A different perspective on your relationship

Just imagine you could only ever buy one vehicle. So therefore you would have to take care of that vehicle, do maintenance regularly to keep it up and running.

That also applies to a relationship. When you’re looking for a partner, a soulmate. You’re going to pick the person you want for life. You’re going to care for that person, and you’re going to do whatever you can in your power to make that work. Whether it means going to therapy together (if need be), confiding in each other and discussing what your needs are in the relationship and or what may need some improvement. Relationships and the words “I love you” should only ever be used when it comes time that you have made the decision to marry a person. People loosely throw the word around just like they do when saying “I love ice cream” or “I love fishing”. I don’t think this generation understands what a real commitment should look like. People give up so quickly when things get rough when most problems you’re having could be easily repaired. Going to church together and studying the word. It’s important to know Jesus in order to love like Jesus. unconditionally.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to the newish vehicle safety laws in ontario certain things on vehicles cannot be fixed. And thanks to cost cutting and using sub-par materials, once the rust gets in you are screwed. Certain relationships are doomed from the beginning, no amount of worshipping or therapy can fix foundational issues. Core values are one thing, but when the core values of two individuals differ, the relationship could be over before it even begins. Just like the frame of your car, if it was built with shoddy workmanship and sub-par materials it is only a matter of time before it lets go and does not function as intended.

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