell me that these “mutated” variants were then unexpected.

    either they knew the vaccine was ineffective or……..

    anyway the EU warned that too many doses will weaken the immune system

  2. Anonymous says:

    The mRNA vaccines constitute a fundamental and irreversible change in our innate biology.

    that is a load of horse shit, show me a study that shows this?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t test when feeling good. I don’t test when feeling bad.. none of us grew up testing for anything, we just stayed home when sick. good grief, another way to spend spend spend..

  4. Dadpool says:

    The mRNA vaccines constitute a fundamental and irreversible change in our innate biology. Some of us don’t want the change. We like our innate biology as it is. We are refusing to change what we are to please government. We are a minority. We are being coerced, enticed, discriminated against, facing a two tier medical system, facing an inability to have a job, to take part in society, to get an education, to do just about anything Canadians have always taken for granted. No other minority in Canada is facing this directed at us by our own Prime Minister. For now. It never stops with just one minority. Refuse to defend us from government at your own peril. Justin Trudeau will come for you eventually too.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Its literally all they are good for…that and spending our money.

  6. Anonymous says:

    More hate and division from the left.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I could tell you a covid joke but there’s a 99.74% chance you wouldn’t get it…

  8. Dadpool. says:

    Amen. One size fits all will never work. Funny how the narrative is falling apart and now its “well um uh so the uh numbers ehem are 51% hospitalized due to covid and 49% tested positive for or caught covid while in hospital for something unrelated ehem”. And various other forced admissions since the stories are falling apart. How about they start plastering the truth all over the news and billboards day in and day out. At least AB and SaSk are saying no mandates. Ford needs to grow a set. As for the frenchies they are so corrupt its not even funny.

  9. Lucifuge says:

    Go to Covid-19 Ontario dot ca the official government covid data sheet click on “get covid data and details” it’s highlighted in blue, look at the numbers of fully vaccinated cases vs unvaxxed it’s a pie chart. scroll down past the pie charts after noticing how many unvaccinated vs vaccinated case and look at covid cases by vaccine status, see that by default it’s set to all cases, the lime-ish color fully vaxxed, pink, partially, purple unvaxxed
    now you can click on the data by age groups check each one if you want (notice the rate of infection per 100,000 up the right) but i want you to specifically look at the numbers of 80+

    now ask yourself why are the elderly leading every category by about 700 cases and are unvaxxed? now take note that data is from October now scroll back up to the top of the page and notice that it says

    “Due to technical difficulties, the case rate by vaccination status by age group is not available.”

    weird huh?

    you can scream at clouds all you want and blame the unvaccinated for all your whoas, that’s cool whatever, but understand that Quebec has already started saying a 3rd dose will be fully vaccinated and a 4th is coming and ask yourself why if you are fully vaccinated why your wearing a mask and why capacity is reduced in places? aren’t you fully vaccinated? you’ve “done the right thing”

    think about how the government tracked your cellphone data, think about how trudeau order 400 million doses of vaccine in a country that only has 40 million citizens, think about how you have to flash an id card to go into places (when you are allowed)

    this is your country now, me? i’m going to remain unvaccinated and i am willing to do whatever it takes to remain that way, it may even cost me my life.

    and that’s fine. i’ll be dead, and you’ll be here, subjected to 10 rounds of government vaccination. to vaccine passports to squealing on your fellow citizen if they miss a dose, this is your life now.

    you asked for it. and by god you are going to get it.

  10. Dadpool says:

    Apparently you have 2 options.
    1. Catch Omicron and experience a mild flu like cold.
    2 Get 3-4 jabs, wear two mask, self isolate, social distance, catch Omicron and still experience a mild flu like cold.
    You decide

  11. Anonymous says:

    The pandemic will end just as soon as everybody says “enough!”. It is over almost everywhere in the US- people are going out and living their lives. In most states nobody looks at you sideways if you are maskless and nobody cares if you are vaxxed or not.(ya I know media tells you otherwise) Canada under Trudeau is a nightmare and unfortunately there are too many zombies who support him.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The only nutcases are the few remaining “govern me harder daddy” folks.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yep anti-vaxxers or as I call them Pro disease people as that’s what they are are a Scourge on society should have to pay for any health care costs associated with getting covid-19 if your unvaccinated enough is enough with these nut cases

  14. Anonymous says:

    These constant posts bashing people stink like those political attack ads. Op must be one of those lame-os that fall for that crap. I wonder why the admin lets all these posts through but mine get filtered out. Keep wearing your cloth masks people, they do not work, I am double vaxxed and caught the vid even though I faithfully wear it all goddam day. All the small minded vaxx pushers would have freaked the fuck out seeing someone with no mask on.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Great point but it’s probably closer to 20% average because Canada averages 80% vaccination rate while the US is slowly growing to 65% vaccination rate. There are a lot of people who “follow” the wrong crowd!