MISSING PERSON – Jesse Christakos, Has Been Missing Since Sat., Feb. 20th


Has anyone seen Jesse Christakos? He’s been missing since Saturday and lots of people are worried for his well-being.

He was last seen on the Val Therese area. He frequented the trails in the valley with his sled.

jesse 2

jesse 1






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  1. Darlene Wright Craftchick says:

    Did anyone check around Garson Lake,? that is on one of the trails

  2. Darlene Wright Craftchick says:

    This is a long shot but my husband was at camp on Wabagishik in Narin Centre and at the landing there was a sled just like this one , it was there all weekend

  3. Kayli Bond says:

    Love you Caitlin Christakos!!!
    Praying and sharing like crazy!!!!!

  4. Desiree Lamoureux says:

    🙁 Sharing.

  5. Cindi Gladu says:

    Any truth to the rumors he’s been found and not the ending we were hoping for

  6. Wendy LeBlanc says:

    Shared! Hope you find him safe and well!

  7. Krystal Boertien says:

    Is his sled missing with him? What are the circumstances it would really help to know this

  8. Richard Chrétien says:


  9. Victoria Johnson says:

    Good luck with you search. I pray you will have a positive out come…you must be so worried. I will share this post for my peeps to see. Best of luck.

  10. Lynn Lalande says:

    Caitlin Christakos was he at your Dad’s home in the Valley location would be around the sharp bend by the store area on the opposite of where Pizza Hut was …so therefore he could of gone anywhere down those bush roads and lake area…..right?

  11. Dwayne Lafleur says:

    Hope his and sound

  12. Spotted in Sudbury says:

    Thanks Caitlin Christakos, I am unsure why they didn’t post in the actual post! :c -Brittany

  13. Samuel Pichette says:

    This is his photo

  14. Scott Myler says:
  15. Tammy Bolton says:

    I don’t see a pic of him just his sled

  16. Tammy Bolton says:

    What part of sudbury I’d he from

  17. Caitlin Christakos says:

    His sled and his photo are in the comment section now

  18. Caitlin Christakos says:
  19. Tammy Bolton says:

    Why is it I never see the pics

  20. Caitlin Christakos says:
    • Darlene Wright Craftchick says:

      Long shot but my hubby told me last night that he seen a sled like this at the landing on Wabgishik lake, he said he thought it was strange because it was there all weekend. Nairn Centre , he didn’t realize the police were looking for this sled and young man, he didn’t get the license number though

    • Caitlin Christakos says:

      Please phone the police with this information. Please !!! If the sled was there Friday it wouldn’t be him he only left Saturday.

    • Darlene Wright Craftchick says:

      The police called my husband this morning

  21. Caitlin Christakos says:

    Yes his sled is missing

  22. Carrie Lynn Avery says:

    Is his sled missing too

  23. Spotted in Sudbury says:

    Some updated information: Police are already involved in the search but we need the all the help we can get. -Brittany.