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What happened to the Sudbury/Ontario 420 page?



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  1. Shawn Hollis Shawn Hollis says:

    Why not just smoke it why talk about it

  2. Jason LaFaci Jason LaFaci says:

    Sudbury420 is a registered business that the other group was using its name …. if anyone wants to check that out u can do so by visiting service Ontario and pay for a name search lookup … I own Sudbury420 thank you very much and u can also see that on Facebook here as certified pages require our business licenses …. that’s all for me have a great Veterans Day … and remember folks those in need of a Xmas basket for their family please hit me up we’re taking care of 15 families this year! Onelove!

  3. Al Manion Al Manion says:

    You got stoned and missed it

  4. Gayle K Neville Sarah Therriault. Here u to trouble starters go get ur facts right before u start shit

  5. James White James White says:

    Maybe LaFaci blocked us all! Lol

  6. Well we have a group only for 420 moms! Canadian Cannabis Moms if youre a mother and 420 friendly then feel free to join!

  7. Scott Lauber Scott Lauber says:

    It was changed to ontario420 and then shut because someone who didn’t have authority to do so went and Changed so it was shut down and new page was started

    Sudbury 420 official

  8. There is a sudbury 420 page already.

  9. I’d like to know too. And who is gonna start a new page for all us potheads

  10. Oh, I thought they booted me cuz I got into it with Sudbury 420 lol

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