2 bedroom apts under $1000

Anyone know of any buildings that rent 2 bedroom apts under $1000 inclusive? Some place that allows a pet cat and possibly has parking for 2.

I have looked into KentCourt (which doesn’t allow pets) and heard of Shelley Heights, but I think the price is over $1000.

Does anyone know of other similar buildings in town?



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  1. Kate Moir says:

    Legally they cant deny you to have animals

  2. If u do let me know

  3. If you dont mind Chelmsford take a drive down main St. Theres a 2 bedroom unit in the building Im in thats coming available. Number is on a for rent sign hanging on the front deck. Non smoking building.

  4. I just moved into Kent Court and everyone has a dog here. I even have a dog

  5. For all of you saying u cant be denied because of a pet. Yes its not legal and u CAN start a lawsuit…but you cant be evicted for a pet if the landlord finds out about it after u move in

  6. 486 Hillcrest Cres

  7. My place is available June 1st, 1300 incl, 2 beds 1 bath, parking for 6, yard, fire pit, fire place, laundry, deck, vaulted ceilings…and pet friendly.

  8. Just move into Kent and tell them you’re getting rid of your cat, it’s illegal for a landlord to say no pets so once you’re in you’ll be fine. Even if it’s in your lease, it’s stated in the LTB guidelines that “no pets” is void.

  9. I live in kent court have have 3 cats you should be good

  10. Paid 760 a month in Garson for a 2 bedroom on birch st. Place was infested with mice and had black mold growing in the roof of the spare room.. The good old days.

  11. Maggie Bite says:

    I don’t think they can stop you for having a cat or dog

  12. There is a couple buildings on lasalle as well

  13. Maggie Bite says:

    I don’t think they can stop you for having a cat or dog

  14. Kent crt is pet friendly I have two cats and am in there we pay 950 all in for a two bedroom. I think its 975 now though and one parking spot

    • Rob Dobson says:

      Zulich switched . all new leases pet and smoke free

    • Rob Dobson they cannot legally tell you that you can’t have pets. Their policy states that although they have a no pet policy, they cannot legally enforce it. I just moved in and have a dog and see a lot of people out walking their dogs

    • Rob Dobson says:

      If you sign a lease that says no pets and you have pets you violated lease. simple

    • Rob Dobson no you haven’t violated the lease. A landlord violates a persons rights when they say they can’t have a pet. That part of the lease is void after your sign and move in. Landlord and Tenant Act clearly states that a landlord cannot tell you that you can’t have a pet. However, they can reject tenancy if you tell them you have a pet before being offered a place. Perhaps you should go a read the Act before commenting, otherwise you make yourself look stupid

    • I took the Paralegal course and am going back to finish it in June. One of the subjects is Landlord and Tenant Board

  15. Eric Nadon says:

    Zulich buildings in garson are cheap. I was in a 3 bedroom for 950 all in. Animals everywhere

  16. Kat Lyyli says:

    Kent court is pet friendly I was just viewing there

  17. Moreau apartments in Garson, I believe a three bedroom is 1000 all inclusive

    • Darlene Wright Craftchick very brutal place to live especially if you have kids and are not on the main level.
      People smoke in the hallways, it is dirty and barely any parking. Had a spot and half the time someone else was parked in it.
      Make any complaints and the answer is “it’s cheap rent”.
      My kids were getting out of their dad’s vehicle and were almost hit my a speeding truck in the parking lot.
      Had someone running down my hallway being chased by someone yelling that they were going to cut them and kill them.
      If you don’t mind a lot of noise and danger may be a good place for you.
      The top floor is so hot that no amount of fans or air conditioning can cool your unit down.
      No elevator so you have to lug groceries up 3 long flights of stairs and laundry up 4.
      Quality of life is crap and most people move after their 1 year lease is up.
      Reason why vacancy rate is so high there.
      My advice, if you have a choice stay away.

    • Lisa Ann Moroz , oh ok didn’t realize that, ty

  18. Get into a co op, I’m at a co-op and have a 2+1 bedroom townhouse for a little over $800 a month, plus hydro equals about $1000 a month. Allows pets (need to follow guidelines, cat would be fine), and private parking for 2

  19. Try kelly lake Rd. 5 years ago I paid 850+ hydro with pets. Not sure how much it changed since

  20. Sara Camden says:

    My landlord has 2 bedroom 825 month

  21. Try the radar base

  22. Roger Blake says:

    Try a little out of town like Warren or Chapleau

  23. The Centre de Sante Communautaire took over for the Red Cross for distributing affordable rental units. bachelor up to 3 and sometimes 4 units. The excel sheet shows where the Apt is, whether it has laundry on site, whether heat and hydro is included and if there is parking on site. You can contact the Landlords directly. This list is updated every Wednesday. Give them a call. They will email you a list.

  24. Skye Hunter says:

    Lmao I was gonna say , when did Kent court start restricting pets?!

  25. Matt Noonan says:

    I live in kent court and there’s animals everywhere. Its no secret just pick up after them and there wont be a problem.

  26. 860 Prete st. Large. Clean. 975$ all incl. only 1 parking space. 2 bed

  27. Wellington Apts 1000$

  28. Zulich apts are pet friendly. In Ontario they can’t deny a unit unless the pet is dangerous or severe allergies exist

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