600k from Feds for Women and Children fleeing Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is genderless according to StatsCan, and is never acceptable.

But again and again I see funding for WOMEN and their children fleeing violence.

Where is the money for men & children escaping violence & trying to build a new life? Why are only women funded?

I called several funded services that help women escaping violence and asked what proof they needed I was a victim of DV and was told they would take my word.

I expressed I was the victim of DV imposed by another woman. They told me they could only help me if the perpetrator was a man!

As a mother, daughter, friend of men who experienced domestic violence from women this offends me. As a mother, daughter and friend of men who were falsely accused of perpetrating violence on women, this offends me. As someone who knows women who brag about making false claims to get subsidized housing and the upper hand in family court, this offends me.

In Canada our rights and freedoms guarantee equality. We need to recognize that Domestic violence, always unacceptable, is genderless. We need to fund services for ANYONE that experiences domestic violence. ANYONE.

We need to impose consequences on those who make false claims and those who support them in their falsehoods.

It is time Canada does not divide us by using funds to support only certain victims but use those funds to eradicate the action NO MATTER what sex, creed, colout the victim is.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree. I am also a man, so my opinion does not count and I am worthless to society and easily replaceable as I am constantly reminded every day.

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