You will be booted and charged 140 dollars for leaving the premises of shooper drug mart and booted by a borderline criminal enterprise known as “sudbury parking solutions”. They will extort money out of you on sight. AVOID SHOPPING AT DOWNTOWN SHOPPERS DRUG MART AT ALL COST. Sudbury Parking Solutions are scam artists



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  1. Kathy Berry says:

    This happened to me today. I arrived early this morning after a 2 hour drive to get oral surgery for my son. I thought I was in the right parking section for the Dental Office, but apparently I was in the spot next to the right section. Admittedly, I wasn’t careful enough, but I had a lot on my mind and I thought I was parked correctly. I came out to get my vehicle to pull around to pick up my recently sedated son to find my vehicle immobilized. There should have been a sign in the spot I was parking in making it clear that it was designated for other than the Dental Office. I sincerely thought I parked in the right place. It was already a rough day with a lot of driving and $140 for being parked some place mistakenly for just over an hour is wrong. There were numerous empty spots all over the rest of their lot. I was not impacting their business in any way. I will now though. I come to Sudbury frequently, but I will not shop at that store or any other with the same owners, which I am currently investigating to determine. I promise you, I would not have parked there if it was clearly marked and I realized. I did not have that much money to spare and I certainly did not want to keep my woozy son waiting without me 🙁

  2. Malveina says:

    We just got one these boots on our vehicle. Absolutely ridiculous and should be criminal. The city is partly to blame for licensing such activity. A parking ticket at city meters is only about $20. They should not have the right to charge $140. Its price gouging and should be made illegal.
    Write to your MPP and city council to make it illegal in Sudbury. If the owner of the property is not happy with cars going in and out of his “commercial Lot” then he/she should install a gate, just like the Rainbow mall.

  3. Nickers says:

    I’ve heard they may even boot you if you shop at the SDM. It’s kinda weird.

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