2022 tax hike City of Greater Shithole

I propose a tax cut, the end of this pandemic is far into the future. We cannot even gather together and all this waste of tax payers money on fighting over the KED. Every few weeks I need to do a dump run because the city has cut are garbage pickup. City officials cannot even control junkies making are downtown core an unsafe place for families and children, daycares being displaced because of needles everywhere. Good paying long term jobs and safe workplaces far and few between. Economic calapse right around the corner, when interest rates skyrocket and everyone stupid enough to buy homes at current prices will not be able to afford payment. We have also been gouged for fuel for the last 30yrs or more gasoline is cheap and lots of it. Electric cars are not the answer that will fail miserably as most already know. Taxes going up, fuck off taxes need to go way down right along side are services. The savings brought on by the pandemic with school closures, very little use of facilities, and utilities.

Sudbury needs a tax cut and reimbursement program for the many years we have been getting ripped off. This city’s politicians should all resign and be publicly shamed for the gross mismanagement.



3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why are my taxes in my area just as high as other parts of town with full service, and we do not get busses, police, paid fire services, etc. Our roads are shit, our area floods and the ditches and drains havent been maintained in 50 years. Now are garbage pickup is slashed 50% and we cant use the old dump anymore, but have to drive to the city dump. The councillor for our area cares more about whats happening in other parts of the town than her own ward.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t disagree with the tax cut due to lack of services. The dump alone is the biggest fucken joke in this city. 2 hours to get in, 1.5 hours to get back out, whole time waiting no access to a bathroom, cant get out of your car. And on top of that they are letting in huge transports full through the exit lane as a priority, making everyone wait even longer. And the employees there have the biggest fucken attitude it’s unreal.

    • Anonymous says:

      They treat you like a criminal for speaking up about stupid wait times. “Oh but cause of coooooovidddd” lol shut the fuck up. I told them people are throwing out worse shit than covid on a daily basis and no one batted an eye about social distancing before that, everyone knows a dump is dirty and no one is going to socialize in regular times.