A place for a real from life

I am feeling very overwhelmed with life and obligations. Kids, cooking, cleaning, etc…
I need an affordable private place where I can occasionally sit back, watch a movie, have a nap, or maybe even spend time with my husband without the kids interrupting or having the messes of everyday life continue to weigh me down when I’m trying to relax. Basically, I’m looking for a getaway for a few hours. Not a spa, but just someplace to be in private. Yes, I’ve considered renting a motel room, but what other options are there?


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  1. Air bnb I have a friend in falconbridge, let me know I’ll hook you up.

  2. #murderyourkids #caseyanthony #urabitch

  3. Messes? Teach your kids to clean up after themselves.

  4. Omg the millennials don’t even want to work raising their own kids now?????? Jesus!!!!

  5. Some people are so judgemental, sheesh, settle down. Obviously she will be getting someone to care for the children. She’s looking for an affordable place to go chill for a few hours.

  6. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    Welcome to parenthood…. grab every 5 seconds to spare and cherish it..

  7. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    I don’t get breaks. Single mother of 2 and I haven’t had a break from being a mom in 9 years. Its life. A babysitter is your best bet realy.
    I believe theres a website you can book hotels for like 50 for the night.

  8. Amy Cole Amy Cole says:

    doesn’t happen until you are around 50 and the kids have moved out!!

  9. Don Mac Don Mac says:

    Are u fucking kidding me

  10. Emily Stadnyk Crystal Baran weren’t we talking about a place like this?

  11. I just seen this on the valley east page, it says the apartment is in hanmer and can be rented for a night

  12. The Hacienda Bed and Breakfast is wonderful

  13. Your a parent, you can relax when your kids are 18

  14. There’s a B&B in hanmer, could be a great staycation?

    • I just saw an article about your place!! This is not my post but I could have written it! (I’m sure most aren’t feel the same Lol )I’m super excited about your business!!! Can’t wait to try!!! ❤️

  15. In case you are interested:
    Sudbury Friend Zone

    New members are always welcome! ♡
    Past friendly events have included Karaoke, Xmas Potluck, Paint Nite, Wolves Game, and a simple coffee get together. Since we started we have helped members with moving, finding jobs, and more! Just wonderful supportive stuff. It’s a great club, seriously.

  16. Angie Luoma Angie Luoma says:

    You could always cozy up with a book at The Cedar Nest Decor Cafe Inc.

    • Sue Peters Sue Peters says:

      Yes you could!! Thanks angie! We are starting our early morning silent retreats this coming Tuesday at 7am! One hour of refuge in complete silence other than soft music. Also working on plans for a Hygge Night. Going to be socks and slippers only, wrap up in a blanket, hot coco and toast, mega candles etc. follow us @thecedarnest to watch for it!!

  17. Alex Charest Alex Charest says:

    Try Heal in the rainbow mall. Its amazing. VERY relaxing and chill.

  18. Angie Luoma Angie Luoma says:

    Touch of Heaven Nordic Spa & Retreat is opening at the end of the month

  19. Life can be overwhelming sometimes, I am glad you acknowledged you need a break! We women often run ourselves dry. Why not hire a babysitter for the night ?

  20. Lisa Dunbar Lisa Dunbar says:

    Friends? Try Sudbury friend zone…they do events for adults and families! They may also be open to a babysitting club? Where you help each other out? There are over 100 members….it’s a GREAT club!

  21. Elizabeth says:

    Go to the library

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