A “new” daddy?

I feel for you. I mean, I really really feel badly for you. Let me tell you why.
Over 10 years ago a guy got you pregnant, and then you got pregnant by this person again. He was less than enthused that he’d be having kids again, kids that were out of a serious relationship, again. Maybe they were an attempt to keep him around. Nobody really knows why you’d go through all that with this guy not once but twice.
Here’s where I start feeling bad for you. The years have past, the kids are growing and you both moved on to more serious relationships and marriages. He gets his wife pregnant. This is her first and his God only knows! She’s excited. The big reveals and all the fun of a pregnancy and he’s excited too, much more excited than he was for you and the children you created together. Doesn’t it hurt to see him all over social media caring more about this yet-to-be-born child than the other kids he had before with other women including yourself? Pitty.



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  1. I agree with this completely. My kids dad has a total of seven kids and bothered with none really. Lives off younger girls, gets them pregnant the off to the next and the kid is thrown to the side. They need stricter laws for men who do this. It’s not the parents that suffer, it’s the children.

  2. Boohoo hoo. You said it yourself the kids were from a failed/failing relationship. Maybe the lesson is don’t have kids you will regret later on. Now if this guy actually takes care of the new kids no issue, but if its another failed relationship saving kid, maybe he should consider getting neutered.

  3. Guess I’m an evil person, because ya this is sad. He has kids that he doesn’t really care about then goes on a makes another family and is happy, ya that’s hurtful. Maybe these commenters can’t read or I’m just a bitch but ya this is sad and it happens all the time.

  4. Like sand through the hour glass, these are the days of our lives.

  5. Why would anyone say a father doesn’t love his children when clearly he does or he wouldnt be in their lives?.. he may not habe been ecstatic over thwir situation but doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his kids. That’s just fucken rude of you. I know people awaiting the birth of a child who are not dealing with some things atm but it doesn’t mean they won’t love that child that they are already attached to who isn’t born yet. Honestly who hurt you to try and hurt another person so bad

  6. This is a hateful person! Toxic

  7. Kori Marie Kori Marie says:

    I’m going to go ahead and guess, this is the new woman who is clearly threatened, why else would you go out of your way to write this out. Well, if he did it to the first, he will most likely do it again as well.

  8. This has got to be the new baby mom. Betting on the shared account.

  9. S.d. Lindsay S.d. Lindsay says:

    It’s like Jerry Springer in my FB feed every day….

  10. Smith Ann Smith Ann says:

    Maybe she wanted her older child to have the same biological parents. Pretty smart if you ask me.

  11. Wow, this is catty… you need more help then the ex.

  12. Angie Ransom Angie Ransom says:

    God. love the guy and hate the ex…we get it.
    But what does putting another person down prove?
    Besides the fact that you’re unhappy enough in your own life, that you have to make sure others know others are worse off?

    Cuz here’s the thing….my bio sperm donor did the same thing. Bounced on his BIOLOGICAL kids but helped raise 4 kids, that weren’t his own, later on.
    My momma never got envious or jealous. She just lived her life with my dad(cuz the man that raised me IS my dad. Sperm donor is not )and didn’t worry what bozo was doing. She just accepted he was a deadbeat and moved on. Just cause you have kids with someone doesn’t mean you obsess over them later. Some move on and just don’t care much about the dude no more.
    Love makes ya blind and stupid….but seems the lady has smartened up and left the loser behind. So good for her! 🙂

  13. Seriously OP just shut it

  14. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    This person should have a bowl of harden the f***k up with a cup of shut the f***k up!

    • Duh! says:

      How can you accept that YOauR spouse is a cum guzzling whore! You fucken moron, you just sit there like life us perfect. Then one day oops! he or she blames someone else for the breakup. Maybe do some research on his or HER history. Maybe you should be tested for H.I.V. …

  15. You very clearly are very unhappy with your own life to carry on and write all that. Were you there when they had their previous relationship? No. You have NO idea what she went through. You go based off what you’re told. Spiteful. Hateful woman. Women should stick together rather than tear each other down. You’re pathetic.

  16. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    Wow. I think you need to realise, when people are grown up they realise not every relationship works out. My ex and I are not together, but we co parent our child. It sounds like your thinking about it more then she is. Inner hate will kill you dude. Let it go.

  17. Taylor Jones Taylor Jones says:

    OP, this is why you’re single, and also why you’re going to grow old and bitter, and remain single.

    Sucks to be you!

  18. Matt Major Matt Major says:

    Define douchebag…the person that posted this

  19. Marty Trudel Marty Trudel says:

    Why on earth would you post such a comment? Fucking troll just trying to harm people.

  20. Your vile. Must you have nothing better with your life then to point this out?

  21. It happens alot more often then it should. People have their kids early and leave no choice but to raise them with a sense of guilt because they werent ready and or are not financially stable. Then in the future when they are ready are in that state they have one and they get that top of the moon feeling they should have gotten with the others. Yet they didnt because at some point they werent left with a choice.

    Not saying this is how it is for everyone but this is from what I have been able to see. They are going to enjoy the new child but they need to still make sure the others are equally loved or else resentment might occur.

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