A Letter To Shelby.

This is for Shelby who works at the new Tim Hortons on Notre Dame. I have been coming into Tim Hortons Monday through Friday every morning on my way to work for the past couple of years now to get my morning coffee. You started working at this Tim Hortons location maybe two years ago, and I’ve only noticed this because it is always a pleasure when you serve me.

Every time I come through the drive thru, you always say hello and serve me with a smile. You always seem so happy and positive.

Whenever I come inside the store, you serve every customer with a smile and you always tell everyone how much they have left on their coffee pass card (you’re the only Tim Hortons employee that I’ve seen do that). You’re the fastest worker they have working there. I’ve been waiting inline and watch you zoom around the store and prepare everything so quickly to make sure the customers aren’t waiting too long for their things, while pretty well every other employee working there is taking their time. I saw you on the sandwich bar the one day and decided to order food because maybe it’ll be done right this time because you’re making it, and it sure as heck was. I will only order food from there if I see that you are on the sandwich bar. Every bagel I get is cut all the way through every time and there is never a lack of cream cheese on it. I’ve ordered sandwiches and wraps and you’re always generous with the bacon on mine and everyone else’s sandwiches. Every sandwich I get from you is always great. Thank you.

I’m an older women who has noticed your hard work over the years and I appreciate it everytime I visit this Tim Hortons location. Thank you Shelby for always starting my morning off on a good note.



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  1. Beth Elaine Beth Elaine says:

    Shelby Koks when I read this post I KNEW it had to be about you!! Great Job Girl you’re amazing and you deserve a shout out like this!! We miss you at Timmies McKerrow!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Give yourself a pat on the back, you are deserving of it! So nice to be noticed and appreciated for all the good things you do.

  3. Wow ! that’s a beautiful post, good for you girl, you deserve it.I hope your manager reads all these posts .

  4. Finally something nice to read on shoutout.

  5. Heidi Koncz Heidi Koncz says:

    You must be special to have someone take the time to write such a beautiful post and tell the city how much she appreciates the things you do that make her day! Way to go girl !

  6. Ryan Clement Ryan Clement says:

    Great post but this should be relayed directly to that employee and her manager instead of some anonymous post that may not even make it’s way to her.

  7. Great job. Shelby!!! Wish others would follow suit. Maybe u should be a trainer- sounds like u could teach a few tricks ! ( meant that in a nice way )

  8. Just a small gesture such as this, probably made Shelbeys entire year.

  9. Judy Brown Judy Brown says:

    So good to see something so positive on here for a change and good for you Shelby!!!!!!!

  10. Crystal says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with Shelby at a Tim Horton’s where I hold the position of General Manager. This letter truly represents Shelby. She always remains positive and gives 110%. Way to go Shelbs

  11. Nice for a great employee to be noticed. Now let’s hope she doesn’t get written up for being “to generous”! I’m sure her boss will not be happy knowing she is giving away extra bacon, that shits expensive lol

  12. This is great… But I guarantee that generous with bacon section gets her in shit lmao.

  13. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    Beautiful recognition post

  14. This is really sweet and I was 100% expecting it to be some thirst case looking to slide into Shelby’s DMs instead of this wholesome post, how nice to be pleasantly surprised by shoutout for once.

  15. lol. This was creepy until the end.

  16. So sweet. Its always nice to hear POSITIVE comments in regards to customer service. I really hope shelby gets your message 🙂

  17. This is a very wonderful and refreshing post. I ❤ it. We need so much more of this, building people up and acknowledging the good instead of all the bad.


  19. Jim McEwen Jim McEwen says:


  20. Shelby was just telling her grandmother that she needs a raise.

  21. Now that my friends is a Shout Out!!!

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