Acts of Compassion

Acts of Compassion

On Wednesday, January 23/2019 at approximately 9:00am, my Wife and I decided to go for a morning walk. We had not gone far from our apartment block, when my Wife slipped on a piece of snow-covered ice. She fell hard on her right shoulder. Since we were holding on to each other, we both went down.
A young man who was crossing the street witnessed the mishap and came running to assist us. In no time there were at least four other women there to assist as well.
One of the women offered to take us to hospital. I thanked her, but asked her if she would instead stay with my Wife. All the women stayed with her while I retrieved my vehicle.
My Wife and I did not know any of the people that stopped to help us. Two of these women had cars which they had parked along the busy street.
To those kind people, who took the time to help two seniors in their time of need, I want you to know that your acts of compassion and kindness are greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten. You know who you are, God bless you.
My wife suffered a broken humerus as a result of the fall and is slowly recuperating. The selfless deeds of these strangers greatly alleviated what was a traumatic event. It confirms the goodness of people in the Sudbury area.

Roderick and Elizabeth Furchner


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28 Responses

  1. Now THIS is why I stay on this page… So glad you had help of kind strangers, and hope your wife recovers well..

  2. Awesome . Wishing your wife a speedy recovery.

  3. Gail Decaire Gail Decaire says:

    ❤️❤️❤️ wishing her a speedy recovery. I’m so happy those wonderful people stopped to help !

  4. A goo news story for once, other than a break.

  5. James White James White says:

    Finally something worth reading!

  6. Lisa Dunbar Lisa Dunbar says:

    People here really do have hearts! Bless you great people for helping!

  7. This is great 🙂

    Such a lovely thing to read compared to usual posts on this page.

    Kudos to the kind people who stopped and helped!

  8. Spreading the love of fellow man.

  9. Paige Ashley Paige Ashley says:

    Jaynee Pitawanakwat ?? Dre Bowles

  10. you know, Shoutout Sudbury – you’d do well to post more stories like this instead of crap that does nothing but divide, cause judgement, breed anger and divide our community.

  11. Beautiful story! Wishing your wife a quick recovery.

  12. Karen Marie Karen Marie says:

    …now this is what l LOVE to hear…❤️

  13. Showing respect for one another…how beautiful is this. A great thank you for showing such compassion, in helping this couple. You have made my day.

  14. So glad to hear you and your wife will be ok , wishing your wife a speedy recovery, sudbury is full of caring people I believe ,thank you to them

  15. So nice to hear people help! Hope your wife gets better soon!

  16. Jill Rogers Jill Rogers says:

    I agree Chantel…I prefer reading these posts. Im so pleased to hear of people in Sudbury coming to someones help. Kudos to those folks!

  17. Nice to see we still have good hearted people around

  18. THIS. This is what this page should be about! ❤

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