Advice for Filing for Child Support

Single mom finally getting a start on trying to get help from my child’s dad, but these forms are confusing and I got no help from the office.

Will legal aid help me fill out these forms? Does anyone have any helpful advice for me? Please and thank you.. I’m so overwhelmed, any help is greatly appreciated.


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  1. Legal Aide will assist and then it’ll run smoothly for you. Best of luck

  2. Shawn Henry Shawn Henry says:

    Reading over this comment section confirms my thoughts that most of you should have been sterilized at birth!

  3. Matthew Kett Matthew Kett says:

    If you go to employment sudbury, they will help you write a resume.

  4. Jamie Lebel Jamie Lebel says:

    Friday and Monday. There is a free lawyer at the family court that will help you fill it out and sign it

  5. Message me. I have a lot of experience and all the forms ready to be filled out on the computer and printed. Looks more professional.

  6. at the family court buildingnon cedar they at one time had duty counsel there to help file your papers for you at no cost its a first come first serve basis if i remember correctly wednesday and possibly mondays

  7. Renee Leduc Renee Leduc says:

    FLIC is available mondays and fridays at the Cedar street courthouse 9-3 if you qualify financially. (And people will say there isn’t a financial qualifier. There is. )

  8. Make an agreement out of court.. family mediation

  9. Once you’re approved for legal aid and choose a lawyer they will do all the forms for youn

  10. If you guys are able to do 50/50 custody do it.

  11. Shylo Parent Shylo Parent says:

    Go to the legal aid clinic

  12. Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

    Raising my child all by myself without the help of the government and without the help of my ex. Don’t need child support just need to get out there and get a job. Why is it men can do it without getting child support or government assistance. Figure it out.

    • Scott Seguin both parents need to take part in Supporting their children. Mother and Father

    • Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

      Kelly Armstrong says you and every woman out there single fathers though we don’t need nothing we can do it ourselves. We don’t have kids to be a cash4life scheme like Sudbury girls.

    • My mother paid child support for my younger sibling. Just because you don’t know anyone who does doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. And there is nothing wrong with having extra money to support your child with. Shaming people isn’t very nice.

    • Scott is on welfare. I know his worker. Lol

    • Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

      Eliza Beth May Sorry tired women who have kids to collect free money for life and alienate the fathers. Just to have the latest iphone and go out to the clubs to find a new baby daddy. His child support is 50/50 custody and caring for them when they are in his care.

    • Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

      What I hear here is how do I milk the father. GTFO

    • Tom Bos Tom Bos says:

      Scott Seguin I pay child support on a 50/50 basis. No court was involved and we came to an agreement. It’s not milking whichever parent. It’s about giving the child an equal life at both homes. I’m a single parent doing it but I still get stressed out. You just sound vengeful for no reason

    • Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

      Tom Bos I’ll trust me bud I got my reasons.

    • Tom Bos you’re a stand up guy!

    • Holy fuck the amount of woman bashing you do is outstanding dude. Btw my dad was and is a single father who collected you guessed it child support and baby bonus until he made more and the bonus wasn’t available. I can tell you’re a part or the he man woman haters club though

    • Joey Telfer Joey Telfer says:

      Ccb is for your kids if you qualify your basically saying your keeping money from the kids just saying . I’m a single full time dad and qualify that money is important for their up bringing . Although u do not get child support . It dosnt make me less of a man because I get money for the ccb.

    • Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

      Stephanie Lamarche You would be too if you still paid child support for your son who is 19 about to be a father and has lived on his own for 3 years and the mother lied and alienated you his whole life till he was old enough to see the truth. He doesn’t get a dime of the money and she used it to pay for her wedding, going to bingo, shit like that. I still send him money often anyways almost a grand in past couple months, so don’t try to make me sound bad. It’s the women I can’t stand who pop out kids, don’t let the fathers be fathers and expect us to pay. Fuck you bitches.

    • Scott Seguin you’re the one who keeps supporting an adult child ffs. Bring it to court or stfu. Cause it’s legit till they are 18 or and no longer in school. If he’s not in any educational program you shouldn’t be paying past 18 and that’s your own fault for not taking care of it

    • Joey Telfer Joey Telfer says:

      Stephanie Lamarche I just going to say it’s not so much paying after 18 they will always be ur child and will want to help with their future

    • Also your choice in parental partners. Stop bashing on all the rest of them. I don’t call every single father a a deadbeat or woman beater and neglectful to their child when that’s my soul experience. Why?? Because he’s not you or my friends or any other man.

    • Joey Telfer I get that. My mom buys me stuff for my bdays and Christmas. I’m 32. I didn’t say stop buying your kids stuff. I said stop handing them 500 or more a month when hey you’re 19 not in school and working wtf

    • Joey Telfer Joey Telfer says:

      Stephanie Lamarche 18 should be working or going to school that is true .

    • Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

      Joey Telfer Never said I don’t get CCB. I said I don’t use government funding. It goes into an account for her when she’s older. I don’t need to use baby bonus to pay to get new nails every week, my smokes, my clubs, you know what you see these woman in town doing with it. 😉

    • Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

      Oh and I have no issues still helping him. My issues are with mom and don’t worry I am filling next week. Been filling these papers out, on my own for a few days. 😉

    • Joey Telfer Joey Telfer says:

      Ccb is kinda government funding and totally get what your saying. I raise 2 toddlers my self 4 and 2 .

    • Joey Telfer Joey Telfer says:

      Ccb is kinda government funding and totally get what your saying. I raise 2 toddlers my self 4 and 2 .

    • Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

      Joey Telfer Yah but I don’t use it, at all, it all gets put towards her future.

    • Joey Telfer Joey Telfer says:

      Scott Seguin wel that is using it wisely no

    • Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

      Joey Telfer No what I mean by using it, is these bitch who pay their cell phone bills with it, buy the latest prada, go out to the club, get high, buy smokes, that’s using baby bonus. Putting my childs money in an account and not touching it mean’s I am not using it. One day she will. That’s not using it lol.

    • Wow. Enough with the generalized comments about women. If you have a problem with your ex keep your comments about her. Just so you know some of us single mothers are raising our kids while working hard and not seeing a dime from the other parent either and not walking around saying fuckin assholes towards all men

  13. If you need some help – hit me up.

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