ADMIN: With 2017 Comes Great Changes to How We’ll be Running Shoutout Sudbury

Good morning, Sudbury! It’s your admin here. I just wanted to quickly wish everyone a very happy new year, and let you all in on a few changes that have been happening behind the scenes here at Shoutout Sudbury.

First and foremost, a couple of days ago I’ve gone ahead and assigned the Facebook page with a comments moderator. Now, before anyone gets bent out of shape, this comment moderator won’t be deleting comments unless the comment in question is absolutely absurd and rude, or hateful. If you are talking down on another one of our followers, your comment will more than likely be deleted. The comment moderator is also capable of banning, but the ban stick will continue to be used very, very rarely.

So with that said, let this be a fair warning to everyone. You all have the right to free speech in this country, but we also have the right to delete comments that we feel are way over the top.

Secondly, as of yesterday, we’ve tightened our guidelines. We will be publishing EVERY SINGLE positive post that we get (just as long as it’s longer than 1 sentence.) However, we’ve begun to deny (delete) posts that are either considered lazy, useless, rude or generally negative. Looking for an answer to a question that can easily be found on Google? Then Google it. Why use a service that can take up to 24 hours to have your post published when you can simply open up Google and find the answer instantaneously? It simple doesn’t make sense.

This community’s name is Shoutout Sudbury. The name itself should be a good reminder as to what our main focus is. Shoutouts and anything positive.

It’s the start of a new year. Let’s please use this community to bring smiles and warm hearts to our fellow Sudburians this year, and beyond.

Oh, and just an FYI to everyone. In the 1.25 years that we’ve been live, we’ve published over 5,500 posts! So if you have a question that you feel was probably already asked (ex: best family lawyer, best hairdresser – both of which have been asked countless times), we ask that you please head over to our website, and use the search feature to see if a similar post has already been submitted.

In closing, I would like to sincerely thank all ~26,000 of you who follow us on Facebook and Twitter. And if there are any of you that simply check our website everyday, but aren’t a part of our social media outlets, thank you too. Every like of a post helps spread the word about Shoutout Sudbury’s existence. Every retweet helps, every reaction helps, every comment helps, and last but certainly not least, every share helps. Please continue to help spread the word about this community, and let’s bring happy tears to those who share this community with us.

Thank you for your time, and again, happy 2017 to each and every one of you. <3 — Jody Mitoma



165 Responses

  1. This page is meant to voice opinions there are things like bullying, racism, and slanderous comments that should never see the light of day on any online forum….post that incite those comments should never be posted either it goes both ways. If ur gonna let the inmates run the prison than all bets are off and u might as well create ur own 4Chan page for these ignorant people who have nothing better to do than troll this site. This site is the best here so do Sudbury a favour and keep it real and classy.

  2. Crystal Gour says:

    Jenn … as a vegan I find this offensive.

  3. Amber Af says:

    Jody.. please stop letting Brittany edit posts. I’ve tried 3 times to post something and it was edited so that there’s a paragraph in the middle of a sentence, and then the morons of sudbury are too distracted by the structure to actually discuss the topic. I understand that phase in a person’s life where they’re trying to understand paragraphs and put them everywhere, but it’s keeping me from being able to post.

  4. There are others that I just look down, and shake my head.

  5. Noted. None taken. I find some posts are really funny is all.

  6. Sasha Walker says:

    Her feedback on censoring the page. I am sure she feels she is trying to do a good thing. A lot of people disagree. I just love the little icon she posted under your “pleading” comment. It gave me a giggle. That is all. No offense meant here.

  7. What is frustrating?

  8. What is frustrating?

  9. Sasha Walker says:

    lol. Feeling a little frusterated at this point Jody? Lmao.

  10. Benni Norris says:

    I think these changes will be great. Thanks again for running a fantastic page! It is often the highlight of my day.

  11. Tracy Baker says:

    Just give it a chance. If not to anyones likeing, simply hit the unfollow button.

  12. Also I’ve had negative feedback on some comments and posts, you know what I did? I acted like an adult on the internet and had a good laugh at what people came up with. I owned up to my posts to provide clarifications if I see people took something I said the wrong way.

    The great thing about this page is being able to have a laugh at how weird, nonsensical and crazy our city is. I mean it might not be the best city but at least I thought we could laugh at ourselves, be adults and realize they are just comments on a page on the internet. If people don’t like whats said let them unsub, going this way your probably going to lose a ton of people.

    I mean its your page to decide what you do but if this becomes PG-13 nothing but positives you can guarantee on at least me leaving, can’t speak for anyone else but I assume we are the majority. Anyway lets wait and see I guess. Giving it two weeks.

  13. Brent Holder says:

    It’s a sad day for debate when everyone is forced to agree with each other and keep things all rainbow wishes and unicorn kisses. Ooopppsss, my bad. That sounds rather negative…let me try this using your new format. Isn’t it wonderful that everyone gets along and always agree with each other here? Bring it in folks, group hug.

    • Debating is always great, but debating when done right doesn’t involve insults and ignorance. Debating involves explaining your views and opinions in a respectful and clear manner, not “you’re an idiot” type method.. I have a friend on my facebook, Erika.. Her and I debate on most issues, yet still are friends on here due to the tasteful and respectful way we “argue”. I enjoy our debates, and honestly, she’s made me see differently on some things, and some, well, we simply agree to disagree..

    • ^True story 🙂
      And while Im always right (teehee) I too have opened my eyes to Shawnas points and have swayed my opinion a time or 2. I love our tasteful debates actually

    • Damn.. that’s the first time you admit swaying to me.. must be the new baby made you soft.. lmao.. hehe

    • The way I see it. While I may not agree with everything everyone else does or believes, as long as they do or believe it from an educated standpoint and can give valid reasoning for “their way” that makes sense then who the hell am I to vehemently argue them or insult them?

    • Yep… Im a big ole mushy ball of emotions these days lol

    • Brent Holder says:

      That’s awesome, Shawna. I absolutely agree that people should try to keep it respectful. When a person’s only move is name calling, I either climb down in the mud with them or simply move on. That is each and every members choice. At least it was until the admin decides for everyone what is positive behaviour. I’m very firm in my belief that free speech should never be curtailed. Post all submissions and let your members decide for themselves if it’s a topic they would like to participate in.

    • Ya… “you’re an idiot” isn’t much of a validation for an opinion.. But many here seem to think it is.. lol
      Sad thing is, sometimes I’m reading a response, and am thinking, damn, this is great, but before I hit like, I finish reading it, and it ends with “you stupid idiot”.. that’s when I sigh and shake my head.. :/

    • Problem with letting people decide is that many don’t act like mature adults, they need “social media parents”.. lol
      Unfortunately, younger people do have access to this page, and they don’t have the same coping skills that most adults do.. (and of course some are just easily butt hurt over little things) but personal attack can be hard on some people, not everyone is strong minded, and honestly, if you wouldn’t be willing to say it face to face, you shouldn’t say it behind a screen like a coward acting like a bully.
      I wish people could be trusted to act like decent human beings, but time and time again has proven otherwise, and even worse, is the horrible example it’s showing our youth. “Be the biggest asshole, and get the most likes”.. I mean shit.. It’s bad enough Trump has become the worst example ever, being an arrogant bully will get you votes to run a country.. This is what social media has done to people, trained them to follow assholes, and ignore those with reasoning, respectful approach, and overall, kind… Kind has become “boring”… backwards world we live in.. shameful really. 🙁

    • Brent Holder says:

      There’s plenty of rudeness here for certain. It’s their right to be rude. I face palm and move on as well. As I said though, I believe it’s a sad day for freedom of speech when admins decide they want safe spaces on the internet. Isn’t it glorious that university students get colouring books and puppy dogs when their politician loses an election? Bring it in, group hug?

    • I honestly think we need some pages with these rules.. I personally get irritated when a “shoutout” page becomes a “shut-up, shut-down, shit-on” page.. Someone started a new page “sis” and is allowing the bs some people crave.. Those who want that kind of drama can join, but I for one won’t be. I prefer somewhere that I don’t constantly shake my head at wondering where manners ans respect went. Sure it might not be as busy, but at least it will cause more smiles than anger.. 😉 Group hug? Lol

    • Brent Holder says:

      Apparently there’s 26,000 members here who are all standing on different rungs of the evolutionary ladder. The way I see it, the name callers and bullies down on rung 2 still have every right to voice their vulgarity.

    • Bran Den says:

      Two sides of the coin here, Brent. While people may have a right to voice vulgarity, people also have a right to feel comfortable posting things without being subject to harassment. Shawna.

    • And see.. we disagree on that, yet managed to still respect the others view.. I love to debate ( but when a debate becomes ignorant, it puts me in a bad mood (I know, don’t let it) but easier said than done.. Debating like mature adults, even when sides don’t come together, or even proven wrong, I still smile and enjoy it.
      I just have a hard time seeing people being treated like shit, I personally much rather jump in and have their hate directed to me, than someone who may not be able to cope with personal attacks the same.. I have thick skin, and honestly, to offend me, you first need to have me respect you… So for the types on here who do act like Trumps, nothing they can say will actually “butt hurt” me.. They are the ones who I will pass their shit spoon to, and get them to lick it.. lol

    • Brent Holder says:

      I freaking love that drama shit!!! The young lady who gave us the oral shoutout here about pleasing some other young ladies baby daddy…pure gold!!! I lmfao’d hard on that thread. I typically don’t comment because I don’t want to join the drama.

    • Well said Bran Den… that’s why I’m happy they are making another page and basically advertising it as “drama here”.. lol Let the trolls and Trumps go there.. lol

    • OMG… The obvious bs posts, those I agree were funny, and the sarcasm added to the comments, gold for sure.. But some people do ask legit questions, and get shamed.. Of course they can’t even defend themselves, as they don’t want to be reveled either.. Those are the types I’m referring to.. some were clearly made to be laughable..

    • Brent Holder says:

      We are very like minded in several aspects with the exception of “Trump” people. I admire your compassion for people who easily offend and respect that you will step up and sling shit for them. But you telling asshats to grow up and shut up is no better than myself telling snowflakes to get some skin and grow up. The only difference here, everyone has the option to walk away when dealing with someone who’s only here to have fun and troll some reactions. The answer to hurt feelings and some being annoyed/offended should never be censorship. I would love to see the traffic count at the Sudbury Star site from when they started their digital medium with message boards…they also had a huge membership…they killed that membership when they started down the slippery slope of censorship. Watch and see what happens here I guess.

    • I understand your points, I just don’t agree with them, well.. some of them.. I figure if someone can dish it, they can take it.. As the saying goes “those who stir the pot should lick the spoon” I metaphorically like to hand them that spoon personally.. 😉

    • Brent Holder says:

      Good talk kids…bring it in…group hug! I need to go join the other page… You peeps are just too polite and I’ve got a yo momma line that can wait no longer. Night all.

    • Lmao… Ok.. seeing as how you have been pleasant to debate this with, I now want to hear that line.. lol

    • Brent Holder says:

      Looks over shoulders first…shhhhhh, I think there’s a moderator around…meet me out back by the dumpster in a minute…we’ll leave separately so as to avoid suspicion from the admin. lol I’m certainly not going to yo momma on the admin’s post about no yo momma’ing. Their page, their rules. I will respect that and follow both pages.

    • Lmao…. Well.. Not going to make it to the dumpster tonight, but have a g’night..

  14. Welp there goes half the comedy of this page. inb4 subs nose dive.

  15. Spotted In Sudbury Classic

    • -_- Awesome, Lindsay.

    • Hey just giving all the naysayers a opportunity to take their negativity some place else , I find it awesome that you are implementing a new system but also worried that it is going to bore things I bit. I like the assholes and the rude comments and diffinatly love when people get all worked up about it , it’s entertainment :p love yea jobear

  16. Well, I do agree with the bullying aspect. It is very kind of you Jody, Brittney and any other admins for creating a safe place for people to communicate without feeling ostracized, harrassed or bullied.
    That being said and not to sound like a broken record, but I would ask that you reconsider keeping the negative reviews section. Some reviews need to be made public to the community, and some information is rather helpful to some, or in fact a safety issue. Information such as snow removal, garbage pick up reduction, or when we had the fire pit by-law are some to share as an example.
    They are negative reviews but the community comes together and discusses those concerns to better our community.
    So yes positive posts are heartwarming and welcome but the negative unfortunately are equally as important to keep our community informed and have creative discussions. And if the posts and comments are being monitored, I see no harm in allowing positive and the negative.
    Thanks Jody and team and all the best in the new year to you too!!!! 🙂

    • Dean Farinha says:

      I get bullied on here all the time.

    • Thank you Crystal. Negative reviews aren’t going anywhere, and like I’ve mentioned several times, people’s comments will very rarely ever be deleted. I feel that people are taking this way out of line here. I may have not made myself as clear as I would have hoped. We’re going to focus on the positives, but there will still be some negativity here. It’s not going to be all puppies and rainbows. 😛 Thanks again Crystal!

    • T’was Jody. Sorry for not making that clear. 🙂

  17. Anyone want to buy some snickers?

  18. Jenn Morin says:

    Where can I find kittens?

  19. Honestly. Other than deleting hatful comments. This sounds like It’s gonna get really really stupidly over regulated. I’m disappointed. This sounds way to detailed. Liked youre trying to cover every little problem that could happen. Idk no one really takes shoutout incredibly seriously. I understand with literally offensive rude comments but trolls are funny and idk. This kind of actually pisses me off but hey I’m probs gonna get a comment from you about how if I don’t like it then you can just delete me. And something about how you probs think I’m being rude. I’ve seen a number of comments here expressing reasonable opposition and each one you are responding to as if they are being rude or offensive honestly. I’m half laughing at you and half shaking my head. And for the record that isn’t me being rude but hey since you are going to start deciding for yourself what is rude and what is intended to be what, be my guest. Im probs gonna end up being considered one of the biggest birches here. Well was nice being appreciated for the bits of logic I give here and there while it lasted.

  20. Oh my! Seriously people! I think this is a good thing…. Some people have been vulgar, rude and mean in posts…from what she is saying it is these posts that are being looked at…. Makes sense to me…

  21. Paul Sauriol says:

    I think this is great idea. Too many trolls on this site. Saying hurtful and ignorant comments. It is one thing to disagree with someone but quite another to bully.

  22. Just another person who feels like thwy have the right or authority to oppress free speach and thoughts over what little sense of power they feel they have by moderating this page. I will always say what i want and if that gets me banned who cares, there are a ton more pages same as this one.

  23. Well there does happen to be a negative review option on your categories to choose from when creating a thread. I suggest keep it. Some of the negative reviews are helpful if worded properly. Sometimes it has to do with certain things the city is implenting, caution for other residents and so forth. Not everything can be positive unfortunately. That is not our reality. I say allow some negative concerns be brought forth so people are made aware as long as its tastefully worded and not set up for harrassment and bullying. I find the comment section to be the worst as some feel its okay to gang up on others and display pure bullying. Glad there will be a moderator for that. No one deserves to be bullied based on their beliefs.

  24. Scott Seguin says:

    Jody you and I have discussed at length on several occasions what is great about this page. From the sounds of it you’re removing that. Keep in mind how the other 2 pages have completely and utterly failed since they implemented a change like this. No one on the valley east page even speaks because we all fear the wraith of RTK. From the sounds of this you’re about to clone his methods. Way to go on creating a page where we are now in fear of speaking our minds. Cheers to shoutout Sudbury the coolest page on Facebook until 2017. RIP

    In fact keep this comment and I bet I get more likes on this than you do on the post. Let’s see what your fans actually want.

    • No need to fear anything. Just keep commenting and being rude to me as you will. The deletion of comments is going to be incredibly slim. But posts solely focused on negativity will not be getting published. I think some people are taking this way out of proportion here.

    • There was nothing rude about this comment..

    • Scott Seguin says:

      And Jody the post that are negative and funny are the reason myself and more than 50 percent of your followers read this page. Didn’t we have this exact conversation a few months ago and you took a vote and the people unanimously told you to leave the page the way it is. I’m sorry but hearing about how nice it was to have your coffee paid for at drive thru this morning is not nearly as entertaining as hearing about how so so is a valley whore and here’s why… people don’t care about the positive stuff have you never read a news paper or watched a news cast. People are interested in the negative. You’re gonna kill your page.

    • Yeah if this page wasnt a magnet for negativity almost 80% of my historical facebook posting would be non existent.

    • Dave McMende says:

      I support the move towards positivity. It’s what the world needs. Some of the nasty stuff posted on here is very disheartening, and some people feed on that. So I say Good Job, Shoutout Sudbury!

    • Making funny remarks without individually attacking a person are great… Sarcasm is fun, we all get a good laugh from it.. But it gets taken to the extreme with many, and many attack several for the simply “joy” of being a bully, so to speak. None of us know what people are actually going through, and although I agree many get “butthurt” over little things, reality is, some people have real depression, and can be greatly affected by cruel attacks directed to them. Sure I’d agree if that is the case, then social media isn’t for them, but on the flip side, why should they have to bow back because people refuse to simply be better humans? Compassion has become rare, and personally, I’d fight for a stranger if I thought for even a minute it might just make their day a bit better. We’ve all know people in a bad place, if we treated others the way we’d want people to treat our loved ones, social media would be a much more inspirational and happy place..

    • Scott Seguin says:

      Shawna I agree with you to an extent. Yes compassion is great. Anyone who has actually seen my posts and comments knows I flip flop. Sometimes I’m a dick and sometimes I’m the sweetest guy on shoutout. Depends on the post. But I’ll let you in a secret. Back in the spring their was a post I submitted about the hurt I was going through in my life. It got a lot of negative remarks. I understand depression because at the time I was going through it. Did the negative comments hurt yah but thier were way more positive ones and I met a few amazing people from that that have helped me to grow into a very different person from then. Those people have helped me heal immensely but I know my post was a negative post. Something that based on these new rules would not be posted. So someone else going through the same hardship I went through would be denied the same help from the amazing community we have here. There are many reasons to not censor. Not all are to allow people to be shit heads.

    • I maybe understand their new rules differently.. I read it as “negative” being cruel towards others… But feeling down, and yes, it’s considered negative, but isn’t hurting others. It truly can be a way to reach out for others who understand and can help. I’m happy you had the chance to meet great people through it, and I hope those types are still allowed, with the exception of not allowing those who tend to want to twist the knife more to comment.
      I always try to respond in a way that if it were someone I was face to face with, someone friends with a good friend of mine, how would I talk to them… If it’s impossible to be kind due to the stupidity represented (and yes there are quite a few) I simply say nothing…

    • There was nothing rude about his comment and I completely agree it sounds like this moderating thing is getting too far. Sadness. There’s a lot of reasons one might prefer to get a local opinion for a google worthy answer and many other objections I could list to the above but most of all I am now much more uncertain of if what I post is going to be considered useless by someone else. Thanks….thanks a lot.

    • People should just stay off the internet if theyre offended or cant handle it.

    • Scott Seguin says:

      Exactly the whole world has to censor them self cause a few people are pussies.

    • Its a lost art Scott. People expect society to shield them and bubble wrap them.

      In the past normal people stayed away from the things that bothered them or they were uncomfortable with. Now everyone expects to be accommodated everywhere.

      Its like people who go to shitty countries turn around and wonder why they were robbed or shot in the face. Hello you went to a shithole country.

    • If you miss the old Spotted so do we. Help us make Spotted great again.

    • There is a huge difference between being bubble wrapped, and expecting basic respect. “Lost art”, back in the day people were polite, it’s social media, having a screen in front of them that’s turned people into self serving assholes.. I know some of these people are probably just as crude in person, but MOST would NEVER say the things they do to someone face to face. Treating people with respect isn’t about being a pussy, it’s a matter of being a mature adult, and having respect for others..

    • Scott Seguin says:

      Actually Shawna it is my experience that people are the opposite of what they are like in real life online. Myself for instance I have a strong personality online and can come off as an asshole but in person I’m a big softy and really nice guy. My ex online is a a really nice person and victim in person she’s a psychopath who would kill you for looking at her the wrong way. I know a group of people who online are very rude and you’d call trolls. In person they are a great bunch of people. It’s the Internet don’t believe everything you read. 😉

    • I try to be me no matter if it’s in person or not.. Maybe I’m different than most, who knows.. But I’m opinionated online and in person, I definitely can’t deny that… but I always try to be respectful.. If anything, I find it easier to “watch my words” online, whereas in person, sometimes thoughts slip out of my mouth.. lol
      I just find it sad when some purposely try to hurt others, it’s like they fail at humanity.. I wonder how they’d like it if people treated their love ones the way they treat people in here at times.. It shouldn’t be hard to think twice before posting.. I guess I just expect more from people than I should, being through plenty myself, I am compassionate and empathetic. I will also defend a complete stranger if I feel they are being attacked unfairly. I can personally take the heat, and will dish back to those who start the fire. Rather it be aimed at me than whoever it was that I jumped in to defend.

    • Scott Seguin says:

      And just to prove how serious he was he actually banned a good friend of mine and removed all her comments. She didn’t cross any lines. In fact I’ve crossed way more. Rather disappointed in this man.

    • We all view things differently.. I can’t agree or disagree with you in that, as I don’t know what it was, or what was said.. Maybe they are setting an example with some? Or could be there was a personal “beef” before, and they took this opportunity to “settle the score”.. Or, could be there was something said that was read differently by you, as you know the person, and know how to read it with their intentions in mind.. That’s one big issue with online, sometimes people take good intentions, and read them as insults, some also miss obvious sarcasm, and panties get in a bunch.. lol

    • Dave McMende says:

      I hear what you’re saying, man. But there are other ways to get your point across. It’s a rewarding challenge to do it in a positive way.

    • Dave McMende.. it’s also so much more satisfying when you are able to make a good argument, and sometimes change others perceptions.. Not once in my life has someone made me agree with their view point by saying “you’re an idiot”… lol Such a weak argument…

    • I kind of hope your posts are the first to be deleted. All he is saying is when people want to be racist or asshole a and hurt people for no reason it will not be accepted and it honestly shouldn’t be. There is enough negative crap in the world it’s about time we try something new and try to be positive.

    • I kind of hope your posts are the first to be deleted. All he is saying is when people want to be racist or asshole a and hurt people for no reason it will not be accepted and it honestly shouldn’t be. There is enough negative crap in the world it’s about time we try something new and try to be positive.

    • James Schmidt the problem with your thinking is that every time someone makes a racist comment or puts down another person all it does is divides us and takes away any power we have to make the world better instead we breed ignorance. If the entire city alone stood together we could change anything from gas prices or even hydro rates. If every single person in Sudbury banned together and boycotted specific gas stations at once we could cause them to lose 10000’s and inspire an actual change. Instead you want it to be OK to show hate to each other and divide everyone which takes away any chance we have of changing or improving anything in the world. We can blame People like trump for destroying the world but in the end it isn’t him but every last person who choses to follow him and everyone who doesn’t stand up for what’s right we cause the world to become what it is. At some point something has to change.

    • Scott Seguin says:

      Hey Joel haven’t the hippies been saying this for 50 years now. Seen a lot of great change from it. Bahahahahaha.

    • Jo Jo Labre says:

      Well it’s one thing being sarcastic or cocky it’s another when someone straight up calls you a cunt, bitch or fat heifer. There’s no need for that type of attack on anyone.

    • Jen Stone says:

      As my fb profile states…I’m extremely blunt and lots of people can’t handle that…depending on the situation I’m in…
      I used to be careful how I said and did things around others because I was a people pleaser…but since getting out of an emotional abusive relationship…I realized that I was a pussy…
      I don’t have time now to sugar coat anything…ask me a question…and I will give an honest answer whether you like the answer or not…

  25. You clam this moderator will have no effect on free speech but i must completely disagree

    You have deemed comments that are “offensive” or lazy, useless, rude or generally negative as you put it to be unwelcome on your platform

    You clam free speech

    But it’s only free as long as you see it fit

    It’s completely your choice as to what you’ll accept on this page, but you shouldn’t be lying to people in saying that they have complete rights to free speech when you can delete any comments you just don’t like


    Happy new year

    • Every Facebook page on earth has his ability.

      Happy new year.

    • Shoutout Sudbury but not ever page chooses to delete people’s comments they don’t like

    • It is possible to have free speech spoken in a respectful and constructive way. Far too often you see great advice, yet followed by “idiot”.. Some words/way of speech are simply unnecessary in order to make the same point. No need to shame or humiliate a person in order to make a opinion. Same point can be made without attaching insults and derogatory comments..

    • I completely agree with you

      But where the problem arises for me is you have someone choosing what is or isn’t acceptable speech and whoever it is will probably have biases that would cause some or must to disagree

    • It can yes… But ignorance in here is usually quite obvious.. If they start removing respectful debates, views and opinions, then it will be a different argument.. But I’m excited to see the changes they have in mind, as I can’t see them get that picky.. After all, so many comments in a day, if they took out the respectful disagreements, they’d really have no page left. However, forcing people to act like proper adults is a positive change in my opinion. 🙂

    • Benni Norris says:

      It’ll keep the “bad” trolls from using words like the “N” word or other hate speach words on this page.

  26. Jamie Forget says:

    In a way I’m sad they’re filtering some posts/comments, some of them remind how dumb people can be 🙂

  27. Dean Farinha says:

    Out of the 26000 that, “follow”, I’m curious to see how many likes this post gets.

    • Shoutout Sudbury posts haven’t been getting a lot of reactions for months. Very minimal amounts, in fact.

    • Dean Farinha says:

      I notice that with a lot with Facebook groups.

    • Scott Seguin says:

      People are trying to unplug.

    • I think the reason why Shoutout hasn’t been getting lots of activity for months is becauseately there is no continuity. Some days no posts are put up or we get two in the morning and none for the rest of the day. It seems like it goes both ways in my opinion. Also activity subsides when the holidays are here. We are all incredibly busy, the followers and admins. 🙂

    • Scott Seguin says:

      Yes but I just looked back on the past few weeks and I must say it’s mostly all positive crap posts that I skip right over as I am sure most readers do. No one cares that so and so at this restaurant is amazing server. People care that so and so at this restaurant is a dirty pig who didn’t wash his hands and got caught. I know based on things I’ve submitted that he already started censoring what’s being posted a few months ago and he wondering why activity has dropped.

    • SIS aka… go join this page is you want to be an asshole, or are open to ignorance and insult.. Honestly, if they make it aware they are all about bashing, then it’s up to people not to join, just as I can promise I won’t be. I like the idea of this page changing its ways of enforcing the name of the group “shoutout” not “shutdown, shut up, shit-on Sudbury..

  28. Finally!!! No more questions that google can answer in seconds!!!! Great news!!!

  29. Happy New Years to you all at shoutout… Sounds great!!!

  30. The negative posts proves how much work must be done to improve our educational system as well as the need for anger management therapists here in our city

  31. Sasha Walker says:

    Sounds good to me. Happy new year to you as well!

    • Sasha Walker says:

      Sorry, I should have been more specific. It sounds good about no more questions that can be answered in seconds on google. I think people’s free speech should not be limited. If someone is being a true bully without reason, then I feel like the members of the community she stand up to them and it should be up to them to do so.

  32. well there goes all the fun

  33. Elyse Panici says:

    Finally, about time!

    Happy new year to you folks at Shoutout Sudbury!

  34. Thank you Shoutout! This is all very good news, I’m especially pleased to see that you will have a policy of no bullying, some responses I’ve seen in the past have been mean and unnecessary. Sarcasm can be funny though!

  35. Love this!! Kudos!!! 🙂

  36. PM Laberge says:

    Well said and done! One little comment!
    “It simple doesn’t make sense.” The word should be “simply”.
    No big deal. I have done worse. I am, after all, King of the Typos!
    Take care and LLAP.

  37. Ernie Cook says:

    Happy New Year to you’s