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My dog is people-aggressive but only when she is on her leash. She has never been on a leash before because we had a fenced in backyard. I moved to a new apartment and she has to be on a leash now. She doesn’t have her yard to run around anymore. She is tormenting my fellow neighbours to the point where they completely avoid us when we walk through the hall and she is on her leash. We just moved here on the first. When we walk through the halls without her leash she will walk by people no issues, and she will even let them pet her and give kisses. I’m wondering if she is feeling contained on a leash? I can’t leave her off her leash when we go outside because she bolts when she sees people or animals. I have a muzzle for her that she now has to wear because she nips at people. I’d like to say she would never full out maul someone, as she only nips, but I have to take every precaution. How can I help her learn that the leash is not bad and no one is going to hurt her? Again, she has never been leashed until now and she is just over a year old. Every time I brought her to the car I always just held her collar. Also, we can go to the dog park with no issues. It makes me feel like she is fine off leash because she has the freedom to decide if she wants to be pet or just keep walking and on the leash she is contained and can’t get away if she doesn’t want to be pet. Please help? I don’t want to have to rehome her. She’s my only baby right now and she has alleviated my depression symptoms



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  1. Dogs are always tuned into our energy. The dog is fine, if you are.

  2. I can train her for you. Its not a big problem. PM me

  3. I hope you’re using a basket muzzle. This is what happens when you don’t train your dog.

  4. Let her hold her own leash in the hallway then outside you hold it. Should ease some tension. I think she is just having a rough go at adjusting not having her own yard especially if she’s a bigger dog.

  5. dogs may feel vulnerable and unsafe when leashed, I know my leashed dog gets upset when another unleashed dog approaches and sniffs/taunts him. Is there another exit you can use? Maybe let your neighbours know you’ll use the less-used exit when you taker your dog out? Legally, your dog needs to be leashed, however it sounds like you have trained your dog very well off-leash

  6. Ashley Rozon Ashley Rozon says:

    Some good advice on this post, and bravo for seeking some help for your dog. With dogs fight/flight instinct, being tethered can result in stress. The key is for her to trust that you are her leader and that you will keep her safe. She reacts this way because she feels like she needs to. Use the leash inside, in less stressful situations and encourage her to follow your lead. It doesn’t have to be this way. Reach out if you would like some more help teaching your girl that she is safe and doesn’t need to take on this job.

  7. Allen Lawson my thoughts exactly.

  8. Andie Cerson Andie Cerson says:

    You’ve gotten quite a few tips and tricks and resources here already. I just wanted to say, OP, that acknowledging what the problem is, reaching out for help, and being willing to work on it IS responsible pet ownership. Your dog had some changes to its routine and environment and as a result developed some new behavior. Its correctable and let’s focus on the fact that while you downsized, you still kept her with you. Good job! Stick to the training and use some of the advice here. She will be okay.

  9. Definitely needs professional training to avoid any serious issues and just to give the poor dog some leash confidence! Our dog was also leash aggressive until we brought him for dog training.

  10. Katie James Katie James says:

    When leaving your apartment, put the leash on inside then when u open the door to go out, do Not let the dog walk out first, you go and the dog follows behind, and walk dog beside or behind you since hallways in apartments can be small not infront.

  11. I think this is something Bark Busters can help you with. Ashley Rozon is amazing with animals and she comes to you, plus if any other behavioural issues come up in your dogs lifetime, she will come back at no charge. She knows her stuff!

  12. Check out Bark Busters Northern Ontario highly recommend Ashley! She has provided awesome training for our pup!

  13. She/ he is defensive when she is on leesh cause she/ he believes that is the way she/ he should be…cause you put her/ him on the leesh…she/he is friendly off the leesh….not on guard……so …on leesh…short grip

  14. Ben Rinaldo Ben Rinaldo says:

    Is it neutered? You may pass that off as trivial but, I find that males who have not been neutered tend to be more aggressive and territorial.

  15. Neil Gorman Neil Gorman says:

    I had a friend who’s dog was like this. It turns out that having your dog on a leash makes them feel like they are physically attached to you and you are dependent on them for protection. Your dog is associating being on a leash with being on guard duty. This represents that your dog feels like the alpha. In order to correct this behaviour you have to work on showing the dog you are the dominant one and in charge. Put your dog on its leash within your home and have it follow commands. Reward it for listening and give it no attention whatsoever for not listening. As your dog learns to trust you as the protector of the pack they will become less aggressive on the leash. Also dogs can sense our emotions especially distress so when you see someone and get worried your dog will be aggressive your dog just senses you are worried reinforcing it’s feeling that it needs to protect you.

  16. She needs more people socializing. Leash work is important for this reason.

    Have them avoid her to avoid any issues. But maybe put the leash on in the home so she knows it’s not a bad thing

  17. Call Tammy St. Louis Skiplyn Kennels Dog Training. She’s amazing

  18. It’s a matter or correcting the behavior. She is still young. So it will take consistency, but she will get it. Correct the behavior as it is happening. Don’t let her walk ahead of you. Rather beside. And she is to sit if she starts to bark or react to a human on leash. Constant reminder as approaching, good girl, its okay, say hi there, talk calmly. Dogs are good readers of people, so she might not like everyone and it will take more time to move onto the rest of the walk. But keep correcting. Consistency is key. They are only creatures as well and have their own way of showing their opinions. She may not like the leash, but be assertive that you control the walk when she is on leash. Good luck 🙂

  19. David Evans David Evans says:

    If you dog is people or pet dominant, put a muzzle on and work on training. Expose the dog to the fear with lots of treats and positive reinforcement. Build up tolerance slowly over time. Keep the muzzle on whenever you are outside.

  20. Kim Parker Kim Parker says:

    If your dog is tormenting the neighbours as you say, then you put the leash on the dog and you leave it there. The dog will get used to it in time. You must have really good neighbours, If your dog even nips someone, you’ll be paying through the nose!

  21. Leash aggression is real and it can be helped. You may need to start with people who know you, but use the leash, first inside your home and slowly move out, ask her to sit and invite those people to pet her, on a leash. Treat if she stays sitting and doesn’t show signs of aggression. It seems silly to only be aggressive on a leash, but my dog developed the same thing. But never towards people, other dogs was the issue. She still isn’t perfect but she has made progress.

  22. Probably to do with your leash handling skills. Tight leash causes dogs to react.
    If you need help I can work with you.

  23. Ivan Leo Ivan Leo says:

    Try leaving the leash on her while she is running around your place. as it may be new she may have anxiety. My pup was not the best on the leash so we started leaving it on her for car rides and it got better.

  24. Doug Bruce Doug Bruce says:

    With the dog on the leash, give your neighbours dog biscuits to reward the dog as they go by. Do this on a regular basis, a few minutes a day to start. The dog will eventually learn that walking on a leash has its rewards. this is how dogs are trained

    • Be aware that some dogs do not like to be approached with a biscuit and will become aggressive doing this. My male man did this to my dog in the summer and she about mauled him for being on her property and offering up treats like a pedo lol

    • Doug Bruce Doug Bruce says:

      My father had a kennel business when I was a kid. Dogs would always hate the garbage man as they stole (took garbage) from us, in their minds. We had bread and milk delivery and dogs loved those guys as they brought us gifts. So my father would meet the garbage man before they got to our house and explain to them and give them dog treats to offer to the dogs before they took the garbage. Dogs learned garbage men were not evil.

  25. Re homing her is passing on the problem and depending where she goes may not help at all . If your serious and you want to help her get professional help. Tammy St. Louis is the best. In the meantime .. Get her used to a muzzle and start timing her outings when and where you have less chance of seeing people.

  26. Call Tammy at Skyplyn kennels. She is absolutely amazing.

  27. Might be the way your using the lease. If you keep tension on it all the time it creates stress or something… the leash should be there to correct the dog not to hold it back…. I’m no expert it’s just what I read trying to do my own research. my dog is the biggest asshole on this planet but I love him anyway lol.

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